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For the smooth welds and precise working, all you need is a high-quality machine that enhances the quality of your product. This article is totally relates with best TIG welder for the money. So stick with us for brief information.

However, good quality work is more demanding if you are working on an industrial scale. The TIG welding process is the most complicated method of the welding cycle. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve a good TIG weld without a good quality machine or welder. Moreover, you will face difficulties in finding a good quality TIG welder. Hence, for your ease, we have discussed the features and specifications of top-six TIG welders here.

TIG welding capability is a kind of skillful process to achieve good welds with a precise bead. After learning MIG welding, you want to learn precise TIG welding that demands a good professional welder. Before buying any welder machine, you have to examine the top welders and then finalize the product according to your need. Read features of different multiprocess welders for home and industrial use. After determining the various factors, you can finalize your excellent machine.

This article will cover the best welder review and the buying guide to give you a firm attitude to buy a good TIG welder.

A quick comparison of the top welders

Urgent need for an advanced welder? Read this chart for the top six TIG welders that you can examine for your final choice.

  • PrimeWeld TIG 225X AC/DC TIG Welder
  • 2018 AHP Alpha TIG 200X 200 Amp IGBT AC
  • Eastwood 200 AC/DC Welder
  • Everlast PT-250EX Power TIG STICK Pulse
  • Lincoln Electric TIG 200

Top Six Best TIG Welders Reviews

We are discussing the reviews of the above-mentioned top TIG welders for you to have a look at choosing the best one. You have known the features that you want in your welder. Hence, after reading the reviews, you can choose a TIG welder according to your need.

PrimeWeld TIG 225X AC/DC TIG Welder

People always search for the modern welding machine used by the welders, and it is the first thing that people observe. Choosing one machine is difficult without knowing its features. Here are the specifications and features of this welder. This welder is more versatile than others in its features and is also a popular welder in the market. Best TIG welder for the money

Primeweld is a China-based brand that creates the best tools for experienced welders. They want to satisfy their customers by fulfilling their needs.

However, many welders in the market are made of low-quality tools because they are only for hobby welders. But this welder has the feature to be used by professionals. Hobbyists, as well as professionals, can use it.

Moreover, there are reasons why it is best for both conditions. It is good for hobbyists because it can remain intact for a long time. For professionals, this welder is easy to use and will help them complete their tasks with no hurdle.

This Aluminum TIG welder can be used for smooth and precise welds of good quality. It has come with a myriad of specifications as you can use it for different welding applications. Instead of using different machines, you can have it for different works eradicating the need for different machines.

It has a varied AC balance, and you can adjust between 10 - 90% according to the need. Low heat control adjustment is present for sheet base metal-like car bodies. It consists of TIG and Stick welding that you can use according to the need. It used 225 amps voltage for AC/DC TIG welding and 180 amps for DC Stick welding.

Key Features:

  • AC/DC TIG welding
  • DC Stick welding
  • Multiprocess machine
  • 110 and 220 input voltage
  • PWM technology
  • IGBT technology
  • The metal pedal is effective to use
  • Ventilation system to avoid overheat
  • Rubber feet
  • Easily portable
  • Come with all the necessary tools

It is the top welder for hobbyists and professionals to work at ease. Now, you can perform TIG and Stick welding with one machine without any hurdle. So, these were the specifications and the features of the Primeweld TIG 225X AC/DC welder that you can buy on Amazon. So, go and check out this wonderful machine for the TIG welding process.

2018 AHP Alpha TIG 200X 200 Amp IGBT AC

The Alpha TIG 200X comes with an inverter technology that welds metal and aluminum materials. It also has a feature of PWM and IGBT technology that can do precise welding. In addition, it has a compact design, and it is portable that enables it to carry from one place to another. Best TIG welder for the money

Alpha TIG 200X is an advanced inverter technology with AC frequency control. Having various specifications and features that make it the best TIG welder. Alpha TIG uses tungsten - inert gas during welder and can weld aluminum, stainless steel, alloy steel, and thin gauge materials.

The 200X contains a pulse feature and adjustable heat control along with the AC/DC functionality. You can also use it as a stick welder if you want. However, it is primarily a TIG welder, but it also has some versatility as you can use it for other welding processes.

