How To Become A Welding Inspector - Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)

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Like all other education sectors, welding is also a prevalent professional field that provides a healthy amount for survival. And, if you are interested to make it as a profession and want to know about how to become a welding inspector, then this article is for you.

Welding isn't only a skill, but it's also an office job. Different welding companies offer job posts with required qualifications.

Welding inspectors is one of the widespread jobs, and here a significant difference between a welder worker and a welding inspector.

An inspector has to inspect all the welding projects on which the relevant company works.

From schooling to the market, the welding field provides a wide range of education to its students. But for being a welding inspector, a student need not only knowledge but also required experience too. Well, if you are looking for; how to become a welding inspector? And the pathway of being a welding inspector then let's start our topic of interest without wasting time.

  • Required education

Modern Welding As mention, as you want a higher post of a welding inspector. You don't allow to compromise on both education and experience.

As far as skill is essential similarly for hire post, we required post-secondary education. Schools and colleges provide this education as formal training.

This program has a different process and different course time. Some welding courses offer 1 to 2 year programming time while various diplomas required more than two years with associate degree programs.

Welding is a field that provides different welding strategies and different welding practices.

For achieving more experience and education, you require more time. To attain a welding inspector post, a student must have post-secondary education or a diploma.

  • Required experience

INEFIL ER70S-6 .035-Inch on 10-Pound Spool Carbon Steel Mig Solid Welding Wire If the student is completing on welding inspector post, he should require a certificate of its work experience.

Due to the full range of welding requirements, thousands of companies hire new welders for their work. Students must apply for an apprenticeship to get experience.

Welding inspectors must have expertise in reading symbol blueprint and all techniques of welding, including the knowledge of welding angles. He should skillful in understanding all the metallurgy and binding and fusion techniques.

  • Certification by AWS

For getting the post of verified American Welding Society, a student must pass the exam provided by AWS. The test provided by the American welding society consists of welding fundamentals, skills of welding, and blueprint reading. After chasing this test, a student is successfully able to become a Certified Welding Inspector (CMI).


With the experience, education is also essential as a welder. Students those worry about; how to become a welder inspector? They will confidently get knowledge from this article. But before that you should learn more about how does welding work. A professional welder should know about the technicality of all the process of the welding. He should understand the blueprint code of welding. Good welders who need to become a welding inspector have experienced about all the welding processes. Along with they must have to get a degree e of schooling and certification from American welding society to become a welding inspector.

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