Best Benchtop Jointer Machines for Professionals [Ultimate Guide to Pick Right One]

Best Benchtop JointerIf you are going to ask an experienced woodworker, he tells you about the importance of benchtop jointer and benchtop thickness planer. And if you are one, related to the woodworker field, you must know how vital are these types of equipment for woodshop.

Some woodworkers think that they can handle a raw form woods to make it plane without this equipment. But I want to tell you; it's a fact that setting of lumber without essential equipment's like, benchtop thickness, and is impossible.

For smooth woodcuts pieces, an excellent woodworker required some machinery like benchtop jointer, benchtop thickness, and benchtop router.

Here I listed up some essential equipment for woodworkers. I also show cover up all the requirements like portable machinery, on this list. Because most of the carpenters and woodworkers go to the worksite, and they required portable machinery.

I also noticed that space-eater equipment are not market demand now. This article provides information including the price range of the product, our own experience of using machinery, and there rating available on Amazon.

Get a Quick Comparison Guide for the Top 10 Best Benchtop Jointer On Amazon

Comparing the top 10 best benchtop jointers on Amazon is a daunting task. However, that's where this list comes in handy! We've compiled all of them for you and ranked each one based on their unique qualities so you can find out which option works best for your needs. Check it out below:

10 Best Benchtop Jointer Machines for Profesionals

Among these products, doesn't mean the expensive one is only the best machinery. I think that the right equipment is the one, according to your need and product available in your price range. And if you are facing trouble with the right woodwork equipment which meets up your needs. I am here to tell you about some best benchtop jointers which are portable and very efficient related to its functionality. I highly recommend you read this article and get your desire machinery.

Best Rated Jointer On Amazon:- Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 The product of Bosch provides your router table to avoid surfaces for the woodworking and routing process. Bosch benchtop router table RA1181 is for those people who have less space in their workshop, but they had for reliable and durable benchtop router and easy to use.

It provides an adjustable extra tall aluminium fence system with a dedicated standard dust collection projection to its users. It comes up with an aluminium standard table for extended woodwork area durability and precision.

Key Features

  • 30 pounds in weight
  • 27 by 18 Inch working table
  • Corded electric sources
  • Fully aluminum
Things We Liked
  • Power cord 6 feet
  • Large aluminum top
  • Aluminum mounting plate
  • Extra-large Aluminum fence
Things We Didn't Like
  • Some fence stickiness issue


Additional Feature: variety of routers | Material: Aluminum | Blade: 5 inches for fence | Speed: 2.25hp variable speed | Weights: ‎30 pounds

The Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 is the best choice for people with limited space in their workshop or professionals. The benchtop router table makes it easy to use a bosch benchtop router, and it also has all of the features you would want in such an essential tool!

Best Benchtop Planer for Folding:- DEWALT Benchtop Planer for Single Speed (DW734)

DEWALT Benchtop Planer, Single Speed, 15-Amp, 12-1/2-Inch (DW734) So if you are working with hardwood I need a deeper cut, can I recommend you DeWalt DW734. It has 20,000 RPM motor installed and capable of handling large wood pieces. And the head cutter spin with a speed of 10,000 RPM.

This benchtop planners provide you double-edged three steel knife. That means the DeWaltDW734, reversible woodcutter even though these 3 cutter head knives are disposable and gives you 96cuts in each Inch.

Moreover, at that price range of $449, DeWaltDW734 mention 3 year warranty time. With these specifications, it is an excellent alternative to many expensive benchtop planners in the market.

Key Features

  • Double-edged reversible knifes
  • 30% more knife life
  • Dust and debris management
Things We Liked
  • Most excellent finish providing blades
  • Double edge knives
  • Movement preventing mechanism works properly
  • Very adjustable capacity
Things We Didn't Like
  • noisy machinery


Additional Feature: 33-1/2 Thickness Planer | Material: Metal | Blade: three-knife | Speed: 10,000 RPM | Weights: 80 pounds

The DEWALT Benchtop Planer for Single Speed (DW734) is the best option for benchtops. It has a very versatile design and can be used in many different settings, from professional shops to your home workshop. So if you're looking for an easy-to-use planer that will fit any of your situations, make sure this one's on top!


