Fire Resistant Welding Jacket Buying Guide & Review

If you aren’t clear in your mind why the Best Fire Resistant Welding Jacket is a must purchase for welder, then carry on reading more the review. Here you will be capable of being familiar with why you require especially designed jackets while welding and not just any odd jacket that you may have.Fire Resistant Welding Jacket

  • Personal safety:

Whether you have to weld whole day or infrequently, sparks & splatter are bound to fly about while you weld. What do you do at the time?

Make sure that you do not have to move away in case of a random spark coming your way, and it is best to wear a good welding jacket.

The cause why you cannot wear just about any jacket is because they are not meant for the purpose & will not be capable of giving you the guard that you need.

The Best Welding Jackets are specially made to protect against typical welding splatters, sparks, & heat.

  • Law:

Although wearing the best welding jacket while welding at your backyard or workshop is still a matter of individual decision, wearing one at a place of work is a must. So, if you have a professional workshop or are at a worksite, it is imperative that you must wear the best welding jacket as per the law of the arena. Not doing so may cause a violation of act & you may be penalized for the same.

Comparison Chart 

Instead of reading the whole article, you can just have a look at the following comparison chart where will differentiate and make your own choice to buy any of them.

10 Best Fire Resistant Welding Jackets

Waylander Welding Jacket Split Leather Heat Fire Resistant Cotton Kevlar - 2XL :

Waylander Welding Jacket This Waylander Welding Jacket Split Leather Fire Resistant Cotton Kevlar - 2XL model is a premium quality that is prepared for sturdy cow leather & cotton.

The shoulders & the sleeves are prepared of durable cow leather for stability & protection. At the back & front side, good-quality cotton that is flame retardant is used. This makes sure that you are maximally sheltered from fires.

This is also an added benefit in terms of weight since the welding jacket is much lighter as compared to constructs that are prepared for leather only.

As a result, it can be used at ease in other tasks such as carpentry, metal, woodworking, and gardening, among others.

The elegant fire welding jacket is prepared with your ease in mind. When functioning with this jacket, you do not have to leave your handset or other items such as home and car keys. As a result, it can be worn happily without clothing that is long-sleeved in the inside. It also has sturdy buttons and Kevlar stitches, which makes it withstand very high temperatures. The sizes of these fire-resistant welding jackets are well defined with their measurements given from M to 4XL.

Top Features :

  • Premium Material -  It is made of grade cow leather, fire retardant cotton, stitched with flame and fire resistant KEVLAR.
  • High Comfort - Cotton back & front for better mobility and all-day use, satin-lined shoulders & sleeves, adaptable cuffs and stand-up collar for comfort and safety. Large interior pockets to defend personal items.
  • Extra Security - It has strong velcro and button front closure, adaptable stand-up collar.
  • For Professional Use - These best welding jackets were specially designed for wearing all day in soothe and protection.
  • European Sizes - Check sizes chart for an accurate fit.

QeeLink Leather Welding Work Jacket Fire-Resistant Heavy Duty Split Cowhide Leather :

QeeLink Leather Welding Work Jacket QeeLink fire resistant welding work Jackets are prepared for thick genuine leather for maximum toughness. Genuine leather jacket for Men can all times keep fireproof by itself all its life.

Spend in a rugged apron for your security and decrease your worries. Our welding leather work Jackets are prepared to last.

It was sewed with strong, warmth resistant US Kevlar thread. It is absolutely stitched on both the inner side and outer side.

All of the buttons are prepared for Premium Heavy-Weight Metal. And it is also warmth resistant. They make jacket safer.-adaptable Stand-up Collar for soothing and safety.

Entirely cover and secure your neck seamlessly. QeeLink is a specialized factory in producing a variety of leather products from 1990. QeeLink is always ensuring product quality. It is one of the best fire and flame resistant jackets in our research list.

Top Features :

  • Superior Protection: Fire & Flame-Resistant heavy-duty split cowhide leather best welding Jacket. Complete coverage Leather Jacket secures you when you are functioning.
  • More Durable: Sewn with US Kevlar thread for strength and stability.
  • Tools Pocket: Inside pocket and soapstone pocket on every sleeve for storage.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you're not entirely satisfied with the product, you will get a 100% Complete Refund for the Best Fire Resistant Welding Jacket.

