ZENSTYLE Oxygen & Acetylene Gas Cutting Torch and Welding Kit Although welding is the best option for joining metals. But in some circumstances, if the welder is not available there, then what you have to do?

Or if there is a hazard of gas reaction or electric shock, then welding is not a good option.

And if you need to fuse the metals but you haven’t much budget to consume for welding because only welding took several dollars quickly.

Don’t worry, there are some alternative options, and I am going to tell you about them. For saving your time and your bank account, stay with us.

Welding is the method followed by the fusion of two metals. In case if you are an inexperienced person, then it’s a more dangerous technique for joining the metal. Because, here, we need metal to absorb heavy stress, the welding technique used.


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How to bond metal to metal without welding

Besides the welding, we have a few other methods which followed to join different pieces of metal. These are too easy e than welding. But these are less reliable than welding. The metal joint of this method cannot absorb the stress. Here, we are going to discuss a few conventional methods to join different metal without using the welding technique.

  • Soldering: Anbes Soldering Iron Kit Electronics

Soldering is a technique that is similar to welding. In welding, both pieces of metal are heated and then allowed to be cold for fusion.

But in this technique, a metal alloy is used that is a mixture of different metals. (This alloy made up of 99% of tin, other metal such as copper silver zinc bismuth).

Instead of melting metal pieces, in this process, the only alloy heated. Melted alloy filled between two broken parts of metal, and this acts as a bonding agent.

An alloy is heated at low temperature, therefore soldering less heat is required then welding. This process takes to making different electric products. It is an excellent method of electrical circuits. It makes the electrical connection that is useful for circuit-based devices, and it is a safer process than welding.

But it forms an electrical connection that is weaker than the mechanical connection. It can’t use in all devices due to its weaker bond.

  • Fixing: Angle Clamps, 4PCS Right Angle Fixing

Fixing is a process of using mechanical riveters are used to make a permanent Bond between two metals. It is a simple and less expensive technique for the joining of metals.

For this process, a drill machine used to make a hole on the surface of metals.

And rivet shape is like a screw with a shaft shape cylinder and head on the other end.

The rivet is held in the hole by the thicker end, and it joins two metal without using the welding technique. It commonly used in construction projects.

In this process, no heat required. It is better than welding for joints that subjects vibration and impact forces. Very useful for lightweight material to make stiff joints.

But in these joints, gaps can remain.

  • Adhesives:

It’s the easiest method for joining different metals. In this technique, adhesives applied to make a bond between metals objects. In most cases, after applying glue, the bond is Dried or exerted pressure on it to make it stronger. However, standard glue is not much sticky to make bond. But different glue (epoxy) polyurethane glue or silicone-based glue used to make a more durable fusion. Based on the nature of metal, different types of addresses manufactured to perform different purposes. It is an effective method for different bonding metals, and also this is a quite cheap and easy method than welding.

  • Brazing:

Saker Welding Rods Brazing is also a similar method to soldering for bonding. In the brazing method, the Filling agent is heated and flowed into the joints wire connection needed.

This filing agent is composed of copper, nickel, and silver. These metals have a high melting point than tin. So brazing needs high temperature then soldering.

The main difference between brazing and welding is that brazing does not require to melt the edge of metal to join.

Brazing is an effective alternative of welding and also makes a solid mechanical bond between the metal.

As compared to welding, it needs low temperatures. It can use for several applications. But the stronger bond isn’t performed if filling agent it remains soft.

  • Bolts and nuts:

This method is the most common alternative for welding. Somehow it is similar to riveting.

In this method, bolt nuts require for making a connection between two metals. In this process, like riveting, we need to make a hole with a regular drill. Just stick the bolt through the hole and screw the nut. Sometimes washers required to avoid the damaging of metal.

It is the most reliable method and does not require heat as compared to welding. Your work can disassemble when you need it. But this connection is also not leak proof.

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Welding is undoubtedly an excellent fusing way between metals, but sometimes welding is not an actual need. And welders are heeding for bonding metal to metal without welding. If you also stuck with the point of;  how to bond metal to metal without welding then here you got clearance. Reason for no to welding are various like a health hazard or maybe electric shocks. Welding is also an expensive one. Some alternatives are available, which makes you free of worry.

The above-mentioned joining methods of metal can form stable fusions like welding at low cost and minimum risk. Welding needs more skills to perform it while other methods do not require much experience as welding. While these mention methods are accessible to everyone with minimum qualifications and experience.

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