How to Make Welding Caps - Think Welding Hats are Lame?

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All known that welding is a robust and dangerous task. Needs protective measurements before doing welding work. One of the highly demanding protective tools is the welding cap. But do you know how to make welding caps?

Welding caps are just like the helmet, which used to cover the complete head. It’s essential when the welding process is functioning. And, while buying you should get the best budget welding helmet

Mainly we practice welding caps for protection from burning fumes and heat to our eyes and neck. How to make welding caps?



Welding is a challenging task if you want to do it right. However, there are simple ways that make the process easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved in the project. One of those methods requires using welding caps as protection from sparks while your welds cool off so they don't fly up into your eyes or burn holes through anything else sensitive on your body. We've compiled our top 3 best welding caps available on Amazon below:

How to Make Welding Caps

For making welding caps, some main steps are adopted that make it easy to form the welding caps. We’ll discuss these steps one by one under given below:

What things will you need?

  • Outer clothing
  • Enclosing clothing
  • Washing dress
  • Filament

These are some necessary things that used for making welding caps.

Cut down your design

It is a simple step, in which you just cut down the outer cloth with your design whatever you want.

Cut down your cloth Hobart 770016 Reversible Welding Cap, 7-3/8-Inch

In this step, cut your outer cloth according to your design. During cutting, recall the number of pieces to become the cutting easy.

Don’t cut the combining fabric. In this type of design, the pattern of the hatband doesn’t cut.

Later measure your head and cut the cloth according to the measurement.

Mark the signs on the cloths

Mark the clothes according to your design. For marking, use chalk so that the signs remove away quickly.

Collect all the cutting cloths

Now all the clothes should be cut down and ready to get together. So it is time for combining.

Bonding step

In this step, carefully place the pieces on any quiet place such as the ironing board, which used to combining the internal and external all clothes. Then all the clothes set, ironing the set clothes and carefully turn back the clothes and ironing.

Gather the side pieces and then sew only the upper part

Firstly place the upper portion of the inner clothes straight, right sides of both pieces. Then meet the dots that you mark according to your design. Sew in a straight line to match the dots. After then repeat the same procedure for outer clothes.

Gather all the backward and forepart pieces

In this step, place softly backward and forepart pieces along with each other. And sew one side of each designate to the marked dots. Do this method for every four seats.

Complete the Rounded shape Hurley Men's Phantom Ripstop Curved Bill Baseball Cap, Black Heather/Black, S-M

Place all sewn clothes of back and front portion on the upper sides of fix clothes you did earlier. Fix the right sides of both cloth and pin those pieces by edges.

Then entirely stitch the back and front clothes to dots. Then fix the unstitch clothes to the opposite sides. It will make a circular shape.

And connect the remaining parts of back and front to the circular shape cloth.

Now, it’s full circular shape clothes, its the head of the hat. Repeat the whole process for the outer fabric.

Formation of Bill of cap

Firstly, put the pieces of the bill together and pin those clothes to the right sides. Then sew the larger curves of bill clothes to the edges.  Be heed, don’t cut the already stitched cloth part.

Complete the Bill

Turn the sewed clothes off the bill. Press the clothes of the bill, so these clothes converted into a nice firm edge. Then press the tips carefully and sewing a line to the dots so that all the open clothes will be close.

Join the band clothes

Take the clothes of the band and fix those clothes in a ring shape by the small ends. Turn out the parts of clothes and the right sides in half form. Stitch these sides by edges. Press the opening of remaining clothes.

Join the band pieces to the bill Lincoln Electric Welding Cap| Mesh Inside Liner | All American Print |K3203-ALL

Align the unstitch ends of the bill to only one line end and pin that line. These clothes are curving into a straight edge.

It takes time and the use of more pins. Roll over the bill clothes and mix the pieces of bands to the one side of the bill.

Remove the pins on the edge lines and re-pinning the part. Now stitch these pieces of lines to the bill.

Sewing not only bills but also complete the circle along with the two pieces of bands.

Complete the Band

From the outer clothes, drag up the band and compress it to make a flat place. Pinned the open areas of clothes and then sew until it fits.

Attach the hemisphere part of the cloth

Make a hemisphere of the pieces and pin the unstitch edges of the cloth. Then fold these pieces together and stitch. Press these pieces gently in the shape of bands.

Join the inner pieces of dome

Gives a fold towards the inner side and places your hand at the inner bottom of the hat. Now, align inner portions of the hemisphere and pin. Turn the pinned cloth to the backside and repined the outer part. In this way, it’ll be accessible to stitching. Now remove the bolts from the inner portion of the hat. Stitch the band from the outer surface. From this, the band and inner side of the cap become altogether.

You have your welding cap

Now the procedure is done, and you have a beautiful small Welder’s hat. Put it to the head with pride and go the job to protect your eyes and neck.


Making a welding cap isn’t very difficult, but it’s quite tricky. A person with little sewing skills can successfully achieve his target. Above mention, smaller steps solve the problem of; how to make welding caps? If you are worried about making welding caps at home, this article is for you.

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