Best Lincoln Viking 3350 4c Reviews On 2021 [Expert Choice Helmet]

Lincoln Viking 3350 4c Review

Lincoln Electric K3034-4 VIKING 3350 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with 4C Lens Technology, Black Doing any task, all you need is protection, and if you are engaged with welding, then your body and especially your eyes need to be properly protected. Unfortunately, due to not using appropriate protective gears, sight problem is one of the major issues. The professional welder the most observes eyes stress. However, if you are also an experienced welder and work for the whole day in front of intense light, your eyes must feel dead tired.

An intelligent product name welding helmets are available in the market. It is not similar to sunglasses and but works against high-intensity light during welding. In this content, Lincoln Viking 3350 4c review is with us. This lightweight helmet will provide not only protection but also increases precision welding tasks. By using Lincoln Viking 3350 4c welding helmet, the optic Range of vision comes at perfect clarity.

Moreover, this auto-darkening welding helmet is capable of detecting the difference between sunlight and welding light. So, you can work easily, even in sunlight, without distraction, unlike other darkening welding helmets. This is an updated version of the old Lincoln Viking welding helmet. Outlook is also seen quite differently; the helmet interior is very comfortable while the exterior is black matte finish with its dull black coating. You can also find the updated weld hood and headgear. Below we are going to brief every single key feature of the Lincoln Viking 3350 4c welding helmet.

Lincoln Viking 3350 4c welding helmet

Lincoln Electric K3034-4 VIKING 3350 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with 4C Lens Technology, Black While doing welding domestically or if you are doing the welding as fun, then it’s okay to carry on with some local low standard regular welding helmet. But the situation is quite different when you concern about professional welders. There should be considered a professional welding helmet that is highly responsible for excellent outputs for professional work.

Considering Lincoln Viking 3350 4c welding helmet as your professional welding helmet is not a bad idea. That particular series of Lincoln is highly intelligent and provides an impressive vision for a better working area. If we talk about the weight of this helmet, then it’s come with just three pounds of weight which is very light in your hand. While wearing this helmet feels really good aspect of weight. Why? Because the design of that helmet allows it to distribute all the weight of the helmet equally. The headgear of the Lincoln Viking 3350 series is also updated. The foaming next strip of the Lincoln 3350 feels very comfortable.

Optical Clarity Rating

The visionary area of Lincoln Viking 3350 is 3.74 x 3.34 inches. The purpose of making this a wide optic area is to provide a wide angle of observing a larger project area. The best thing with Viking 3350 4c is the clear as well as wide vision. Moreover, the technology used in lenses is 4c lens technology.

The 4c lens technology is an up-to-date feature introduced by Lincoln in their 3350 series welding helmets. It is more than an auto-darkening welding helmet. Lincoln 4c lens is capable of providing real color around. It also gives where it will be in the shade from 5 to 13. The lens is also having a better detection between the sunlight and the welding sparks. So you don’t have to worry about environmental situations and can work freely in any environment.

Shade Eye Fatigue & Switching

Suppose you are using an auto-darkening helmet but feel eye stress. That is an obvious and not exceeding speed issue. The speed of the auto-darkening lens is very crucial for welding. If the lengths of auto-darkening are delayed, and you feel stress on your eyes. The more eyes were facing or light, the more the tired. Lincoln Viking 3350 4c welding helmet gives a very instant response against intense welding light. With 1/25,000 seconds instant speed of auto-darkening, this is considered a highly professional welding helmet.

Battery Life of Lincoln Electric

Lincoln is good in battery performance and powered by highly efficient CR-2450 solar cell batteries. The solar batteries are very economic and available at Amazon & local market. The Lincoln picking 3350 4c is one of the advanced circuit welding helmets designed to enhance battery performance. So these lithium batteries can be able to give the daily usage of 6 months.

4C Lens Technology

The Lincoln Viking 3350 4c comes with an internal hood analog interface. The adjustments are accomplished simply by knobs. These helmet analog settings are capable of providing very fine shade adjustments according to your requirement. The Lincoln Viking 3350 4c welding helmet is always ready for work because there is no on/off button for the auto-darkening system. Even though this welding helmet provides 6 months running time, it is another good selling point of the 3350 welding helmet that when you need to work it ready without power, it is on/off.

Product Comfort

Lincoln Electric K3034-4 VIKING 3350 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with 4C Lens Technology, Black If you are looking for an efficient, protective, and comfortable welding helmet, you may consider a 3350 4c welding helmet. Why!

Because the headgear is very foamy and comes with outstanding adjustment features, it has an inbuilt X6 headgear system, which is very comfortable and makes this hood unique. Well, there are some points that we have to tell you guys.

  • This innovative model is very comfy for head
  • The weight is amazingly divided, so there is no weight feeling on any of the sides of the head.
  • Helmet headgears are very easy to adjust
  • The hind grip of the helmet comes with cushioned back pad
  • All the hood is flexible and easy to rotate

All these features join to make this helmet comfortable.

Key Features

  • An efficient auto-darkening feature welding helmet
  • It comes with a very comfy headgear
  • Amazingly enhanced battery life circuit provides up to 6monnths of daily running time.
  • Capable of having Cheater lens
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • adjustable head size knob

Things we like most:

  • A quality Optics
  • 4c lens technology
  • By using simple dial knobs inside, you can magnify the lens
  • 5-13 | viewing area of shade setting
  • Comfortable for head
  • modified no flickering hood

Things we don’t like most:

  • The coating is dull black-mat, which catches the scratches quickly.


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What do you find in the welding helmet box?

After the arrival of the box of Lincoln Viking 3350 4c welding helmet, when we open it. First, we found an aesthetic bag for a helmet. We like the way Lincoln represents their product. Next, some paperwork and an internal and external lens protector are found, and finally, a helmet.

Lincoln is also considered the taste of their customers, and they provide the helmet of 3350 series with different patterns and true color schemes. The most inspiring designs are crossbones and flaming skull color schemes.


While doing the Lincoln Viking 3350 4c review, we found that this series comes with three top required features. First, it can operate with zero flickerings while doing low amp TIG welding. Second, the auto-darkening shifting speed is instant as the 3350 series allows a real colour viewing angle for industrial works. Having all these top required features, a Lincoln Viking 3350 4c is a successful option for TIG, MIG and stick welding. With a 3-year warranty, this auto-darkening type lightest helmet is available at Amazon in a reasonable price range. Moreover, for better packages, you may visit our website for the best welding helmet.

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