Best Jointer Under 500:- PORTER CABLE Benchtop Jointer Review For Variable Speed (PC160JT)

PORTER-CABLE Benchtop Jointer, Variable Speed, 6-Inch (PC160JT) In the price range of $339 with a high rating of 4.1 at Amazon. This machinery name as Porter cable benchtop jointer.

The best of jointer for all types of woodworkers at any level. The joint is very easy to compile up. Porter-cable dance top jointer use 2 knife head cutter, but the results are satisfying. The cutter head has built-in in with the adjust knives and the lock screw.

With the adjustable speed, this machinery gives you light weighted and high-value services. The customize speed gives variation according to wood physiology. The table provided extra long, which is suitable for a long piece of wood jointing.

So if you worry about the right wood jointing machinery, which performs fantastically over both pliable or hardwoods, but you do not know what to do and what machinery is suitable for your use, then take a chance and purchase it. I confidently say it's never disappointing you.

Key Features

  • Two knife cutter head
  • Built-in headlock cutter
  • Centre mounted fence
  • Adjustable speed
  • Adjustable height
  • Exhaust out debris rejection
Things We Liked
  • easy to compile
  • adjustable fence
  • adjustable blade system
  • low price
  • convenient
Things We Didn't Like
  • low-quality fence


Additional Feature: ‎PC160JT  Wood Surfaces | Material: ‎Sheet metal | Blade: Two-knife Cutter head | Speed: 6,000-11,000 RPM | Weights: ‎35 pounds

PORTER CABLE Benchtop Jointer For Variable Speed (PC160JT) is the perfect addition for any workshop or professional's tool belt. You can use it to make cutting wood a breeze! If you are looking for benchtop joiners, don't look anywhere else and buy this one right now!


Best Budget Benchtop Jointer:- WEN 6550T Corded Benchtop Thickness Planer

WEN 6550T 15 Amp 12.5 in. Corded Benchtop Thickness Planer WEN 6550T is the best option for beginner woodworkers. WEN 6550T is the benchtop thickness planer machinery, which is very similar to DeWaltDW735.

Some of its unique features make it probably the best benchtop planer. It comes up with a $289 price tag.

A portable device weighing 70 pounds, are you need travel format to provide a smooth passing of wood. It is also 6 inches thick and 12.5 in width.

You talk about its motor, read also gives you efficient work with 15 ampere motor of 17000 RPM.

The efficiency e of machinery e is estimated bye the speed of wood passing, which is 26 feet per minute. The dust injection is also assisted with the fan to remove all the debris.

This device is a good option for beginners at a meager price range because it is lightly weight come up with side handles, which make it easy to transport.

Key Features

  • No sliding
  • No shaking during operation
  • Adjustable infeed and outfeed tables
  • Rubber adjustment handle
  • Dedicated fan-assisted dust port
Things We Liked
  • Ease in using
  • Extra stability
  • Low price
  • Compitable in features to other models
Things We Didn't Like
  • knife blades aren't durable


Additional Feature: ‎Thickness Surface Planer | Material: ‎Solid materials | Blade: Two-Blade cutting | Speed: 17000 RPM | Weights: ‎70 pounds

The WEN 6550T Corded Benchtop Thickness Planer is the perfect solution to all your wood cutting needs. It has an easy-to-use design with a solid work surface and simple features, but it still packs enough power for complex projects that require more than one tool! So if you're looking for something lightweight and user friendly, this wen benchtop jointer review for thickness planer might be what you need.


Best Tabletop Jointer:- CRAFTSMAN Benchtop Planer Review For Hard & Soft Wood Removal

CRAFTSMAN Benchtop Planer, 15-Amp (CMEW320) If you are a carpenter are a woodworker, and your job visits work site and give your services. Don't worry, here I am. Say hello, to the light-weighted portable 61.9 lbs. Craftsman Benchtop Thickness Planer.

