How to Use a Plasma Cutter? A Comprehensive Beginners Guide

Plasma Cutter Using a plasma cutter is not so tough to work. Those who are related to it have been doing it for years after years. But if you use it firstly, then it may seem difficult to you.

In this article, we talk about how to use a plasma cutter. We discuss various paths to use this tool. This guide will help you a lot to save you from plasma cutter hazards that arise in working time.

The use of a plasma cutter is straight forward. Just you need to grip & ready to begin the cutting procedure. But the tough part is when you are making an arc by using the machine.

You should take sufficient time to select the best plasma cutter. The cutter increases productivity. It also decreases the cost and cutting time.

Despite being a plasma cutter, a multipurpose procedure, it is very straight forward & anyone can learn quickly. For these reasons, it is a very trendy instrument nowadays. The cutter handheld model is very ordinary in the workshops. Here is our research guide about the best plasma cutter. It will help you to find a better plasma cutter in less time.

In below, we will show steps by steps How to Use a Plasma Cutter. So keep reading the article with attention. 

What is a Plasma Cutter?

The plasma cutter is such a type of gear that is generally used in metal fabrication shops. It permits the user to detach metal in their likings. The machine generally is 110-220 volt. It cuts the metals to use the torch and make the metal into pieces. The gadget is so helpful. Many public judge it to owning the best welder.

To prosper the business level, you should early purchase the cutter. It will help to develop your business. The plasma cutter provides the capability to cut the metal in a safely. You can make use of the other machines to complete the jobs. But the plasma cutter is the best way to finish the job. 

How Does a Plasma Cutter Work?

How does a plasma cutter work? It is essential to know the process. Let’s try to know the topic step by step. A plasma cutting gadget transfers an electric ARC by a nozzle. The gas goes through the nozzle.

It enhances its hotness to such a degree, which turns into a fourth status. We all are acquainted with the other three states of matter. They are liquid, gas, and solid. The researcher identifies this fourth status plasma. In the post, you know very well about plasma cutter tips and tricks.

As the fabric which is being cut is a piece of the circuit. The plasma ARC that happened by the electrical conduction is sent to the task. The gas passes into the nozzle.  So it melted the metal because of high speed. The cutter uses a pilot ARC into the electrode & nozzle that creates the plasma.

To know more about plasma cutter tips and tricks, you can watch the video. In there, this topic has been remarkably discussed. 


Expenditure on a plasma cutter

If you collect branded plasma cutter, it provides you with high performance, quality, long-lasting, cut quality, and other excellent support. There are indeed many cheap cutters in the marketplace. It may look good at the moment.

But if you want stability, you should buy it at a higher price. If you decide to purchase branded company products, it will be safe for your money and time.

Everyone should take an expert grade gadget. Some inexpensive cutters also have a great standard.  From our article, you can know about the entire inexpensive cutter. Follow our instructions to find the best cutter in your budget.

How to Use a Plasma Cutter? 

Below we discuss how to use a plasma cutter. We can know about the plasma cutter tips and tricks in here properly.

Steps 1 – clean your working zone.VIVOHOME Portable DC Inverter Plasma Cutter

You need your working zone dirt free as possible before setting up your cutter. Dust can harm your machine and causes damage to the unit. Make sure you wear the accurate plasma cutting defending tool.

Step 2 -Stable Work Surface

The functioning surface requires being secured. If you function in a place that is not stable, then work with a cutter can be dangerous.  Always these cutter sets the strong place. So they cannot move during cutting. Use a metal clamp to hold the portion down makes the cutting process safe.

Step 3 - Plug in the Cutter

Make sure that the machine is power off & plug it in.

Step 4 - Connect the Air compressor

Some cutter does not have a built-in air compressor. In this regard, you require connecting the external air compressor. Air compressed is an underlying condition for the cutter. 

Step 5 - Turn the Air Compressor On

Turn the air compressor on in this step. To run your task appropriately, you should follow all the cutter tips and tricks.

Step 6 - Attach the Ground Clamp

The ground clamp is an essential part of a cutter. It defends the user and cutter. Cutters involve the charge that melts the fabrication. Therefore connecting the ground is a major security issue. Connect this clamp near to where you require to cut.

Step 7 - Turn on the Machine

Typically, you will discover the on-off switch behind the machine. Turn on the cutter by flipping the switch.

Step 8 - Set the Amperage

Set the amperage control. You can make different effort amps depending on how fat the metal is that you are cutting.

Step 9 - Cut the Metal

Remain the nozzle end on the border of the base metal. Press on the trigger to begin the arc. Gradually shift the torch over the metal. If you have any plasma templates, make use of the lead nearby the nozzle.

Plasma Cutter 50


Step 10 - Switch off The Machine

You should turn off the gadget after using it.


Step 11 - Disconnect the Ground Clamp

Do not fail to remember to disconnect the clamp from the metal.


Step 12 - Turn off Air

By rotating the level, 90 degrees turn off the air.

Step 13 - Let the Torch to Cool & Wind up All Hoses

You have just completed your cutting work, let the torch to cold. After discharging the trigger, post-flow air lasts for 20/30 seconds. Wind up all hoses & wrap up the torch and airline. It is very vital plasma cutter tips and tricks


I expect this informative article is very beneficial for you. Seeking a new device is exciting and time-dependent. A standard cutter is an amazing tool that is related to welding tasks. The cutter saves you a lot of time to build up anything new. We try to guide you about how to use a plasma cutter. I hope you benefit from the guide.

Finally, it is acceptable to pair this cutter tools accurately depending on the amperage. Do not make use of a lower amperage or highest as it might harm. These cutters are expedient and simply transportable.

Before purchasing any tool cost, considering is a very vital issue. To know the cost of these cutters components is also essential since you will require a replacement in the future time. 

Without a good cutter, you can not run your business properly. So to run your business accurately, you need the best cutter. We do a depth investigation for you regarding the matter. To know about the best plasma cutter, please follow the link. I hope, in this post, you can understand how to utilize a plasma cutter properly. Thank you very much.

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