How To Fix Exhaust Pipe Without Welding or Power Tools - Details by Expert

76mm 3inchs Muffler Tip Universal Replacement Exhaust Tips If you are traveling anywhere and exhaust pipe or muffler of your vehicle get damaged. In case, if the welder isn’t available at that site, then what will you do?

You haven’t any other option, but you have to fix it. This article may helpful for you to find the answer to How To Fix Exhaust Pipe Without Welding? Or different methods to fix the exhaust pipe without welding?

The exhaust pipes are composed of steel and aluminum. These used to reduce engine noise. Different gaskets or clumps used.

And these are not weld-able. Aluminum and steel are soft metals in nature, and there welding is not sustainable. Or sometimes these are welded by using special rods that also have a similar composition to base metals. Whenever the exhaust pipes get crack then we know there are many other techniques are used like epoxy, riveting, and brazing. Here we will discuss a few methods to fix exhaust pipe:

  • Wrapping soft metal:

A temporary solution to fix the exhaust pipe without welding. Use the jack to lift the vehicle and follow all safety precautions. Don’t undergo the car immediately; let it cool first. Measure the size of the crack and bring a piece of a tin of steel sheet according to measurement. Brings two clumps and Wraps the soft metal around the break and tie both ends by using bunches for a firm grip. It will let you drive the vehicle to the mechanic.

  • Brazing:

Ameriflame T100A Medium Duty Portable Welding/Brazing Outfit with Plastic Carrying Stand The technique of brazing also used to join two metals by the heating process. If someone faces muffler cracking in vehicles. Remove the muffler carefully and clean both sides thoroughly.

Remove the rust and broken edges. Use the flame to heat the muffler until it turns in bright red.

When it changes its color, pore the molted metal into the crack. Allow it to cool down slowly.

This technique is popular to join cracks of metal without welding. When molted metal is pored in cracks and let it cold down gradually, it becomes the part of the muffler and repair the cracking.

It is something like inserting a new patch in the object.

  • Gaskets and washers:

Suppose the muffler’s joints are leaked and reduce the suppression of engine voice. It shows the problem in the joint of the muffler to the engine. In this case, new washers and gaskets placed in the gap between the locomotive and exhaust pipe. These objects fill the leaking point between muffler and engine. These washers are made-up of steel metal or tin metal.


These techniques used & Know How To Fix Exhaust Pipe Without Welding. Welding is a perfect method to join metal and if you are interested then you should learn about how does welding work. But some metals are non-weld-able or there welding isn’t sustainable due to their chemical nature. And without welding the most common approach to join metal is “use of epoxy”. But in the case of joining the exhaust pipe, it is not a stable bond. The exhaust pipe used to discharge the burnt gases from the engine. And the temperature of these burnt gases rises by the consumption of fuel. Epoxy or glue is not useful in case of high temperature bearing objects. So epoxy is rejected, and brazing preferred in this technique.

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