How Does ARC Welding Work - ARC Electric Welding Basics for Beginners

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While learning about the welding process, we realized that two techniques using in the welding process stick welding, and the second one is arc welding.

According to the need for a topic, we will have a glance look over the subject of matter, "how does arc welding works."

Arc welding is the principle of work in the welding process. Welding by the arc is now further categorized in 4 branches like gas metal arc welding,

gas tungsten arc welding, shielded metal arc welding, and plasma arc welding.

In arc welding electric supply with AC or DC motor, consumable or non-consumable electrode, and an electric arc use. This principle-based on fusion. The welding melts the metal objects, and electrodes are used as a filling agentto make a weld in explaining this principle, the piece of metal placed in the desired position.

The welding machine using electric supply for producing electric arcs. When an electric current is applied, an electric arc generates that provides enough heat to metal for melting. At the same time, this also melts the electrode. This dissolved electrode acts as a filling agent. The melted electrode is pored in a weld spot to form a joint. The electrode may be consumable or non-consumable, according to the nature of the weld and base metal.

Electric arc welding provides a reliable joint; that's why it's commonly using in different welding activities. Typically, the welding process takes place in all industries like the automobile industry, aeronautical Works, and heavy metal objects like in infrastructural activities.

This process may be a human life hazard in some cases. As the powerful electric supply used, that may lead to profound tragedy in case of missing handling. The light of arc leaves negative impacts on eyesight. Thus, safety measures are necessary while performing this work. The use of a proper wedding dress and goggles reduce the chances of an accident. 


This article describes the principle of how does arc welding works. The mentioned techniques under arc welding are used according to the nature of metal objects and work. This welding technique is preferable over the stick welding process. It's applied in the case of welding the heavy metal objects in infrastructure activities. Safety measures must under-considered while performing arc welding. Before starting the welding process, you must have sufficient knowledge about arc welding techniques and risk management.

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