Easy for portability. And go with you to the worksite. It allows 15amp. Motor to you with the cutter head of 8000 to 16000 RPM.

In-built, reversible, two knives are durable and quick to change, because built material is solid steel.

This light-weighted device is suitable for dimensioning your lumber according to your desire.

Craftsman's best of the planer provides a powerful motor for both smooth and hard lumber material. So which type of wood piece you have just put it into your machine, and it gives you silk smooth peace on the other side.

Key Features

  • Light-weighted
  • Portable
  • Maximum stock removal
  • Smooth operating system
  • Premium quality knife blades
Things We Liked
  • Portable handles in-built
  • Blades are of good quality
  • Smooth operating system
Things We Didn't Like
  • Less efficient


Additional Feature: ‎Thickness Planer | Material: ‎Glued-up Materials | Blade: Two Knife | Speed: 8,000-16,000 RPM | Weights: ‎‎61.2 pounds

If you are looking for a planer, the CRAFTSMAN Benchtop is made to meet your needs! You will cut hardwood or softwoods with ease. You can have it all today from that one product - buy this and enjoy as much wood cutting as possible. So if you need a benchtop jointer, look no more because there's only one way to go when it comes time for buying- get the CRAFTSMAN Bench Top Joiner at Craftsman Today.


Best Portable Thickness Planer:- Makita 2012NB Planer with Interna-Lok Automated Head Clamp

Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Planer with Interna-Lok Automated Head Clamp If you are comparing DeWalt with some other machinery, then MAKITA 2012NBis the option you can see. It's entirely more than 60 pounds in weight. This Makita product finally removes the problem of the snipe.

The less weighted and specific portable design provides easy to move to add work site. This device comes with the cool feature of the interlock automatic headlamp system.

Which means just put your wood stuff into this device it can magically handle its self. These clamps resist the spinner of your material during processing. 

The spelling proof feature is the most attractive and noticeable feature of this device provided by Makita 2012NB. The removable and easy to handle for exchanging the devil as blades provide comfort and less time-wasting feature to this device.

Key Features

  • 15-ampere powerful motor
  • 8500 RPM cutting speed
  • Easy to move (portable)
  • Small in size but same powerful performance
Things We Liked
  • Less weight but powerful
  • Low noisy
  • LED indicator
  • Easy to operate
  • Magnetic hold for your wood
Things We Didn't Like
  • the dust port is not available but purchase
  • separately


Additional Feature: Compact & lightweight | Material: Stronger Material & Flimsy Plastic | Blade: Two Blade | Speed: 8,000 RPM | Weights: ‎‎‎61.8 pounds

Makita 2012NB Planer with Interna-Lok Automated Head Clamp is the professional's choice for making wood cutting an easy experience. The Makita 2012 NB planers are made to last and durable, so you don't have to worry about breaking in your workshop! If you need a benchtop jointer, this one will work great as well! Get yours today before they're gone!!


Best Budget Jointer:- CRAFTSMAN Benchtop Jointer For Flatten & Square with Complete Control

CRAFTSMAN Benchtop Jointer, 10-Amp (CMEW020) The rating of this product at Amazon is 4.3. and this device is quite lighter of about 39.5 pounds. It is provided by 10-ampere benchtop jointer motor, with the speed range of 6000 to 11000 RPM.

It is very efficient to do its work, the reason why I am saying that, is is the resultant feature of cutter head speed (12,000 to 22,000 cuts per minute).

The full table surface is very flat provides the smooth finish to the wood pieces. This device is mainly for beginners and works professionally round home projects.

Now you can easily decorate your home with your handy masterpiece. CraftsmanCMEW020 versatile device and complete control to your hands.

