List Of Underwater Welding School & Research Strategies

INTRODUCTION Fibre-Metal Pipeliner Fiberglass Welding Helmet with Rubber Headband (110PWE), White

Welding is the professional field. Many schools are nationally and internationally providing degrees for welding.

As welding has different sub-branches, this article includes a list of underwater welding schools of the USA,

which are highly ranked and produced the most experienced underwater welder each year.

As we know, underwater welding belongs to the most expensive welding jobs; therefore, it needs a lot of training for the students to meet the standards.

This article provides the top 6 underwater welding schools, and we mention these schools under considering different factors like ranking of education and experienced, providing criteria with additional fees and certification.

  1. International Diving School:

Its location in North Charleston, South Carolina. This institute has a training school on South Carolina's Old Charleston Navy Base. It will facilitate you by a Wet Tank Training Triplex with 20' deep wet welding and tanks with different water holding capacity. The courses are HAZMAT and HAZWOPER and ROV Pilot and Technician. This institute keeps ten students and includes a program about Air or Mixed Gas Commercial Diver with a certificate.

  1. The Ocean Corporation: Welding

It is a commercial diving school and it locates in Texas. This school's cost is $22,000, but you may find yourself safe because financial support will be available.

The campus of this school has a specialized deck also diving complex. Besides, it has six different types of tanks for learning underwater welding.

Nowadays, there are two programs available Non-Destructive Testing Training(NDT) and Ultimate Driver Training program(UTD), aiming to quality control and training about industry knowledge.

Also, job placement opportunities are will receive a certificate within eight months.

  1. Santa Barbara City College

It is situated near the coast and located in Santa Barbara, have to pay only $46 if you are a California resident.

There are also scholarships and grants available to support financially. In the Marine diving technology program, you will learn how to dive faster and marine welding skills. It also has authorization from the Association of Commercial Diving Instructors. You could find a job because of the extensive contact system after completing the program in 2 semesters or a year.

  1. Hydro welds USA:

It presents in Miami, Florida. Its cost is $5000 and demanding a certificate of underwater diving before entry. It manufactures equipment hence size and class time changes according to need. This school focuses on only wet or dry is a short program and completed within 8-9 days. After this, you can now find jobs relevant to underwater welding equipment.

  1. National University Polytechnic Institute

Fibre-Metal by Honeywell Tigerhood Classic Thermoplastic Welding Helmet, Gray (906GY) Found in San Diego, California. Its tuition fee is high, about $15000.But like others, you can get loans and affair will get a certificate within eight weeks.

The programs available here are Diving Medical Technician Program and Non-Destructive Testing.

These programs teach you diving-related injuries such as decompression and to design and perform safety tests.

  1. CDA Technical Institute

Founded in Jacksonville, Florida and the cost of this program is about $23,500.

Its primary purpose is to develop skills such as fabrication, diving, and welding to repair things. If you want to do underground welding, this campus will be ideal. It has a computer lab, dining, WiFi, and housing facilities. It is near the Atlantic Ocean, and you will find machines, televisions, and swimming pools in close vicinity. This program has accreditation from the National Center for Construction, Education, and Research and American Welding will quickly get a job through this program.


There are many schools in the USA that are offering underwater welding. Still, here we are providing a "list of underwater welding school"All schools have specific criteria and programs, but their main aim is to teach about diving and underwater welding. You can apply in any school according to locality and financial support provided by it.these programs will develop your skills. You can also choose an institute that provides or enables a job quickly after completing the program and receiving a certificate.

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