Lincoln Electric Brown X-Large Flame & Fire-Resistant Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket :

Lincoln Electric Brown Leather Welding Jacket This heavy-duty brown X-Large leather welding jacket secures the arms & torso from welding spatter and warmth. It is flame-resistant, weather-resistant leather for defense and stability.

The flip-up collar is protected by a hook-and-loop fastener for the shield of the neck. The front closure has a lined flap with a zipper & snaps for added defense from spatter, & it has a large interior pocket for defending individual items.

Personal protective equipment is dedicated to clothing, helmets, goggles, and other garments tools that protect the wearer from hazards.

These comprise the highest visibility garments, perilous material suits, eye and hear protection, flame-resistant apparel, bulletproof vests, steel-toed boots, chain mail gloves, & padded garments. Personal protective equipment is used in medical & laboratory, construction, industry, fire and rescue, and other environments where dangers are found.

Top Features :

  • Jacket for protecting the arms and torso from welding spatter and heat.
  • It made of flame-resistant leather for defense and stability.
  • It has triple-needle stitching on seams for resistance to fraying.
  • Flip-up collar for neck protection.
  • Lined flap with snaps in front closure for the guard.

West Chester IRONCAT 7005 Fire & Flame Resistant Split Cowhide Leather Welding Jacket :

West Chester IRONCAT Leather Jacket This best fire-resistant jacket is the best choice to make use of; numerous features make West Chester jacket way much superior to earlier ones. West Chester’s welding jacket provides comfortable and defensive coverage with a feeling of pleasure and completion.

These manufactured goods are authentically made up of cowhide leather & as with cotton wear; this attractive combination makes this flame-resistant welding jacket very relaxed and suitable wear.

Numerous workshops and companies have been buying these manufactured goods for the fact that this coat can defend the human body from a variety of heat splatters and dangerous substances. 

The back and front of this specific welding jacket are made up of fire-resistant and flame-resistant cotton, which is very simple to wear and provides excellent mobility. It contains large zipped pockets as well in which a human being can hold minor substances of everyday use.

Top Features :

  • Durable Stitch: The welding apparel is sewn with high-strength Kevlar thread that gives warmth resistance. Black anodized snaps & corrosion resistant rivets are placed in high-stress areas to make sure longer product life.
  • Design: The cowhide leather welding jacket also includes a hip-side pocket & a soapstone storage pocket on every sleeve. The snaps of this welding safety jacket are anodized & reinforced with added leather.
  • Comfort-Fit: The welding safe jacket features underarm gussets to make sure a relaxed and safe fit. The wrists of this work safety apparel can be attuned.
  • Specifications: The medium size welding leather jacket measures 25in, width at chest 26in, sleeve length, and 30in body length.
  • Welding Apparel: The leather jacket with warmth resistance properties is particularly designed to defend you from spark & spatter. These tanned flame resistant welding jackets are ideally used in steel mills, automotive, shipyards, gas welding, & others.

Lincoln Electric Premium Flame Resistant (FR) Cotton Welding Jacket | Fire Resistant | Black | XL | K2985-XL :

Lincoln Electric Premium Flame Resistant (FR) Cotton Welding Jacket | Comfortable | Black | XL | K2985-XL The Premium FR Cotton fire-resistant Welding Jacket is prepared for the best quality flame retardant cotton and sewn with polyester thread to generate a soothing, protective solution for a variety of welding applications.

The material is coated with a machine washable flame retardant layer which puts off and extinguishes fire/flame. It also features a big inside pocket, flip-up the collar, and adaptable sleeve cuffs-our best quality 9 oz. Flame retardant (FR) cotton fabric prevents and extinguishes fire while permitting a free-flowing movement.

Founded in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1895, Lincoln Electric is one of the planet leaders in the design, improvement, and production of arc welding solutions, robotic welding & cutting systems, plasma, and ox fuel cutting, and is one of the leading suppliers of brazing and soldering alloys.

Top Features :

  • Superior Comfort – The lightweight FR material is designed to be breathable, permitting consistent airflow to remain you relaxed without sacrificing defense.
  • Adaptable Cuffs – Every cuff has chrome-plated metal snaps allowing for significant wrist and arm fortification from sparks, spatter, and warmth.
  • Internal Storage – One large inside pocket for sheltered storage.
  • Neck Protection – The flip-up collar can defend your neck from arc rays, spatter, or sparks.
  • Machine Washable – Can be washed up to fifty commercial cycles and still maintain its flame retardant properties permitting for longer service life.

