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Have you noticed your jeep rocker panels rusty? Or it damaged severely? As we know, the rust catches the rocker panels, then it proceeds along the car body and never stops again. And, you might have wonder about how to replace rocker panels without welding.

If it can't fix, timely may cause severe damage to the car body. 

In case if the welder is also not present at the time and you have to change the rocker panel, then the alternative is the non-welding replacement, or this method has a famous name of slip-on welding.

Get details about how to replace rocker panels without welding in this article by expert. So, learnd and discover the process.

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  • Rocker Panel:

“Rocker Panel is a panel forming part of the bodywork below the passenger door.”

A rocker panel  is a stamped steel piece that is an integral part of your car’s body structure. Rocker panels located along the sides of the vehicle, accurately between the front and back wheel. Just below the doors.

  • Importance of Rocker Panel:

Despite your rocker panels’ unassuming arrival and locale, they help an essential task. Tiny bits are that tie the forward-facing of a car to the hindmost, but the rocker panels work out precisely that. “Rocker panels running along the car’s length where they add rigidity to your vehicle and create unity. Well, as a beginner, then it isn’t easy to work for you on how to replace the rocket panel without welding.

Non-structural enduring rust restoration can accomplish devoid of welding. I have seen welding because of more problems than it will solve, especially if the back sides of the rocker panels can’t correctly treat and covered.

  • Instruments and Procedure

Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb Piano This type of replacement required the same tools, to access the rocker panels replacement. The tools which are essential to proceed with this project are;

  • Hammer
  • Rust inhibitor formula
  • Electric drill
  • Wire brush
  • Grinder to make angles grind
  • Adhesive material.

Before proceeding, we inform you that this slip-on rocker panel replacement system used in a variety of trucks of different brands like ford. No doubt, the process of replacement off rocker panels without welding is a hard-working task.

A worker can suffer a lot of hardships during this task. Well, this process needs hard-working, but it provides permanent results. If the rocker panels of your truck are profoundly affected by rust, you have to replace the rocker panels to protect your car body.  The given procedure meets up the question; how to replace rocker panels without welding.


The procedure describes steps for making sure a great understanding by the reader.

  • Step 1: Cut off the old metal; the process of replacement of rocker panel is starting with removing of affected metal which along before.
  • Step 2: Clean the worst rust; after removing the affected metal, see under the door if any rusting area is present, then remove all the rust. Make sure no impurity (rust) is present there. Although it is very e difficult and you need a lot of energy to do this. By using a pry bar and hammer, you can remove the rust from the metal area.
  • Step 3: adjust the hooks of fixation; left the free design hooks of an obsession for the new rocker panel. Hooks capable of fitting a new rocker panel without welding. Although any adhesive is must be used, but you do not need a welder. Or any welding material.
  • Step 4: apply rust inhibitor; rust inhibitor is the synthetic form that can't allow the nearest again to attack the metal. It's mainly used and paint under the door metal area for ultimate protection from the rust.
  • Step 5: Making holes; markup space of mess and make these holes by a hand drill. By fixing these holes through a screw bolt assure the durability of rocker panels. After making holes by a driller, if any type of edges shown dominant makes it smooth by using a grinder.
  • Step 6: slip-on rocker panel; match the rocker panel length with accurately similar to the concern side of the truck. And adjust it by use of hammering. No painting up all the area with your desire color. And if you need the match of the intensity, visit a professional carpenter who provides you with your desired quality finish.


They have concluded that how to replace rocker panels without welding is not an easy task.  Not everyone is aware of these replacements without welding. Most people succeed and repair rocker panels with solder, but they didn’t know about the procedure of replacement without welding. This article is full up with the knowledge to provide their readers. This paragraph acknowledges people who are unaware of the replacement of rocker panels without welding.

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