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2021 PowerArc 210STL Stick Lift TIG IGBT Inverter Welder E6010 Capable 110/220 Dual Voltage Everlast is a company that is heeding for best production regarding welders. Many welders, including TIG, MIG, plasma cutters, and stick welders, are manufactured by the everlast welding company. Everlast is located in the United States and providing services for the past ten years.

They manufacture their products in China with direct control. Everlast welders have a 5-year warranty on IGBT products and a 30-day satisfaction policy.

This is the most exciting thing, and therefore we are going for the everlast welder review.

Among the welder's mechanics, there are different mechanisms on which the welder machines work. MIG, TIG, and plasma welders are popular ones. In this section, we will provide you with information about different types of welders so that you can pick up the welder that suits you the most.

MIG Welders:

TOOLIOM 200A MIG Welder 3 in 1 Flux MIG / Solid Wire / Lift TIG / Stick Welder 110 / 220V Dual Voltage Welding Machine MIG welders are small size welders. These may be 1-phase or 3-phase welders, but you must check the welder's availability before purchasing. Following are different MIG everlast welders;

  • Power I-MIG 200:

 The Everlast Power i-MIG 200 is a lightweight welder which is easy to carry anywhere. It is a dual voltage welder with both volts and amp readouts. Power i-MIG 200 is an IGBT inverter technology with a weight of 35 pounds. It also has the function of stick welding and flux core welding.

It has an adjustable burn-back control to reduce trimming. An arc force control is present, which controls the arc characteristics during welding. It has a Eurostyle quick operator. An automatic pre-flow and post-flow management are present to increase the work's efficiency due to a reasonable duty cycle, higher than competitors.

For alternative sources, Power i-MIG 200 operates by 5000W  power generators. Moreover, the aluminum is also handling by this version of the everlast welder. This welder has a 5-year warranty.

  • LightningMTS 275 with TIG package:

 Lightning MTS 275 with TIG package is a lightweight dual voltage welder. It is a multiprocess welder as it can do TIG and stick welding. MTS 275 got similarities with Power i-MIG. Capable to weld aluminum. The MTS 275 comes with auto-set parameters along with the digital screen. The particular display screen is adjustable and provides 480p resolution, which is quite decent for customers. It has an adjustable burn-back control.

  • Power i-MIG 353 DPi:

Power i-MIG 353 DPi is an inverter-based technology that welds aluminum, bronze, steel, and stainless. For the ease of welding, it has a pre and post-flow feature. It has a duty cycle of  60% at 350 amps.

It has a burn-back control system for practical use for heavy-duty work. It has an arc force control system for arc characteristics. The inductance control system is also present in this welder. It can stick welding along with MIG welding.

TIG Welders:

Tig Welder, HF TIG/Stick/Arc TIG Welder,200 Amp 110 & 220V Dual Voltage TIG Welding MachineTIG welders are inverters ranging from 140 to 300 Amps. These welders can be used either at workplaces or at home. These welders have a DC welding capacity with a 5-year warranty.

Following are TIG welders with specific features;

  • Power Arc 160iSTH:

Power arc 160i STH has a better TIG performance ability. It is a lightweight dual voltage technology. You can use it for home-based works as well as heavy-duty works due to its second voltage nature. It has the ability of TIG welding as well as stick welding.

This package has an HF start and Lift opening for ease of use. This welder also has an auto arc feature, due to which its arc is stable. Because it is lightweight, you can carry it anywhere. This package also has the quality of an IGBT inverter.

 It has a digital plate for setting the welder. Beginners, as well as professionals, can use it. Its duty cycle is 35% and can do heavy-duty works.

  • Power Arc 161 STH:

 This welder is the new version of power arc 160i STH. It can do TIG as well as stick welding. In the older version, stick welding performance is less than the TIG, but both features perform equally.

It is an IGBT-based dual voltage technology. It has a feature of adjustable arc force. It also has a flexible pre and post-flow feature. This welder consumes less power.