Key Features

  • Light-weighted
  • Adjustable
  • Good fencing quality
  • Adjustable benchtop
  • The high-speed cutter head
  • Easy to replace knife blades
Things We Liked
  • 12,000 to 20,000 CPM
  • Cutter headlock
  • Variable speed
  • Easy to replace knifes blades
Things We Didn't Like
  • 10A motor


Additional Feature: variable speed with 10 amp | Material: hardness of material | Blade: Two Knife Cutter | Speed: 12,000 to 22,000 RPM | Weights: ‎39.8 pounds

The CRAFTSMAN Benchtop Jointer is the best value for woodworkers who want to make their experience easy. With this fantastic jointer, you can easily and safely cut your wood with a wide range of options in shades so if you are looking for an amazing product that has all necessary features to get your job done quickly and correctly: look no further than the CRAFTSMAN line-up today!


Best Portable Accurate Jointer:- Delta Power Tools In Portable Thickness accurate Planer

Delta Power Tools 22-555 13 In Portable Thickness Planer Belt in 15-ampere motor that is capable of most advanced and high demanding heavy jobs. The company is very experienced and provides professional machinery.

Delta Power Tool 22-555 provides stable and excellent performance related to the planning of woods.

What type of wood pieces you have, Delta is here to make it smooth and silky. Delta power 22-555 also provides a quick-change knife blade system and very easy to use.

This product is suitable for both professionals and beginners. So if you are a hobbyist about it, then you go for it.

The table inbuilt is very adjustable according to your work ok and a piece of wood. It provides a great sport the long pieces of wood.

The unique feature of Delta Power Tool 22-555 is the adjustable doe's port. If you need to change the side of the dust pot, you can easily do it with Delta Power Tool.

Key Features

  • Lighter in weight
  • Very convenient
  • Dual side reversible dust port
  • Power motor of 15A
  • The quick-change knife system
Things We Liked
  • Heavy-duty machinery
  • Doesn't disturb with hardwood work
  • Better support providing to wood
  • Multi-directional dust port
Things We Didn't Like
  • some users face blades durability issue


Additional Feature: excellent stability for smooth | Material: small amounts of material | Blade: dual edge disposable knives | Speed: 9400 RPM | Weights: ‎58 pounds

Delta Power Tools' Portable Thickness planer is the best of its kind. With this tool, you can measure and cut wood with a wide range of options that are accurate every time! So if you're looking for an easy-to-use Jointer to help make your job easier today: look no further than Delta's incredible lineup right now!


Best For Solid & Durable Motor:- Shop Fox W1829 Benchtop Jointer with Dust collection Fan & Collection Bag

Shop Fox W1829 Benchtop Jointer, 6-Inch Another benchtop jointer at Amazon $380 is the light weighted and portable machine. This product has no compromise over material fully loaded with aluminum.

The table and the fence are adjustable; it provides you 10000 to 20000 RPM speed. But it provides you only 1 to 1.5 horsepower motor.

Because of its robust build quality, It'sentirelymore burdensome and not quickly move from one place to another. The motor is very smooth and sharp.

It gives you an excellent performance over rough hardwoods. Last but not least, Shop Fox W1829 Benchtop Jointer comes up with a theory of push blocks and dust collecting fan with debris and dust collecting bag.

Key Features

  • 10000 to 20000 RPM speed cuts
  • Aluminum body
  • Heavy duty
  • Inbuilt dust collector
  • Comes with the pair of push pads
Things We Liked
  • Powerful motor
  • Efficient blade works at 10,000 RPM
  • Provides 20,000 CPM speed
  • Durable body built
Things We Didn't Like
  • Just 1.5 horsepower machinery
  • fence issue noted by some reviewer


Additional Feature: built-in mini impeller | Material: Fully-Adjustable Aluminum Fence | Blade: Two-Knife Cutter | Speed: 10,000 RPM | Weights: ‎80 pounds

Benchtop Jointer Dust Collection Fan & Collection Bag will redefine your woodworking. With this powerful motor and amazing Benchtop Jointer, you'll get through all of those projects quickly with minimal errors! So if you're looking for a tool that has the skills to cover every job: Shop Fox W1829 is it today!

Most Powerful Thickness Planer:- DEWALT DW735 Thickness Planer with Planer Stand

DEWALT DW735 13-Inch, Two Speed Thickness Planer with Planer Stand with Integrated Mobile Base The most suitable and professional benchtop thickness planer brings with ita dedicated stand and an extra set of 3 knives.

