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Sometimes welding metal has to hold for particle angle welding. There we need a gadget that holds our workpiece. Welding clamp is something that keeps the workpiece for the proper welding process. If you are in the felid of welding, then you must understand the importance of welding clamp.

Or, if you are beginners then, you should have a welding clamp because it makes welding easy for you and has a safe experience of welding. The alternative to buying a strong hand welding clamps is to make it by yourself. Let's learn about how to make welding clamps.


MAXPOWER Heavy Duty Locking C-Clamp Set - 11 inch and 6 inch 3-Piece Locking Carbon Steel Nickel Plated C-Pliers With Swivel Tips For all of this, you need a flat bar of 2×1/4” with an angle of about 2x2x1/4”.

Mostly the stainless steel is preferred because it's rust-resistant. In following simple steps, you can able to make a welding clamp.

  1. First of all, it just needs to cut the angle bar at equal length. At the same time, cut the flat bar in length and ensure the ends of that flat bar are cut at 45* angle to make premium welding joining.
  2. Now, make the 90 angles between both the metal bars. The 90-degree aspect must be checked by L-square to make it accurate when the 90° assure to fix the angles with C-clamp.
  3. After making sure the accurate 90° angle has to weld it and makes the shape. Checkout the firmness of your edge but still hold it with C-clamp until all the aspects firmly adjust.


“How to make welding clamps” is a topic of making clamps on your own. Welding clump is an essential gadget in welding and is used to hold two metal bars together firmly for welding. To make sure the accurate welding a worker has to use a welding clamp if you don't have a welding clamp by going with this article, you can get knowledge about making welding clamp on your own. 

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