How to Test Auto Darkening Welding Helmet in 10 Easy Steps?

Antra AH6-260-0000 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet If you are a professional or also a hobby welder, it is essential to use an excellent welding helmet. You require to rely on and belief on the helmet. The helmet safe your head, rare, face, and neck from the rays of welding.

The auto-darkening welding helmet is trendy recently. Firstly you should be sure of the helmet quality. To know the class, you necessitate testing the welding helmet very cautiously.

Discovering an accurately auto-darkening welding helmet can be very tough. In this regard, we can help you. We have a research article regarding this. To seek the best welding helmet on the marketplace, you can follow the link. People are purchasing the darkening welding helmet to ensure their basic safety.

It said that this auto-darkening helmet is the latest in the marketplace. But, how can us confident about the quality of this product. How to test the auto-darkening welding helmet? To know, check out all the easy steps below of the post. Continue following on to discover the tips about the auto-darkening welding helmet test.

What Is An Auto-Darkening Welding?

YESWELDER True Color Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet We know an auto-darkening helmet has a lens. The lens can transfer the color upon depending on its lighting condition. The lens transforms from light to dark in second. It has sensors installed on the device.

Before, the welders have used helmet, which is prepared for one preset color. One fixed color is very tough to use during welding Because it needs to be flipped up & down again and again.

The auto-darkening helmet came to the market some years ago. It brings about a revolutionary change in the welding sector. An auto-darkening welding helmet is not only safe but also finishes the work very quickly.

We know infrared radiations, and harsh UV is emitted by the time of welding. The helmet also keeps you free from this.  There is no alternative to use the auto-darkening welding helmet to protect your eyes, head, neck, and rare from the spark.

The welding helmet assists the welder for innovation and saving their time. On the other hand, an auto-darkening welding helmet is very durable and also professional helmets.

How auto-darkening welding helmet works

The auto-darkening helmet is judged as a high technology piece of apparatus. Auto-darkening ADF is a particular LCD. The filter cartridge is powered by a mixture of solar power & battery. Some light sensors are used beside the lens to identify the ARC. The lens is not turned on. Then, it works look like sunglasses. The welder can observe the position of his TIG or MIG welding gun.

At one time, the ark is initiated. Then his sensors on the welding helmet darken the lens to shade. It will happen very faster that you cannot imagine. Your eye is well secured from harmful rays irrespective of inactive or active shade setting. In this regard, the device remains down before, throughout & later, the job is completed.

Before know-how auto-darkening welding helmet works, you have to know how to test the auto-darkening welding helmet. Put the eyes on the bottom. 

How to Test Auto Darkening Welding Helmet?

If you are acquainted with how to test the auto-darkening welding helmet, it’s possible to be confident about its quality. This article is all about this. In below, we are giving ten steps about testing the auto-darkening welding helmet. YESWELDER Large Viewing Screen 3.94"X3.66" True Color Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, 4 Arc Sensor Wide Shade 4~5/9-9/13 for TIG MIG Arc Weld Grinding Welder Mask LYG-M800H

  1. The sun test:

It requires the whole of the features on the helmet to work together. Put on the welding helmet & go to the outside. Look to the sun & observe how your lenses respond.

If the welding helmet is long-lasting as well as reactive, your lenses must darken at that moment. Once more, look toward the sun. Then shift your hand slowly in front of your face. The welding helmet must register the light.

  1. sing Remote Control

It is one of the right systems of how to test the auto-darkening welding helmet. The remote could be a HIFI or TV. But it should have the capability to create an IR signal. Now you wear your welding helmet just you generally do for the working time. Point the remote control in front of the face & push some keys.

  1. Different adjustable lenses

The majority of welders use different procedures as well as methods, which include aluminum et cetera. Consequently, disparate systems, along with procedures, require having different levels of security.

 The auto-darkening helmet should possess different adaptable lenses. The current welding helmet has lenses that range from 9 levels to 13 levels. You will be happy to listen that the range is appropriate for tinny welding ventures & high manufacturer projects.

