BSX Welding Jacket For Protection Review [Black Flame Resistant Cotton]

BXRB9C-L BSX STRYKER FR WELDING JACKET - REVCO Revco BSX  BX9C stryker summer welding jacket is one of the excellent welding equipment in the recent marketplace. Revco produces jackets meeting all the security for visibility and high security.

It is the most reasonably priced jacket used for welding purposes. The jacket is particularly designed to give convenience to the welder. It is different from your typical leather version.

The Revco BSX BX9C is one of the lowest-priced jackets available in the marketplace. It provides fantastic coverage for usual welding while certain you do not warm up in the summer.

The BSX is comfortable and lightweight to take off and put on. And there are internal pockets along with spots to store the scribes.

The Revco BSX is made from flame and fire-resistant cotton. And it is an excellent option for people on a less worth who wishes good lightweight jacket for usual welding utilize. In this post, we will talk about the Revco BSX  BX9C stryker summer welding jacket. To know the detail, keep reading below:

Revco BSX BX9C Stryker Summer Welding Jacket

Revco BSX B9C 9oz. Black/Red Cotton Welding Jacket, Flame Resistant L Are you looking for a standard 9 oz welding jacket? If your answer is yes, then it is an excellent alternative for buying.

This welding jacket is large and gives accurate security in extreme situations.

If you use the Revco BSX BX9C welding jacket, you need not fear flame and high temperature.

Because it will remain completely safe, you may know that Revco is a Black stallion brand.

You can discover an excellent combination of lightweight jackets. You will find a complete package and comfort from a BSX welding jacket.

Revco BSX BX9C jacket features an adjustable collar for optimum security for the neck to guard it against flying spatter and radiation burns. This red and black cotton welding jacket is a very well-liked design for the black and blue jacketing.

Snaps are excellent to make use of, and the standup collar helps develop security. In general, it is a comfortable and fabulous design jacket. It is ideal for lighter welding projects and also excellent value for the money. Below we give the Revco BSX welding jacket features. Keep reading.


  • 9 oz. Flame-resistant treated cotton.
  • Adaptable waist straps.
  • Convenient wrists and snap front.
  • Standup Welder's collar.
  • Sizes: S-5XL.
  • Extensive length front.
  • Black with red flame graphics.
  • It has a zippered inside pocket.

Product Information:

  • Size – XL.
  • Chest Size – 45 to 49 inches.
  • Material – Cotton.
  • Weight – 1.5 pounds.
  • Torso Length – 36 inches.
  • Dimensions – 10 X 16 X 1.5 inches.

What We Like:

  • Nine-ounce heavyweight fabric.
  • Soothing
  • Adjustable collar.
  • Cool for summer.
  • Wrist cuffs are adaptable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Cooler to put on than leather.
  • Internal pocket.
  • Expert appearance.
  • Flame resistant cotton.
  • Low price range.

What We Do not Like:

  • It would not last like a leather will.
  • Thin
  • Light duty.
  • Not ideal for heavy spatter.

Advantage of BSX Welding Jacket:

  • Flame-resistant Cotton Material

The jacket has flame resistance in cotton materials. Its materials give sufficient security to the flames. And it guards the body wholly and ideally. You may count on it not to let you down at all.

  • Awesome dependability

This security tool is also reliable. It mainly stems from excellent and dependable construction. This jacket is resistant to fire and is also breathable. It makes the work of welding pleasurable to the boredom and fatigue.

  • Maximum ease

With dependability, this jacket is also very comfortable and easy.  It is usually highly agile, cooler, and breathable. So they do not impede the free be in motion of the arms and hands. It is, therefore, simple to engage and utilize in the long run.

  • Comprehensive Length Front

a complete length front forms an essential part of the jacket. It is also complemented with some welder's collar. And it is similarly excellent at guarding the neck against the different accidents and agents of fire. The advantage of utmost security is yours to leverage.

  • Plentiful Pockets

the BSX welding jacket is ample pockets. The two outstanding of these are the dual scribe and inside pockets. It is all zippered for security to different tools. You are therefore guaranteed simple access to the whole of your accessories and tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should you check before purchasing a welding jacket?

Below we are giving some issues which make the welding jacket one of the best welding jackets.

    • Fire-resistant.
    • Long-lasting.
    • Electrical resistant.
    • Thermal insulation.
    • No difficulty of use.
    • Warm protection.


  • Why do I require a welding jacket?

Usually, the welding jackets are in protecting clothing. The primary purpose is to guard you against damage and secure the health. Warm sparks and metals, for beginners, can burn you or damage the skin. A simple shirt or t-shirt is not sufficient to enable entire security. Welding jackets give the temperature and fire resistance required in these conditions.

  • How much does a welding jacket expensive?

Aprons, coats, and jackets will range in worth depending on the fabric's uses and standard of the product. These factors do not all the time equate to a higher cost. You can quickly get it to spend from forty dollars to two hundred dollars. It depends on what you are mostly searching for.

  • Is the BSX Welding Jacket summer friendly?

Yes, the BSX Welding Jacket is a summer-friendly welding jacket. Even it's one of the best welding jacket for summer. You can definitely rely on it if you are looking for an excellent welding jacket which you can wear in summer without uncomfortable feelings.

Final Thoughts.

If you are searching for the best welding jacket, you should use the primary purpose of security. It means more than just how good a jacket defends. But it also whether breathable to prevent warm injuries. The jacket has trouble fee movement.  We like the Revco BSX BX9C welding jacket for its excellent fit and material.

The Ravco BSX welding jacket permits a fabulous range of movement. The jacket comes in a superb design. It provides you a modern look while offering excellent security. It is protective in its own right as well. The jacket comes with six snap buttons, and it gives sufficient coverage. The BSX BX9C welding jacket comes with an adaptable collar button to guard the neck for added security. Thank you very much. Happy shopping.

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