Whenever you need to do stick welding, you can use it as a stick welder. Unfortunately, the design of the 200X is not so attractive as a welder. Hence, having a basic design with a rectangular shape, you can easily put it at your shop.

However, people use this light machine or welder despite the basic design due to its range of features. Moreover, it will last long due to its better quality parts.

The parts of the 200X TIG welder are made up of hard plastic and metal that allow it to bear drops and bumps. Alpha TIG 200X is a lightweight inverter technology that makes it portable with no hurdle. This TIG welder comes with a weight of approximately 50 pounds. Hence, it is not a heavy machine that will hinder your traveling or work.

The other reason that makes it portable is the dual voltage use of this welder. It uses 110V to do welding, making it easy to carry wherever you want. You will not have any trouble powering it for the welds. However, pulse control of this welder makes the welding process handy, and you can switch it either via pedal or touch button. Pulse width modulation technology allows the welder to use the pulse feature effectively. Moreover, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor technology is used to enhance the performance of the welder. It prevents the welder from wasting time during the welding projects.

The welder has an excellent feature of starting the method. The TIG welding process can be started via high frequency, lift, and scratch. As a result, the arc is stable and produces good welds.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Weight is 50 pounds
  • 110 and 120V input voltage
  • Stick and TIG welding process
  • Duty cycle is 60% @ 200 amps for TIG and 35% @ 155 amps for Stick welding
  • PMW technology
  • IGBT technology
  • Inverter-based technology
  • Heat control

Thus, Alpha 200X is an excellent welder for the TIG process that has good power, affordable price, and portability features. In addition, it can weld materials with myriad thicknesses with different processes. You can check this product and its features on Amazon.

Eastwood 200 AC/DC Welder

Eastwood 200 welder is suitable for those with low-budget shops. It has various features and specifications that will help every type of fabricator at an affordable price. It has a great look that makes it an attractive welder for consumers. It is a more compelling welder with the upgraded features. 

It is the upgraded form of the older welder in which the foot pedal control has some defects. However, the company has resolved its upgraded form and made it a rocker-style foot pedal heat control. After the improvement, it is comfortable and easy to control. Moreover, this new TIG 200 welder consists of a gas lens to focus the shielding during the welding process. Therefore, it will let you weld in a precise manner.

The power supply is the most important thing to welding because it requires a everlast power supply. Luckily, this welder is easily portable, and you can move it to other places whenever you want. During TIG welding, it uses 120 0r 240V as an input voltage. The variation in the voltage allows it to supply power at the voltage source that you can access with ease.

However, it is an inverter-based technology that will help in welding any material. Mostly, the process is done via DC mode, but in the case of aluminum TIG welding, AC mode is used. Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC welder has a duty cycle of 60% at 190 A or 220V. Therefore, it is good for small shop users because they can use it for more hours.

This welder consists of a 200 amp power that will impress the users compared to its price range. Now, you can have much heat for the thick stock to weld in a single pass. You can also adjust the range according to the need. It is between 10A - 200A, and you can adjust the value you can for the process. It has a ground clamp with the braided wire and welding torch with an adjustable tip. The arch has a high frequency for a good start without any scratch or lifts feature. It also has a post-flow gas regulator of argon gas, via which you can set the flow times. However, it comes with a weight of 38 pounds that makes it portable. Moreover, it comes with a 3-year warranty.

Key Feature:

  • Inverter-based technology
  • Rocker-style foot pedal
  • Adjustable shielding gas flow
  • 110-240V input voltage
  • Gas lens
  • Duty cycle 60% @ 190A
  • Output amperage is 10 - 200A
  • High-frequency start
  • Weight is 38 pounds
  • Warranty is 3-years

Thus, you can purchase this upgraded welder on Amazon, where you can also check its features and specifications.


High-quality TIG welders have advanced features with high price tags. But when the YESWELDER TIG 250P AC/DC welder was launched, it stunned the consumers with the price and features. It provides almost all the advanced features with mid-range price Tags. Now let's have a look at its features. Best TIG welder for the money

YESWELDER is a TIG welder, but it includes various other processes like stick welding, AC/DC, or direct use of either AC or DC. For the aluminum welds, you can use the AC mode.