Leaseek Leather Welding Jacket - Heavy Duty Welding | Apron with Sleeve | Fire Resistant | Flame Resistant  :

Leaseek Leather Welding Jacket Here is a grand option if you desire to weld without hassles. The Leaseek best fireproof welding jacket features an open back design. Therefore it permits maximum air penetration to remain you cool.

As well, the fire-resistant welding jacket features durable stitching using US Kevlar thread, which is warmth resistant too. The heatproof leather material secures your body from sparks, heat & spatter.

On every sleeve, it features a soapstone pocket for dependable tool storage. So, this best welding jacket for hot weather is perfect for anyone functioning in shipyards, steel mills, woodworking, and more. Also, it is prepared using top-grade leather with long-lasting fireproof properties. So, it can tolerate multiple machine washes without losing its performance.

Top Features :

  • Perfect Protection: Fire & Flame-Resistant heavy-duty split cowhide leather welding Jacket. Complete coverage Leather Jacket protects you when you are functioning. Open back remains you relaxed in a warm shop or summer.
  • High Quality: It is stitched with strong US Kevlar heat resistant thread for strength and stability. Heavy-duty Leather handled sparks & spatters, all with hardly a mark left on it.
  • Tool Pocket: Soapstone pocket on every sleeve for storage space.
  • Multi-Function: They are not only for welding but also helpful for many other works and home tasks. It also can use blacksmithing, steel mills, shipyards, manufacturing, gas welding, and construction industries, and others.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you're not ENTIRELY SATISFIED with our product, you will obtain a 100% COMPLETE REFUND.

BSX BX9C Black W/Red Flames Resistant Cotton Welding Jacket :

BSX BX9C Black W/Red Flames Cotton Welding Jacket - XL The BSX BX9C Black W/Red Flames Resistant Cotton Welding Jacket utilizes a modern design to create a better fitting, better looking & more relaxed protective garment.

Black with red flames BSX cotton welding jacket is 9 oz flame-resistant and fire-resistant treated cotton with a welder's collar & extended length front.

Dual scribe and inside pockets and a zippered interior pocket. Adaptable waist straps, Size X-Large, Package of 1.

**NOTE: FR (flame-resistant) garments are a lightweight, breathable defense that is mainly used for light welding, cutting, & grinding. 'Flame-resistant' means when a spark(s) lands on the garment, the garment will extinguish itself, and sometimes the spark can create a hole on the garment.

Think leather for complete protection for applications that are more than light-duty welding, cutting, & grinding. Fabric:  Cotton Color:  Black Size:  X-Large Package:  1

Top Features :

  • 9 oz flame-resistant treated cotton.
  • Standup Welder's collar.
  • It extended length front.
  • Adjustable waist straps.
  • Convenient snap front and wrists.
  • It has zippered inside pocket.
  • Black with red flame graphics.
  • Sizes: S-5XL.

Lincoln Electric Split Leather Sleeved Welding Jacket | Premium Flame & Fire Resistant| Black | 3XL | K3106-3XL :

Lincoln Electric Split Leather Sleeved Welding Jacket Lincoln Electric's traditional leather fire-resistant welding jacket gives you defense from sparks & spatter. Split cowhide sleeves resist spatter and attach stability, while the 9 oz. 100% flame retardant material on the chest and back remain you cool.

This basic flame resistant welding jacket features an inside pocket and adaptable dual snap sleeves, Size X-Large, Package of 1. 

This best welding jacket is constructed of full leather sleeves to give high shield from warm, spatter and sparks.

The body of the welding jacket is prepared for breathable premium 9 oz flame retardant cotton, which prevents and extinguishes fire while permitting a free-flowing movement. It also features a large inside pocket for sheltered storage space, adaptable sleeve cuffs, and a flip-up collar.