  • Power Arc 140STi:

Power arc 140STi is an IGBT-based inverter technology that can do both TIG and stick welding. It has a 120/240V dual voltage feature. It is lightweight, and you can carry it easily anywhere. It has a maximum output of 140amp.

Stick Welders:

DEKOPRO 110/220V MMA Welder,160A ARC Welder Machine IGBT Digital Display LCD Hot Start Welder with Electrode Holder,Work Clamp, Input Power Adapter Cable and Brush There are some stick welders for your use. These welders use as TIG welders.

  • Power Arc 300 ST:

 Power arc 300ST is an IGBT-based inverter technology with an adjustable arc force control system for the arc's best performance.

The arc is stable and smooth in this welder. The duty cycle of power arc 300 st is 60% at 300 amps.

  1. Power Arc 140STi:

Power arc is a lightweight inverter technology, and it is easy to carry. The maximum output is 140 amp and has a dual voltage of 120/240. It has a Lift function for the TIG function. It is a welder which uses for home-based works as well as professional jobs.

  • Power Arc 210STL:

 Power Arc 210 STL is a welder who can do stick welds and TIG welds. The arc is smooth and stable for the best use. The arc force control is adjustable, which helps in precise welding. It has a digital control system that uses for welder setting and management of parameters.

Plasma Cutters:

Plasma Cutter, CUT50 50 Amp 110V/220V ±15% Dual Voltage AC-DC IGBT Cutting Machine With LCD Display And Accessories Tools Everlast plasma cutters can cut ferrous or non-ferrous metals as well as aluminum. The plasma cutter's design is not for welding, but you can weld and cut by using it. It is a multiprocessor. These can do TIG welding, stick welding, and plasma cut. The gas used by Plasma cutters is nitrogen.

  • SuperCut 51P:

Supercut 51 p is a MOSFET-based dual voltage technology. The weight of this cutter is 22 lbs. It is a straightforward machine with an HF start. It consumes less power during working.

  • Powerplasma102i(~1 phase 240V) :

This is a heavy-duty plasma cutter with a duty cycle of 60% at 100 amps. This is an IGBT-based inverter technology. The cuts by this plasma cutter are very smooth. It has the feature of cutting rusty metals. It has a CNC socket for CNC use.

  • PowerPlasma 82i with CNC package:

 Power plasma 82i includes the CNC package. And therefore, it's capable of working over painted and rusty metals. This cutter is an IGBT-based inverter.PowerPlasma 82i introduces the blowback pilot arc feature, which is pretty effective in the sense of performance. The duty cycle is to stay at 60% of this welder at 80 amps. Blowback pilot arc works as a reducer against the high frequency before start the arc.

Multiprocess welders:

Weldpro 200 Amp LCD Inverter 5 in 1 Multi Process Welder 3 Year Warranty Dual Voltage 240V/120V Mig/Flux Core/Tig/Stick/Aluminum Spool Gun capable welding machine with New Features Multiprocess Welders can use as TIG welders, stick welders, and plasma cutters. Following are the Everlastmultiprocess welders;

  • Power Pro 256D:

It is the latest multiprocess welder. A digital control system is present for the setting parameters.

It is an IGBT-based dual voltage inverter technology. This welder is best in the feature of precise control parameters.

  • Power Ultra 206 PI:

 Power ultra 206 PI has a digital control system that is easy to use. It has a post-flow system for the best welding. This welder is best at welding metals except for aluminum and magnesium. It is inverter technology, and due to this, low power is consuming. The duty cycle is 60%  witha dual voltage of 120/240V.

  • Ultra Arc 205:

 Ultra arc 205 welders is a heavy-duty welder who can carry anywhere. It has a duty cycle of 60% with different amps for TIG, stick welders, and plasma cutters. It has a dual voltage nature.


Everlast welder reviews are pretty critical in the field of welders. In this article, we provide all kinds of available everlast welders according to categories. Plasma welder is the best version among the welders, but it is costly. Therefore the most predictable, effective, and kind of welding is TIG welding. We also describe MIG and another everlast best welders. Choose your welder and keep working.

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