How To Fix Cast Iron Without Welding - A Complete Guideline for Beginners

GRILL HEAT AID Extreme Heat Resistant Introduction: the primary purpose of welding is to fill the broken parts of metal and make it join. With the help of high-temperature welding procedure is successfully done.

But if you don't know the welding, then there are some other options available as alternates.

As durability is more considerable, we ask that question to an experts welders that; how to fix cast iron without welding. The professional welders recommended using heat gun have a long-lasting result.

The logic behind this phenomena proved it meticulous joining process. If you are also interested to know how to fix cast iron without welding, then this article is for you. With our research, we found the best-using procedure having great results.

Heat Gun:

It would be helpful if you had a heat gun for using intense gases combination. Gases are mostly Oxygen and Hydrogen. Two separate gas cylinders come with handy heat torch. The mixture of gases produces enough heat to give a bright red color to the base metal.


  • Step 1: Now, the broken partis firstly grinding to make a hook shape joints. The reason is that hooks make the joint more durable. And we are planning the surface to make attachment easy.
  • Step 2: After grinding, brush the surface of joining with stainless-steel It makes all the debris cleanout, and now it's ready for the next step.
  • Step 3: by providing heat from the heat gun. Raise the temperature of the broken part of cast iron. As a gradual increase of temperature required, an oven recommended before applying its heat gun. So before using heat torch, put the broken piece into the oven as it helps to increase the temperature gradually.
  • Step 4: After the gradual increase of temperature, pick up a heat gun and raise the temperature of the targeted area as it seems bright red
  • Step 5: at the stage of the bright red color of targeted cast iron. Touch the consumable electrode on the cracks so that it melts and fill into the cracks. Nickel electrodes used because they can able to provide durable fusion capacity.
  • Step 6: drastic decrease in temperature after heating cause cracks into the base metal. Professional treats this situation by buried the worked specimen under the sand. Sand makes a gradual decrease in temperature. If the cast iron piece is larger then, left it for one week into the sand for best results.


By following these six steps, a familiar person can able to join the cast iron as cast iron is used form household manufacturer to the industrial level. So, if you are facing the same issue and you don't avail the welding and not able to afford welding machine, and stuck your mind with finding the solution of; how to fix cast iron without welding? Then getup by reading this article, you don't need any other guideline to do this task.

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