Top Features :

  • Durable Leather Sleeves – prepared for top-grade split cowhide, the leather sleeves give high security from spatter, spark & heat while allowing free-flowing arm movement. As well, the leather sleeves can withstand heavy abrasion & friction, which is an ordinary failure point of cotton sleeved welding jackets.
  • Premium Flame Retardant (FR) Body – The fire-resistant welding jacket is prepared from ASTM D6413 compliant 9 oz. FR black cotton which prevents and extinguishes fire/flames.
  • Adaptable Cuffs – Every cuff has chrome-plated metal snaps permitting for significant wrist and forearm shield from sparks, spatter and warm.
  • Neck Protection – The flip-up collar can defend your neck from arc rays, spatter, or sparks.
  • Used by Professionals – This best welding jacket is used by professional fabricators on every day.

Black Stallion 220CS Cowhide Welding Cape Sleeve :

Black Stallion 220CS Cowhide Welding Cape Sleeve Black Stallion 220CS Cowhide Welding Cape Sleeve has been producing the most affordable, long-lasting & highly defensive fire resistant welding jackets for an extended time.

Coming at a logical price, it is the best flame resistant welding jacket if you require performing heavy-duty welding works in any type of season. With this ability, you do not need to be anxious about UV burns, no matter how time you are going to job.

The majority of welders who job in workshops need a top-quality fire-resistant welding jacket. This is the slightest costly yet highest quality jacket to obtain. Black Stallion 220CS Cowhide Welding Cape Sleeve has a perfect fit if you get one according to your size.

It is best to get for household welding as well as it fits well in all atmospheres & saves you from any hazard of burning. Mainly you are relatively less skilled at welding at the beginning of your profession. One thing you might require with it is the perfect gloves as its arms are not long sufficient to cover your hands.

Black Stallion 220CS is the best option to regard as if you require the best fire resistant jacket that is extremely secure. For a really hot climate, I would consider purchasing a pair of welding sleeves.

Top Features :

  • Durable split cowhide.
  • Stand-up corduroy collar.
  • Satin-lined shoulders.
  • Gusseted underarms.
  • Dual scribe pockets.

Miller Electric 2241909 Welding Jacket, Navy, Cotton/Nylon, XL/Fire Resistant/Flame Resistant :

Miller Electric 2241909 Welding Jacket Miller Electric 2241909 Welding Jacket is extremely frivolous as it is prepared from 2 dissimilar lightweight materials; Cotton 87% & Nylon 12%.

Miller Welding jacket has a large jacket and chest size of fifty inches & a length of thirty inches.

The best fire resistant welding jacket comprises resilient materials & does not be dressed in simply. It is resistant to fire & flame.

The best fire welding jacket defends you from warms, scrap from metal, splashes from burning you.

The miller welding jacket comes with a high neck collar & long sleeves, which permits for all coverage of your upper body.

The Velcro strap at the collar of this flame-resistant welding jacket permits for adjustments according to your liking and has a snap button end with a fold-in-strap cuff that allows for an ideal fit.

Miller’s Electric 2241909 welding jacket has its pockets on the insides, where you can remain some small gears. The best fire & flame resistant welding jacket available at a reasonably priced point and very feels relaxed. The welding jacket is one of the most beautiful lightweight welding jackets on the marketplace, and no doubt, it is a top-quality piece.

Top Features :

  • It is made to burn resistant and relaxed to wear.
  •  It made of two light materials – Cotton & Nylon.
  • Quite affordable yet durable.
  • High neck collar to defend the neck.
  • It has long sleeves for protecting your arms.
  • It ensures full upper body protection.
  • Snap button closure type.
  • The Cuff style is a fold-in-strap style.
  • Available in X-large size.
  • It comes with a Velcro strap on the neck for adjustments.

A Complete Buying Guide for the Best Welding Jacket :

Best protections for welders are a welding jacket. We have reviewed 10 of the best welding jackets you can purchase right now. We will talk about the very significant factors to consider when selecting the best welding jacket.

  • Protection:

The best welding jacket is not a style statement. It is meant to serve as a defensive layer. Therefore, when finding the best welding jacket, you must think about the level of security it offers. Such protection includes: QeeLink Leather Welding Work Jacket Flame-Resistant Heavy Duty Split Cowhide Leather (Medium) Brown

  • Fire Resistant Welding Jacket: A fire outbreak is an ordinary danger in each welding workstation. Welding generates a bunch of sparks.

All that is needed for a fire outbreak is for one spark to land on your best welding jacket and set it ablaze. Therefore, your welding jacket must be designed to give sufficient defense from fire.

