How to Use an Angle Grinder to Cut Metal - Perfectly & Precisely

Makita 9557PBX1 4-1/2" Paddle Switch Cut-Off/Angle Grinder An angle grinder is an unbelievably versatile appliance. The angle grinder can do a wide range of works. It is suitable for cutting metal or rough edges. If you are deciding to use an anger grinder, this post is just the right thing for you.

Many people think that using an angle grinder is very tough, and the only expert can use it. But it is not correct. You can use an angle grinder at your residence by maintaining rules and regulations.

To cut the hard metal or thick metal may seem tough work. But by following this post, you can learn the process nicely.

Below we discuss and give all the information about using an angle grinder to cut metal. However, the procedure of how to use an angle grinder to cut metal is quite easy. You just need to learn and follow all the safety instructions.

The angle grinder uses not only at home but also in a big project, constriction, and other manufacture. Angle grinder implies the make use of different angle grinder disk. You need high skill and security consciousness during the cutting sheet metal. There is nothing to worry about. In the post, we are talking about how to use an angle grinder to cut metal. OK, let's go!

How to Use an Angle Grinder to Cut Metal?

KIMO 20V Brushless Cordless Angle Grinder, 4-1/2 Inch, 9000RPM w/ 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery & Fast Charger, 2-Position Adjustable Auxiliary Handle, Electric Brake, 5 Cutting Wheels, 5 Grinding Wheels At first, you require to conscious about tools. To work correctly, you need the right gadget and appliance. Below we are giving a list. You should get ready for the venture metals by following the below steps.

The different angle grinders run differently. So care about the producer guides before you initiate your venture.

Get together the necessary Tools.

Possibly it is the first step to start using an angle grinder to cut metal. You have to ensure all the essential gadgets for the task. Besides, you may need the following device or gadget to make the work run smoothly.

  • An angle grinder.
  • A suitable power source.
  • It extended power cable.
  • The right metal disc.
  • The metal material you aim to make use of.
  • A C-clamp – to support and clamp your venture metal.
  • A drawing of the sample.

Among the necessary tools, the best welding clamps are vital. To find the best welding clamps follow the link.

  • Assemble Your Safety Devices

At this time, you need to collect all the safety pieces of equipment. On the other hand, you surely need proper PPE before start on using the angle grinder to cut metal. Below we give a list that should collect for the welding time.

  • Eye goggles – to avoid sparks from hitting your eyes.
  • Protection boots – to defend your feet.
  • Tightly fitting cloth – to keep away from fabric entangling the device.
  • Gloves – to guard the fingers & hands. To find the best welding gloves follow the link.
  • Secure floor –to avoid accidental falls.
  • The functioning region should be dehydrated & free from obstacles, water spillages, and litters.
  • Prepare Your Grinder

At this time, set your disc into the grinder. You can perform this by fastening the spindle and opening the spindle nut in place. Make sure you have every defensive apparatus on & the device is unplugged out of energy supply.

  • Mark the Cut

At this moment, the clamp & metal it protected in the workplace.  After setting your disc and verifying it, now you need then outline design you desire to cut. You accomplish the task by laying the metal of work on your workshop.

If the cut is in a straight line, scratch the two ends of the line. After that, you should etch a scrape along the line. Outline the different bends by the time of cutting zigzag or prototype metal. Now etch out the in a straight line points with an awl & emphasize the whole outline.

  • Turn on the Appliance & Begin Cutting Cautiously

After finishing the outline plan, at this stage, you can start to grind your metal. Grasp the device firmly by both your hands. At the same time, as your disc is spinning, begin with a smooth tap. Make sure the device does not fly off your hand.

  • Do Not Change the Direction

Move the gadget back & forth along the set line. You should carry on the process until you penetrate the whole thickness of the plate. Continue with this transformation until you arrive on the other hand. Keep away from the instantaneous changing of the grinder direction carefully.

  • Finish the Cut

Now you have effectively cut through the metal sheet. Nevertheless, you will observe that cutting edges are still prickly & dangerous to handle. The grinder can even make better on the coarse cut. Use the device along the side of the new cut line. It will smoothen the sharp edges. Therefore you can finish your task nicely.

  • Setting Up an Angle Grinder

Electric Angle Grinder Meterk 6A 4-1/2inch with 115mm 3 Grinding Abrasive Wheels 3 Cutting Abrasive Wheels An angle grinder set up is not such tough work. You need to learn just basic knowledge about the topic. The work zone is very vital regarding this matter. You have to conscious about any probable risk.

Clear out everything that you trip over. You have to make sure that no flammable fabric is not the work zone. The workshop has to maintain enough ventilation.

All the time, make use of the accurate size of the disc. Combining a massive disc with a little, powerful grinder will enhance the possibility of a broken disc. The big disc has a big hole that fits loosely on the spindle flange.

All the time, you need to ensure the disc is in the best shape & is not too tiny. Always check the situation of the power cord, handle, and the guard.

How to remain secure at what time Using an Angle Grinder?

We know that an angle grinder is a useful tool for welding. But it is also dangerous to use. To make sure your security and job success, please  follow all the instruction given below:

  • Clothing:

In our list, we keep it prime. Do not wear old clothes. Make sure that your cloth is not loose or have any tassels. You know the grinder has a high speed. So free cloth can simply be entangled. Therefore, you can experience nasty damage. To discover the best fire resistant welding jacket, follow the link.

  • Safety Gear:

All the time, take ear protection, eye protection, suitable gloves, and standard footwear. Protected pieces of equipment make your safety and production is decent. So be careful about safety gear all the time.

  • Work Space:

You have to ensure your enough space to work. So that you can move all the tools nicely, you should not perform yourself into a corner. Without enough space, you can not do well.

  • Turn off at the Mains:

You should always turn off the mains after finishing the work. If you, by chance, stand on it, it can begin up and can do injure.

  • Fix Attachments Securely:

It is another crucial factor. Make sure about all the attachments attach goodly to the grinder. Therefore, it can not come off at the same time as the device is functioning.

  • Protection Guard:

Not at all be tempted to make use of the apparatus without the security guard in place.


To gain knowledge on how to use an angle grinder to cut metal needs endurance and attention. Absolutely the function is tedious for the beginner. But if you remain a quality grinder and accurate disc, you will be capable of cutting. By reading the post, you will have the same opinion that utilizing a grinder is not so severe.  We know that now you can rightly and securely grinding, cutting, and sharpening.

A cordless angle grinder is a fast and transportable way to slash metal. You may know that corded 9-inch grinder is the best for cutting and grinding. On the other hand, a bench grinder is best for grinding tasks that need exactness. You can finish all tasks pretty much with the help of a corded handheld angle grinder. Just follow the precautions and do the weld. Thank you very much.

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