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Even beginners can weld! DIY iron side table!

DEWALT DXMF4618WT Adjustable Height Portable Steel Welding Table and Work Bench If you aim for a perfect fit design, size storage, and interior, try DIY, which is a hot topic right now!

We taught how to make an “iron side table.”

We are glad to see you here if you are wondering about; how to build a welding table?

If you are someone who is looking for the easiest yet the process that work for building a welding table then this article is for you. Here we tell you about all the possible and practical methods that are easy to follow but gives excellent result.


  • Explanation of Process, Equipment, Materials

There are easy-to-understand; how to build a welding table?

Firstly, we will teach you how to make it roughly. While checking the prints and finished products that summarized for welding, check them in order.

We were looking forward to making it with the cheerful voice of the teacher.

The wood on the prepared top plate is laminated pine wood. Since it is hard to warp and grain is natural to appear, it is perfect for shelves and top plates.

  • The materials and Time required are as follows

WZQH 16 Inches [Time required: 120 minutes]

  • 250mm×250mm×20mm

One piece of wood (for the top plate)

  • 20 mm × 20 mm × 535 mm

Two iron (iron) bars (for legs)

  • 20 mm × 20 mm × 235 mm

Three iron bars (for legs)

  • Paper file (coarse)
  • Scrap material wound with a paper file
  • Steel wool
  • Polishing sponge (No. 1400)
  • Rubber gloves
  • Iron frame for placing the top plate (size is similar to the top plate)

STEP 2: Make a Top Plate

When you receive the explanation, it is essential to choose the top plate’s color that will be the face of the table! There are 14 variations in total so that you can choose a color that matches the room’s interior and atmosphere. The BRITAX paint I used this Time seems to fade quickly, so you may want to choose a darker color.

  • First, roughly sand the wood that will be the top plate with a coarse paper file. Be aware of the flow line of your hand so that you can evenly sand.
  • It isn’t an exaggeration to say that the finished product’s appearance will affect the presence of the top plate. Let’s make sure that the surface is smooth! Steel wool can paint as an alternative to brushes and acts as a file, so are two birds with one stone!
  • Apply Britax to steel wool and apply it to the top plate. The wood mouth (cross-section of wood) quickly absorbs color, so if you paint without considering the order, unevenness will occur. The trick is to apply it in the order of the wood mouth and the top plate to get a beautiful finish!
  • After applying it all over with steel wool, polish the surface with No. 1400 sponge. This sponge is also a kind of file called cleaning sponge, but for finishing as smaller the plane, the larger the file.
  • When the natural luster comes out, the top plate completed! It was worth the careful sanding in 3 steps, and it felt very smooth to the touch.

STEP 3: Assemble the iron legs to prepare for welding

16 '' Tall Trapezoid Metal Table Legs for Furniture, Bench Legs, Coffee Table Legs Set of 2, DIY When you’ve finished working on the top, use the corner clamps to assemble the iron legs. A brace is a tool that fixes the materials to be collected and assists the joining work.

A corner clamp is a tool that can fix materials at right angles, so it is indispensable for iron side tables that weld and assemble disjointed iron rods!

However, this fixing work was surprisingly tricky, and even if you thought that I was able to fix it properly, there are gaps and gaps when I look closely.

If you set it in the wrong direction and weld it as it is, you cannot go back, so be careful of the angle you fix it!

Once you’ve fixed the iron legs, you’ll be ready for the welding work that sparks from here: arm and leg covers, aprons, gloves, and helmets. I feel more nervous! Although you can borrow the protective work clothes mentioned above, be careful of your clothes because sparks fly. It’s final practice!


One of the best methods of making the welding table describes here. Manufacturers who are looking for; how to build a welding table are feasible by looking at the above briefing of welding table manufacturing. Many welder don’t afford the market table, or some have quality issues. By following the method, you can efficiently manufacture your welding table at home.

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