How To GAS Welding - A Complete Guide For Gas Welding

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If you study the welding techniques, you come to know the various methodology used to achieve welding.

List of different types of welding, we see the term of Gas welding.

Through this article, you will come to know how to gas welding? It’sprecautions etc.


The terminology of gas welding its self describes the meaning of gas welding. The use of different gases as fuel to produce a flame that melts and joins metal objects is called gas welding.

Mainly in the process of gas welding, oxygen and fuel gases are used. These gases produce an intense flame that is enough to melt the metal object. The fuel gases may or may not vary regarding the different conditions. Mostly hydrogen, butane, acetylene, or propane are considered as fuel gases.

The tools used in gas welding are;

BLUEFIRE Oxygen MAPP/Propane Cutting Torch kit, Free Accessory of Flint Lighter and Cylinder Holder Rack, Duel Fuel by Oxygen and MAPP PRO/Propane, Welding Brazing Soldering,Gas Cylinders Not Included The gas cylinder contains the condensed form of fuel gasses, a Welding gun with a nozzle to discharge the flame of gas,

and a pressure valve to control the gases' flow.

These fuel gases have specified to produce an intense flame.

The intensity of flame varies from metal to metal. Each metal contains its specific melting point.

If you got any broken metal object or you want to fix two pieces of metal through the gas welding process then follow a few procedural points;

  1. Clean the edges of metal pieces to remove the rust etc.
  2. Place both pieces at required positions, maintain the angles for shape.
  3. Apply the flame that is generated by oxygen and fuel gases over the edges.
  4. This flame will melt the metal, pour the molted welding agent over the gap.
  5. Allow the weld to cool for good results.
  6. Apply sandpaper or grinder machine smoothen the surface.


These few paragraphs will help you to understand how to gas welding. The gas welding process is an ancient technique in history. After the flow of decades, this principle adopts to design four more welding techniques. Some people face difficulty in gas welding. They think soldering and gas welding is the same process. In the soldering process, an electric arc uses to heat the metal object, and it is allowed to accomplish without adding molted material over the surface. While gas welding successfully is done by the combustion of fuel gases and other molted material is used to form a weld.

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