  1. What is the type of power/check the battery

It is very vital to identify that there are many ways to an auto-darkening helmet that may be powered. Some are used in replaced batteries. Sometimes it can be battery-powered or solar. Some are used as a mixture of together. We should always remember the battery fact when we are purchasing any product.

Though, when its batteries have died, the helmet will be ineffective. So you will necessitate finding a new helmet. Some models that apply replaceable batteries. You will require restoring batteries, although this is often very long-lasting & also receptive.

  1. Keep in mind industry standards.

It is a significant issue regarding a welding helmet. The auto-darkening helmet requires to fulfill industry standards. We should care about country rules and regulations while buying an auto-darkening welding helmet. It must be heat, flame, ray resistant.

  1. Check sensitivity

An auto-darkening welding helmet will remain a sensitivity must. Producers discover the helmet hard to preprogram the perfect amount of sensitivity. For this reason, the most darkening helmet has adaptable knobs at the moment that you check the welding helmet sensitivity.

The helmet requires responding to any transforms in light correctly. On the other hand, the darkening welding helmet should not be severely sensitive.

  1. The reaction speed should be checked.

You can experience a large spark at any moment. However, the reaction time is very important. The usual standard is 1/2500th, regarding the darkening welding helmet. Some welding helmet can take more time. This is not a bad one. But it is not the best one.

There are two ways to determine the helmet manual. This should explain & even classify the specifics, as like its reaction speed. After this place the welding helmet to the test. Since the suggested reaction speed tends to be speedy, you will observe if it is not following production standards.

Lincoln Electric K3034-4 VIKING 3350 Welding Helmet

  1. The weight of the helmet

The best welding helmet must be lightweight. A professional employee wants to use a good and lightweight helmet. The professional lightweight helmets are made to fit your head always.

It can be worn a long time working time because of lightweight. This type of helmet does not cause of your neck, head, and rear pain.

  1. Consider visibility

Without optimal visibility, a welding helmet is nothing. Of course, it has to optimal visibility. You can not weld well if it is hard to notice out of the welding helmet.

So before buying, check its profile cautiously. You must be capable of observing all obviously when the helmet is put on. It recommends that you justify the outline when the auto-darkening feature is at work.

You require finding noticeably at the moment that lens is dark in a similar way that you can be acquainted with when the atmosphere tends to be well.

   10. Know Industry standards

An auto-darkening welding helmet should remain industry standard. When we purchase a helmet, we should remember the factor. The auto-darkening welding helmet must need ANSI Z87.1-2003 standards. Each auto-darkening welding helmet includes:

  • The capability to sustain & run in environments ranging from twenty-three degrees F to 131 degrees F
  • Filter a minimum amount of infrared.
  • It should be total UV protection.
  • Sustain impact in the event of something hits the helmet.

How can the best welding helmet help you? And the things you need to focus on before buying. To know these in detail, please follow the link to the best welding helmet

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I store a helmet?

A welding helmet should keep in a place where the temperature should be in 120F. The helmet should have remained inside in its original wrapping. Finally, you should keep it where there is no possibility of falling it & cause an accident.

  • How to test the auto-darkening welding helmet?

We have discussed this in detail above.

  • What if there is a crack in my lens?

Now it is time to use your warranty. You should return/replace it as soon as possible. Or else, there will be high risk involved if you function by a cracked lens welding helmet.

  • What is an auto-darkening welding helmet?

Nowadays, the auto-darkening welding helmet is very famous. It consists of an exclusive lens that has liquid crystals. The helmet happens dark method automatically. But it depends on your setting.

Usually, an auto-darkening helmet has many options available. You can adapt to the setting as you wish. But you should make sure about its proper settings.


An auto-darkening helmet gives you value for the money. If you purchase a welding helmet at a higher price, it will provide you with more soothing, safety, and better production quality. By using it, you can enjoy your work. If you are an unprofessional or hobbyist welder using a darkening welding helmet, make your task to be secured. To find the best welding helmet, you can follow the link.

Justifying the best auto-darkening welding helmet, you need to know how to test the auto-darkening welding helmet. I hope I have been able to explain this to you in this article. Have excellent shopping. Thank you very much.

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