Duster's future with inbuilt is the customize speed controller. So you hold you are speed according to your need. The cut depth maximizes to 1/8 inch.

This product of DeWaltgivesa capacity of 13 inches wide and 6 inches depth for smooth and plane woodwork.

DeWalt DW735 is for professional woodworkers and carpenters, quite expensive ($737), and provides you with satisfying heavy duty machinery.

The weight of this device is roundabout 100 pounds. And it's fit for a professional woodworking shop. This device is very efficient operated by a 15-ampere motor, which provides you 20000 RPM. If you are a professional woodworker who is a carpenter and make a compromise on portability, then you should go with it is the most efficient product of my stock.

Key Features

  • Powerful 3-ampere motor
  • Efficient work
  • An extra set of 3 knives
  • Adjustable speed
  • Maximum capacity
  • Heavy-duty machinery
Things We Liked
  • Multifunctional;
  • Heavy-duty system
  • Powerful motor
  • Provides smooth silk surface
Things We Didn't Like
  • costly
  • knives are not much durable
  • soundly


Additional Feature: built-in mini impeller | Material: Fully-Adjustable Aluminum Fence | Blade: Two-Knife Cutter | Speed: 10,000 RPM | Weights: ‎80 pounds

The DEWALT DW735 Thickness Planer is not like any other planers before, as it can cut wood in a wide range of thicknesses while also saving on time. In addition, the stand that comes with this tool makes handling and cutting much more accessible than ever - even for those who are just getting started!


Buying Guides on how to choose the Best Benchtop Jointer:-

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 Nowadays the thing which you need to have a lot of products and many variants in it. Different company companies introduced several features of any product you required

 In that scenario, we know you are too confused to pick up the right equipment on your desire mark. Show the best thing you can do is to take study the product features and read out the reviews of the people.

Think about what is your requirement. Go for the specifications according to your need and keep satisfying about any product. And she is that thing make requirements complete.

Finding the best product is doesn't mean spending many dollars and purchase expensive things. And if you think that you spend more dollars to purchase an expensive thing and it works on its own, then you are wrong.

You just decide which bank stop jointer is meeting up your desire. Think about your project on which you use that machinery, and you get an idea to which specification you to go. Some key points, I have to share with you that assist you in keeping it mine before purchasing any woodwork equipment, specially benchtop jointer, thickness planer, and router. The first and essential parts of a benchtop jointer, thickness planer, and router are cutter head, quality of the knife,and the efficient motor.

  • Blade quality

The blades in woodwork equipment's come up with two qualities, and these quality measures classified as;

  • Helical cutter head
  • The straight knife cutter head

The helical cutter is our work by producing low noise. These helical are quite expensive and take more power to cut the lumber, required less power by the motor, but are made up of HSS and don't easy to make it sharp again when it becomes damaged.

The number of blades also varies with different machines, and different types of equipment contain 1, 2, OR 3 number of blades in its machinery. Before investing, check the number of adjacent blades and the quality of the blades according to your work. However, not only are blades a useful thing but essentially the critical factor of machinery.

  • Motor

The primary source of all machinery through its benchtop jointer Or thickness planer, either router, is power motor. The more powerful it is a motor, the more efficient it machinery.

Powerful machinery can make dense and hardwood trimming quickly. And if you possess machinery with low motor power and use harder wood pieces, then you damage your machinery and make a regret for your choice.

  • Spinning effect

Snipe during processing is the most annoying miss-feature of all machinery. So before purchasing a benchtop thickness planer, you should have an idea about this point. Because woodworking is the most onerous task for any machine, show the spine cannot eliminate. But some of the companies make it reduced to a great extent. Like, DeWalt DW734 and Makita 2012 that perform very effectively against the spine.

These products are available in mileage and provide you the infeed and outfeed table with soundless machinery and spine reduction features.