  • Thermal insulation Welding Jacket: This issue refers to the capability of the welding jacket to defend you from heat and cold. The weather and circumstances you job in will determine the level of thermal insulation you wish from the welding jacket. Some welding jackets are designed to guard you against cold. Leather welding jackets especially display this characteristic. Others are thin and are suitable for hot climates since they do not retain warmth. Cotton welding jackets fall into this group.
  • Electrical resistance Welding Jacket: Since the welding procedure generally involves the make use of electricity, there is a danger of electric shocks. Your best welding jacket must display resistance to electric currents.
  • Heat Protection Welding Jacket: A number of welding processes generate large amounts of warmth. Hence, your heat protection welding jacket must give heat defense and remain you secure. Fire Resistant jacket is also the best welding jacket for hot weather.
  • Comfort:

Amongst other factors, receiving the accurate weld requires that you are at ease during the project. Your flame resistant welding jacket should present, not just the highest safety, but maximum soothes as well. From our testing & knowledge, we scrutinize that cotton jackets give the highest amount of ease. Leather welding jackets give more shields but less comfort.

  • Durability:

The durability of the best fire & flame resistant welding jacket is a significant consideration. Purchasing jackets that aren’t durable can be maddening & even luxurious. A long-lasting jacket makes sure that you will make use of it for an extended time. If it lacks stability, you might find yourself replacing your welding jacket often, which will cost money & will slow down your development.

  • Price:

The charge of the fire-resistant welding jacket frequently indicates the quality of the jacket. The more luxurious it is, chances are, the higher the quality, soothe, and stability. While you desire to purchase the best flame resistant welding jacket, you don’t have to smash the bank to obtain it.

Leather welding jackets are generally more luxurious than cotton jackets. The significant thing is to purchase the best according to your financial plan. Make sure that it fits your size & your atmosphere.

  • Brand:

Popular brands generally manufacture top-quality fire-resistant welding jackets. Therefore, it might be smarter about selecting a welding jacket from such brands though lesser-known brands might also produce high-quality jackets.

Thus you shouldn’t fail to notice them. One way to choose the correct brand is by checking out some reviews. This is an outstanding technique of knowing if the welding jacket is any good.

Note: Using the Welding Jacket for Summer may not give you the same benefits while Wear a Welding Jacket. But you need to know how to use a How To BEST WELDING JACKET FOR SUMMER  For fire & warmth resistance depreciates.

What is a Fire Resistant Welding Jacket?

Although designed to seem like a conventional jacket, the Fire Resistant welding jackets are vital personal protection equipment for any welder. This piece of clothing is mainly designed to defend the torso, arms & neck from weld spatter, sparks, fire & warmth.

The best welding jacket should be long-lasting, fire-resistant & electric resistance capabilities. For the duration of welding, your body encounters nasty sparks, warm metal spatters, & blazing flames.  The welding jacket will shield your upper body from any welding accidents while also keeping you relaxed when your job.

It’s a problematic business selecting the perfect welding jacket. Opportunely, we’ve done the work for you. As you can see beneath, we’ve listed 10 of the Best Fire Resistant Welding Jackets on the marketplace right now.

Whether you’re a MIG, Stick, Gas welder, or other, you’ll discover your answer in one of these 10 wonderful jackets. So, if you’re deciding on buying a well-designed, long-lasting, & relaxed jacket, make sure you read on. Our objective is to assist you in purchasing the top welding jacket according to your exact needs. Check it out!

Essential Features that the best Welding jacket must have!

A welding jacket must be worn if you desire to make sure your security and that of your workers in the time of welding. That being said, for the best welding jacket to be appropriate for your needs, it must have the following features:

  • Fire resistance:

This is the fundamental & most significant feature of any welding jacket. If the welding jacket isn’t fire-resistant, it is of no use. It is wiser going for welding jackets that are made of fabrics that have better fire resistance, like leather. Although cotton is a common choice for welding jackets, cotton can simply catch fire unless it has a smart-layer of defense.

  • Heat protection:

Like a lot of warmth is produced in the time of the welding process, a welding jacket must be capable of defending you from the intense heat. Cotton does a tremendous job at this since it is neither too thick nor too thin. So, it does not have the external warmth to come in & remains you fresh by permitting air to pass simply.

