Lincoln Welding Jacket Review For Ideal Welder in 2021 [Electric Heavy Duty]

Lincoln Electric Premium Flame Resistant (FR) Cotton Welding Jacket | Comfortable | Black | Large | K2985-L How many times have you heard or faced accidents from welding jobs? You possibly noticed that accidents mostly happen for the lack of proper protection while functioning.

And we are acquainted with very well that these accidents can be deadly. On the other hand, taking precautions during a welding job is an easy task if you be acquainted accurately with what to do.

There are a couple of gadgets that are necessary in this regard. The most vital one is a welding jacket.

We have investigated the marketplace and narrowed down the excellent options for you. Do not worry if you are acquainted with less about them.

This post will give all the information you require to know to purchase the best Lincoln electric K2989 heavy-duty welding jacket. Lincoln welding is one of the excellent performing jackets to work in high amperage. And it results in high temperature.

The Amps chiefly measure how professionally the welding machine cools. So it can be supposed that high amperage usage is no threat to it. It not only guards the arm, torso, and neck but also saves them from the sun. We are acquainted with that UV radiation from the sun can happen numerous skin problems and burn. And Lincoln welding jacket can protect from it. The Lincoln Electric K2989, heavy duty welding jacket, remains the sparks away from the skin while you function on a welding job, and it will guard you against harmful weather situations.

Lincoln Welding Jacket

Lincoln Electric Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket | Ideal for High Amperage or Out of Position Welding | Large | K2989-L,Black/Red Lincoln electric K2989 welding jacket is a well known and well design compromise. It works well in the expert welding workshop.

The sides, arms, and front are entire coverage split cowhide leather. The backside is flame-retardant cotton.

And it helps breathe to develop strength and diminishes warmth. They are designing the jacket with different sections into the armpits.

The company is constructed in such a path. So it is as to develop movement and capability to reach up and to the sides.

Lincoln welding jacket is one of the excellent jackets in the marketplace you can buy without any hesitation. The jacket is produced with a massive split cowhide side and front with ergonomic leather sleeves. And it helps to give enough flexibility.

It is produced of heavy-duty split cowhide. The jacket is increasingly protective against temperature, spattering, and sparks. There is neck adjustable cuffs and neck protection also. The users are very satisfied with the jacket. It is also well known as the value for the money.

Key features:

  • Three-layer defense close to the buttons.
  • Long-lasting leather construction.
  • Full leather fronts.
  • Full leather sides.
  • Neck protection.
  • Collar protection
  • One large inside pocket for sheltered storage.

Product Specs:

  • Weight: 4.75 pounds.
  • Brand: Lincoln Electric.
  • Color: Black/Red.
  • Model: K2989-XL.
  • Material: Leather.
  • Size: X-Large.

What We Like:

  • Designed for all-day soothe.
  • Heavy leather.
  • For out of overhead work and position.
  • Adjustable cuffs.
  • They are used every day by experts.

What We Do not Like:

  • Bottom buttons pop open when kneeling.
  • The unlined leather sleeve is grabbed.
  • The welding jacket possibly is on the heavy side.
  • Easy to put on in warm weather.

About Lincoln Electric.

Lincoln Electric Premium Flame Resistant (FR) Cotton Welding Jacket | Comfortable | Black | Large | K2985-L Lincoln was founded in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1895. It designs, and manufacturers arc welding solutions.

Lincoln also develops plasma and oxyfuel systems, robotic welding, and cutting techniques.

The company also is well known as welding professionals.

Their solutions are used across diverse industry sectors in over one hundred and sixty countries.


  • Full Heavyweight Leather Exterior.

The jacket comes in the form of heavyweight leather construction. It stems from its manufacture by making use of the split cowhide fabric. It adorns the entire body, neck, and sleeves of the welding jacket. It gives sufficient security from sparks, spatters, heat, and other hazards.

  • Flame-retardant Breathable Back.

The back of the jacket is not spared either. The jacket is made of flame retardant cotton fabric. Its design is excellent at developing the flow of air. Keeps the interior of the jacket comfortable and more relaxed. You possibly move around without any worry as you weld.

  • Ergonomic Leather Sleeves.

Finally, the sleeves of the jacket are optimized for the welding surroundings. The heavyweight black split leather is the one that forms it. What is more? The jacket is also designed in such a manner as to develop the mobility of the arm hugely.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of welding can I do effectively with this jacket?

There are four kinds of welding procedures. They are inert tungsten gas, shielded metal arc, flux-cored arc, and metal inert gas welding. It is vital to put on the protective coat and the other welding tools to guard yourself against damaging issues.

  • What is the best welding jacket?

A welding jacket is a type of PPE-personal protective equipment. The best welding jacket is designed and intended to guard against splatter and excess heat. Thermally insulated and fire-resistant fabrics produce the jacket.

  • What is the proper weight of a welding jacket?

It all depends on the weight of the wearer. On the other hand, the best welding jacket should weigh no more than one pound regardless of the weight.

  • Is this machine washable? What about tumble drying?

We recommend not go for the machine wash. Because it will spoil the leather badly. If you have to wash it, have a soft, wet cloth to remove and rub the filth. Do not make use of much water directly on the leather. Remain it at room temperature to dry the water on it.


The excellent welding jacket will remain relaxed while shielding you as you work. It is the best option in the marketplace today. Grap the shirt, jacket, and apron, and you shall be ready to finish that next project. Selecting the best welding jacket is essential for security.

We are suggesting the best Lincoln electric K2989 heavy-duty welding jacket for both residence and professional welders. It makes high-quality welding fabric and produced and designed special welding equipment. Lincoln's history of innovation has remained at the top of most reviews.

And their Lincoln electric K2989 heavy-duty welding jacket is the best leather welding jacket. This welding jacket is durable and heavy, withstand, and possible exposure to heat, splatter, and sparks.

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