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Welding is a skilled base profession. The more skillful person is the most successful welder. People think that welding is an arduous tasking work. But do you have any idea about how hard is welding?

Yes, it may be in some cases. They are different type of welding processes which have various hardships.

If it takes TIG and MIG welding, then these are quite an easy process compared to stick welding. Though both are different and you can get a idea about MIG vs TIG welding from our article.

In contrast, different life hazards also occur during the welding job.

A welding job is not just comfortable, but it’s quite a dangerous task regards to protection.

If a worker suits up all the protection measures, they may experience comfort by doing this job. Those people who are wondering about how hard is welding must read this article for satisfaction.

The reason why welding is hard

The assumption of people is right in many cases that welding is a hard task. The hard situation directly depends upon the process of welding. If a worker took the ok welding process, then he may not face any hardship. But if he started with stick welding, he must experience difficulties. 

  • MIG welding Steck Manufacturing 23240 Mig Light

MIG welding is a process in which a consumable metal wire works as a filler.

This welding process is easy to handle because it hasn’t a sticking problem.

The filler metal precipitates the broken part of base metal under a cloud of the inert gas shield.

This process concludes that it’s not as tricky as stick welding.

  • TIG welding

In contrast to making welding, this welding process contains a non-consumable electrode, which functions as the melting of base metal and joins it together. If there is a shortage of base metal, then some outer metal stick is used for filler. Please quiet difficult tasks because of practices an adequate amount of filler at the welding site. 

  • Stick welding

Stick welding is the welding process, which is quite a hard and challenging task. The welding arc directly proceeds by tipping a stick electrode with the base metal in this process. The intensity of spark is high during the welding process, and the chances of body hazards increase. In that sense, stick welding in a very crucial task for workers.

  • Spot welding Mophorn 737G Pulse Spot Welder 0.2mm Battery Welding Machine 110V Battery Spot Welder and Soldering Station Portable Pulse Welding Machine for Battery Pack 18650 14500 Lithium Batteries

Spot welding is when a copper alloy electrode press subjected sheets from both sides and joint them by applying electric arc current and force hammering.

If the mistake in your hand left between the copper electrodes, it’s firmly damaged hands during this task.

So, for managing all of the risks together, that’s not an easy task in welding.

  • Welding underwater

Welding and water are some of the most expensive and very dangerous tasks in the world.

Different companies highly pay a worker who performs welding underwater, why these companies paid so high to the underwater welders. Because underwater welding is hazardous, the welder should be a good diver at the same time.

This welding process is very hard in very dangerous to perform.


Under the observation of the above article, we can judge how hard is welding. Welding is a hard task, but it directly leads to the welding process. Suppose a welder performs underwater welding; it’s too hard for him. In contrast, if a welder performs MIG welding, then it’s quite more comfortable. But chances of life hazards exist in both of all cases. If a worker isn’t following precaution measures, he may face severe problems like eye damage, body burn, and electric shock.

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