8 Steps Weld Cast Iron Like Pro - repairing damaged castings permanently


Welding of cast iron is a very successful and primitive method, but it’s a strug-gling task.

Cast iron has a 2%-4% carbon ratio that means the quantity of carbon in cast iron is ten times more than the steel.

Therefore the welding of cast iron is not an easy task.

And if a person wants to weld a cast iron by itself at home, it's very crucial work.

In this article, we learn 8 steps weld cast iron like pro.

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8 Steps Weld Cast Iron Like Pro

J-B Weld 8265S Original Cold-Weld Steel Reinforced Epoxy - 2 oz. The whole welding process is to weld a cast iron with specially designed electrodes and make it cool down slowly.

The reason behind the slow cooling phenomenon is the nature of cast iron molecules.

The excess amount of molecules of carbon gives the cast iron graphitic properties. Due to this reason, the breaking chances of cast iron increases.

When the cast iron rapidly cools down after welding, the molecules of carbon shrinks and make the gaps.

If a person follows the below-described step, he's able to get pro like welding results.

  • Identify the quality of cast iron. Cast iron leads to different kinds like Grey cast iron is ubiquitous along with all types. This type of cast iron has graphitic properties. Simultaneously, white cast iron is a brittle form of cast iron, and it is considered non-weld able.
  • Choose the welding electrode is crucial because the cast-iron requires specialized welding electrodes that work over cast iron, like, nickel 99% electrodes. The nickel is the only metal that has positive reviews over cast iron.
  • Cleaning is the first start-up of welding. Before starts, welding, Removes all the porosity from the base metal.
  • Stick welding is the welding technique using a metal electrode that makes joining by either consuming a welding rod or non consuming welding rod.
  • The type of electrode is essential to choose according to the color separation of the workpiece. There are usually three significant types of cast iron filler electrodes.
    • Copper alloy electrode
    • Cast iron covered electrode
  • Nickel alloy electrode widely uses in cast iron welding—this type of electrode is available in the market with the popular name of Tech-Rod®99.
  • Compatibility also a significant factor that plays a crucial role when a worker deals with cast iron. Before welding, a worker has to measure the quality of cast iron.
  • Gradual Cooling is very crucial in the case of cast iron welding. As mention above, the molecular settlement of cast iron is like graphite. That means cast iron has quite bristled, and the percentage of cracking cast iron metal is more than steel.
  • The procedure of gradual cool is highly recommending by the professionals. If you embedded the workpiece under the sand after welding, it makes the cast iron gradually decrease its temperature, and the welding finished successfully.

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Cast iron welding isn’t an easy task. For meeting the welding objective in cast iron, some to tricks are to be adopted. Above 8 steps weld cast iron like pro is mentioning. Keeping in mind the above pro welding tips, a worker successfully deals with cast iron and makes the welding without cracks.

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