A square Wave Technology is an advanced feature that is used in TIG welders. This technology will allow the user to spend more time in heating as well as cleaning cycles. This feature will make the performance better, especially in the case of aluminum.

The complete control panel of this welder is easy to understand, and it also comes with a manual via which you can learn easily. It consists of a dial with many buttons for adjustment.

After learning from the manual, you will be able to understand all the settings. After that, you can adjust ranges according to the need. It has a feature to memorize the last setting when you unplug the welder.

YESWELDER has a wide range of amp power as it provides 5 - 250 amps. However, it will allow the user to weld both thin or thicker metals. Moreover, it has a duty cycle of 60% at 250A, which is best for light to medium workshops. YESWELDER TIG 250P consists of 2T and 4T control features. However, the 4T feature is used for the long welds, while 2T is used for shorter welders.

Here, T stands for touch, which means when you press the torch to start the weld and release the trigger to stop the weld. Moreover, 4T means when you press and release to start the weld and when you want to stop it, again press and release the torch trigger.

It has a startup of high-frequency arcs that eradicate the need for any scratch. YESSWELDER has a weight of about 35 pounds that makes it portable. However, the input voltage is 220V only, but it can run on a generator.

Key Features:

  • Square Wave Technology
  • AC Pulse TIG
  • Easy control panel with a single knob
  • Multiple buttons
  • Input voltage is 240V
  • Duty cycle id 60% @ 250A
  • For TIG, amperage is 5 - 250 amps
  • The amperage range for the stick is 10 - 200 amps
  • Weight is 35 pounds
  • Warranty is 3-years

So, this is the review of the TIG YESWELDER, and you can check and buy it on Amazon.

Everlast PT-250EX Power TIG STICK Pulse

Everlast PT-250EX is easy to handle, and it is an inverter-based technology. It has an excellent design that you can maintain with no hurdle. However, you can run this welder on five amps of power source. By having this welder, you don't have to spend more time maintaining the welder. 

This welder is a good machine in case of working and money when you compare it with other welders. It has some special features that you will love as you can run it at five amps of power. In addition, it has a setting to switch AC mode and DC mode.

It is a high-quality welder with a 5-year warranty, and hobbyists and professionals can use it. However, the weight of the everlast welder is approximately 60 or 65 pounds. Moreover, you can perform welding on aluminum and steel via this welder. It has two-foot and four-foot features that will enhance the performance of the welder.

You can also adjust the frequency of the weld according to the need. You can use it either at home or at the job site. Moreover, you can also power it via the generator to perform work in any case. It comes with a digital display to control the adjustment settings of different features. It has colorful digits that will help you to read while wearing a mask during the welding. This model comes with pre-flow and post-flow control settings. It also has an error code warning system that will appear on the screen to alert you about the issue.

Moreover, it has a feature of a high-frequency start that will eliminate the need for lift or scratch. It will create a full circuit allowing the machine to work for a long time.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Digital screen
  • Error warnings on the screen
  • Colorful digits
  • Duty cycle is 60% @ 250A
  • The amperage range is 5A - 250A
  • AC and DC feature
  • IGBT technology
  • Weighs about 60 - 65 pounds
  • 5-year warranty
  • Can run on generators

However, it has two biggest issues that you will face. First, the price range is high, and the second is the water cooler you will need for some functions. It is already an expensive welder machine, and it requires an additional cooler. But, again, you can go to Amazon and check its features and price.

Lincoln Electric TIG 200

Lincoln Electric TIG 200 is one of the best welders with a combo of TIG and stick welding processes. It is easy to use with almost all the features needed to perform the work. As a result, both hobbyists and professionals can use it in their work. In addition, it is easy to learn its settings or adjustments. Best TIG welder for the money

This model comes with versatility because it has the option for the TIG and Stick welding processes. The TIG welding process is especially for aluminum because it is high-quality material.

Therefore, for the aluminum welds, a high-quality TIG welder is required. Moreover, you can use the stick welding mode whenever you need it.

Lincoln Electric TIG has the feature of both AC and DC power options. AC TIG welding process is for aluminum, and the DC TIG welding process is for mild steel, chrome alloy, and stainless steel. It has a dual voltage capability that includes 120V or 230V. The model also comes with two power cords for each voltage.