  • Electric resistance:

The welding task involves the production of electric arcs & that is why it would be careful to choose a welding jacket that is prepared for materials that are greatly resistant to electricity and can avoid accidents.

  • Durability:

The best Welding jacket does have to undergo a lot, mainly if they are used every day or occasionally. That is why a jacket must be highly long-lasting, or you will have to go & purchase a jacket very often. You wouldn’t desire to do that, and that is why the welding jacket for you must be durable & long-lasting.

  • Ease of use:

Welding a job needs a lot of attempt and focus, and you certainly wouldn’t desire to wear something that causes difficulty or diverts your concentration. As such, the welding jacket must be simple to use, must have straps and cuffs to make certain that they are an ideal fit.

The Benefit of wearing the best fire resistant welding jacket  :

The job of a welder is a dangerous one; a welder is at the steady hazard of electric shock which can be so serious as to take his life, they are also exposed to heat, sparks, metal, & ultraviolet light which has been linked to cancer and any other health implications.

The welding jacket should be sturdy and made from fire-proofed fabrics. In the below, we present some of the benefits of wearing the best fire resistant welding jacket for protection.

  • Burn Protection:

There is no denying the reality that being a welder exposes you to a lot of heat, which can cause burn; the best fire jacket for should be able to handle sparks and spills with easiness.

  • Radiation Protection:

At its slightest damaging, this radiation is capable of causing ‘flash’ burns on the skin. The exposure to radiation at the pinnacle scale has a tremendously remarkable unenthusiastic result on the body; radiation happens more often on exposed parts of the skin.

The best welding jacket should leave no chance for the radiation to pass through the body, thereby protecting the wearer ultimately.

  • Fire protection:

In the situation of a fire disaster, the best fire resistant jacket being flame-retardant makes it hard for the wearer to get burnt. Any kind of jacket that cannot guard at least reasonably in opposition to fire is not worthy of being called the best welder jacket.

  • Flame-Resistance:

At a similar time as the other factors in this catalog may be open to discussion, flame-resistance tends not to be when it comes to welding. You wish to be certain that any best flame resistant welding jacket you are searching at is heat-resistant and either flame-retardant.

  • Comfort & Durability:

Different fabrics will provide a variety of levels of soothing and long-lasting. Leather may not experience as at ease to you like cotton, but it is a lot more durable and will withstand a lot more mistreatment.

You could find the best fire resistant jacket that gives both – a leather shell with a cotton lining – & that would help maintain high constancy as well as keeping you at ease whiles your job. A leather & cotton combination is not the only one that can or will work for you, but it does serve as a high-quality example of something to keep in your mind.

FAQs :

  • Can the best Welding Jackets be Machine Washed?

Ans: If you purchase a cotton one, and then you can undoubtedly machine washes it. But for leather welding jackets, this is a strict no.

  • Is fire resistant welding jacket costly?

Ans: The cost depends on which brand, quality, and type of jacket you want to buy. Also, the material of the jacket is essential in terms of price.

  • Can you purchase Welding Chaps as a substitute for Welding Jackets?

Ans: Ideally, no! Welding Jackets are meant for the safeguard of your upper body while chaps are meant for lower body safety. Try to buy both if you can!

  • How long will the Fire Resistant Welding Jackets Last?

Ans: This generally depends on you’re utilized and the quality of the fire-resistant welding jacket. Welding jackets are usually lasting 2/5 years, depending on use. But if you make use of it only occasionally, they tend to have a lifespan of ten or further years.

Final Verdict :

If you’re committed to your job as a welder, there’s no reason for not wearing the appropriate tools. Not only will it progress the overall effectiveness of your work, possibly most importantly, but it also secures your body from serious injury.

We all are acquainted with that health equals wealth in this business. Pro welders are familiar with perfectly well the risks entailed with the work before they even start welding. That’s why before the metals get molded, & ground, they arm themselves with the proper equipment—i.e., Fire Resistant Welding Jackets.

Purchase yourself peace of mind—each time you’re welding. Purchase any one of these 10 best welding jackets through our trusted affiliate links at present! There you have it; the best fire-resistant jackets are right in front of you—just a quick purchase away before you obtain some peace of mind when welding. Thank you very much. Happy Shopping. 

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