  • Dust And Debris collector gadget

PORTER-CABLE Benchtop Jointer, Variable Speed, 6-Inch (PC160JT) To avoid a lot of dust and debris in a shop. We need a proper way of any debris port, which can eliminate out all the chips/Cut piece of wooden.

Roundabout all the woodworking tools produce a lot of dust and wood chips. If left this debris unmanaged, they can be left astray and loser right path.

So the result is that we need something that allowed all the dust-producing in woodworking to go into a specific section.

I mention some of the benchtop wood planers, and joints with can come with dedicated duster junction code with the assisted fan. The best fan is helpful for or blowout and the debris material.

Before purchasing any machinery for woodworking for your workshop, you have to look for the woodwork machinery with an attached dust injection port.

  • Price

Price is another factor. And if you want to take multifunctional professional machinery, then can you make it more investment.

But if you think logically, "if you get better tool by spending more money, then you save your money. "It's weird to hear that, but you benefit by buying something useful because you' r not spend more on it again.

  • Save yourself first

we are worrying about your protection before going into the job site cover yourself with protective gear.

    • Working with cutter protects your eyes.
    • The manual will you provide with machinery are very competent about creative ideas, please read it.
    • Don't wear loose cloth
    • If you are not trending and well know about the machinery, do not try to on it. It make harms you.

Comparison Chart 

Instead of reading the whole article, you can just have a look at the following comparison chart. Here you will differentiate and make your own choice to buy any of them.

Bosch Benchtop Router Table

DEWALT Benchtop Planer

DeWalt DW735


PORTER-CABLE Benchtop Jointer

Shop Fox  W1829 jointer

CRAFTSMAN Benchtop Planer

CRAFTSMAN Benchtop Jointer

Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Planer

Delta power tool 22-555


  • Is the router provided on the list is compatible with the skill router?

Yes, RA1171 is compatible with skill routers.

  • Can I remove the complete fence to make different tasks? And if I do so, will I lose the vacuum port?

Yes, the fence is adjustable and removable. If you remove it vacuum pot, you would have to tap threads into the benchtop to screw it on.

  • Can the incident outfield rollers be adjustable to reduce the spine?

Yes, make a last and the final pass very minimal cut, the lower cuts you get the minimum spine you have.

  • Is the power supply 220 volts with a universal socket?

A. The power required to run the planner motor is 110 volts, with 83 prongs plug us as far as what you need.

  • Is DeWalt made in the USA?

Yes, this company is of America, and the quality provided by the company manufacture American standards.

  • What is snipe?

Snipe is the deep cuts of blades into The woods that process over it. It may be a situation at which the blades cut words Deeper.

  • From where the New blade obtained?

Amazon provides an available link of

  • What's the voltage of WEN required?

WEN 6550T requires 120 volt- 16Hz - 15A

  • What is the thickness planer? And what it does?

It's a thickness planer, which means it trim your wood down and make a smooth, silky side.

  • What is the inbuilt material of the PORTER-CABLE benchtop jointer? And is this machinery come with blocks?

The table and the fans made up of steel. And yes, it comes to push blocks in the box.

  • What is the difference between the jointer and the planner?

A planer is design machinery for a parallel surface with cutting the wood on your desired. But the joint make a flat smooth 4 edge wooden piece.

  • Does BENCHTOP JOINTER come at a reasonable price?

The price depends on the product, but it comes at a reasonable price. To get the best one at a reasonable price, you need to fix your budget and then buy according to it.


This article is not only specified for benchtop thickness planer. But I provide universal information for you if you are a woodworker are hobbies person then read it, please. This article provides you all the essential wooden workshop equipment and machinery, which is very helpful and dynamic.

The selection of devices depends upon your need, and you are a beginner. You must go for the device or machinery, which is easy to do handling. And if you are a professional, go for some creative machinery that is multifunctional and multitasking with a powerful model.

Some of the primary house workings machinery is also mentioning, which can make a masterpiece at your home for decoration.

Or if you area hobbyist person, about the woodwork and want to decorate your room or house. This list provides you the best woodworking types of equipment with a reasonable price range. Go through this list, and it helps you a lot. Best of luck with your next task!

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