The input and power output voltage and amperage are different for both the TIG and Stick welding processes. Moreover, the duty cycle is also different for both processes.

The finer control panel looks complicated, but you can learn after a few minutes of practice. It has an ON/OFF switch, a top-right button for amperage and pulse frequency, a big central knob for the adjustment of the setting, and a button at the bottom to switch welding type.

This model has an AC balance of 60 - 90% electron negative to control the weld more perfectly. Therefore, higher EN is suitable for better welds. It also comes with an AC frequency range of 60 - 150Hz. However, lower frequency produces wider beads while higher frequency produces narrow beads.

The pulse mode of this product allows it to take current in the form of pulse welding. It has a range of 1 - 20 pulses per second. It consists of a high-frequency start that will eradicate the need for lift and scratch. Moreover, it is an inverter-based technology that stores more power in a small welder. It has 200 amps of power and a weight of about 46 pounds.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Multi Process design
  • Inverter-based technology
  • AC and DC modes
  • Input voltage is 120V-230V
  • Wide amperage range for TIG @ 120V is 10 - 125A
  • Amperage for TIG @ 230V is 10 - 200A
  • Amperage control for Stick @ 120V is 10 - 90A
  • Amperage for Stick @ 230V is 10 - 170A
  • Duty Cycle for 120V TIG is 25% @ 125A
  • Duty Cycle for 230V TIG is 25% @ 200A
  • Duty Cycle for 120V Stick is 20% @ 75A
  • Duty Cycle for 320V Stick is 20% @ 170A
  • AC balance range is 60 - 90 EN
  • AC frequency is 60 - 150Hz
  • Pulse range is 1 - 20 per seconds
  • Weight is 46 pounds

If you want to purchase it, you can go to Amazon and also check its features there.

Complete Buying Guide:

Before choosing a welder, look at these guidelines that will help you understand what features you should look for in a welder. There are some basic guidelines. Check out the following;

  • TIG Arc start features: Before buying a welder, the first thing that you should look into is the method of lift-arc technology. However, there are three ways by which you can start the arc of the welding process. These are scratch, lift, and high frequency. Scratch is a basic method to start the arc in the TIG welding. You can find this method in low-cost welders. Lift start involves touching with a tungsten electrode and pulling upwards to start the arc. Moreover, a high-frequency start is the easiest method.
  • AC and DC output current type: If you are looking for a TIG welder, you should check the AC and DC. Because, for aluminum TIG welding along with other methods, both are necessary. The square wave technology will enhance the performance of the welder for beginners in both cases.
  • Power and metal thickness: Before choosing a welder, one must look at its weld capacity to weld thickness range. If you don't know the weld thickness range of the metal you want, you can choose the welder with high amperage output power.
  • Duty Cycle: The welder's duty cycle is also an important thing to consider before buying the welder. The duty cycle decides the work capacity of the welder. The welder should also consider heat control protection because the duty cycle depends on it.
  • Foot Pedal: If you are working on a table, then a foot control pedal is necessary. If you want a foot pedal control, then have a look briefly before purchasing.
  • Price and Quality: Always check the price of the welder along with its quality welds. Check the quality of working and its tools and then decide, you can purchase it or not.
  • Warranty: Always check the warranty of the welder if you are trying to purchase it for the long term.
  • Portability: The weight of the powerful welder decides the portability of the welder. If you are tired of a heavy welder, you can purchase a lightweight welder with good features. It will also be portable.

Frequently asked questions:

Which welder is stronger, TIG or MIG?

Well, both have their importance, pros, cons, and applications. However, TIG welders are more expensive than MIG welders because TIG welding is the most precise, smooth, and gives better results than MIG.

Do all the TIG welders weld aluminum?

Yes, because TIG welders are specialized in aluminum welding and also for precise thinner materials welds.

Why is buying a TIG welder necessary?

TIG welders are better than others because they can weld precisely, even on thinner metals. It provides quality work with beautiful welds. I will recommend you to go for the TIG welder.


Now, you have read all the best TIG welders and the buying guide, you can use a welder of your type. You can go to the link provided in each review if you want to purchase one of them. Have a good journey with your welding experience!

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