Miller Diversion 180 Review - AC/DC Best TIG Welder On Market

TIG Welder, Diversion 180, 120-240VAC Miller diversion 180 is a Tungsten inert gas(TIG) welding machine. It is very compatible to use for both professionals and beginners because of its unique features.

It offers a full-fledge package of power and quality, which makes it super-efficient and easy to use.

The multiple features and versatile nature of the miller diversion 180 make it the best choice in the welding field.

Having input power options of 240v and 120v, it is perfect for upgrading the work as per requirement.

Moreover, the ability to work well with generators and this dual voltage feature makes it convenient to use in the home, worksites, and other remote areas. The main and primary aim of this welder is the completion of smaller jobs effectively. However, the price tag of miller diversion 180 is a little bit higher but considering its quality, reliability, and proficiency, and the price is worthwhile.

Miller Diversion 180 Features:

Miller diversion 180 has the following outstanding features:

  • Easy to use
  • Power
  • Performance
  • Probability

Easy to Use:

TIG Welder,Diversion 180 Series,120/240VAC The operator interface of the miller diversion 180 is straightforward to understand and use, and this feature makes it an ideal TIG welder for beginners.

The simple steps easily guide the user about using and operating the welder. This TIG welder becomes ready to use just in 20 seconds after the power-up.

All you have to do is the selection of the type of material and the range of thickness. The digital display setting system of the TIG welder helps you choose the setting according to your needs.

Based on the settings, the system then applies the required amount of current to the material.

The package also includes an ergonomic torch and a foot pedal. In out-of-positions, the foot pedal gives comfort by controlling the power level. The torch works at the rate of 150amp, and professionals and beginners can easily use it because of its comfortable design and durable nature.


The dual voltage plug feature allows its connection to both 120v or 240v receptacles. No tools are requiring for switching the receptacles from one to another. You need to choose the appropriate voltage plug according to your requirement and then connect the power cord. The output of duty cycle for this welder is 35% with the maximum output of 180amp, which offers the working of 3.5 minutes without any interference with total power capacity. However, after a welding operation of 3.5 minutes, it needs 6.5 minutes to cool down completely.

Moreover, the AC/DC unit makes it applicable to both aluminum and steel welding. However, there is a difference inthe thickness range for both of them. It varies from 0.025 to 3/6 inches and from 0.030 to 3/6 inches for aluminum and steel welding, respectively.


Miller 951674 Multimatic 215 Multiprocess Welder with TIG Kit Most of the welders use transformer-based power sources, while the miller diversion 180 uses an inverter-based power source. This is the reason that this welder provides a relatively consistent and smoother arc than other welders.

A non-contact and high frequency start gives a very compatible and dependable arc at every time of operation. These features also help to prevent the contamination of tungsten and materials while performing the welding process. Furthermore, this TIG welder comes with an Auto-Postflowpart. This feature eradicates the manual adjustment requirement because it can automatically optimize post-flow time according to the chosen setting.

Another fantastic feature of this welder is the fan-on-demand which works by activating the cooling mechanism whenever required. This feature reduces the consumption of power, lessens the noise, and prevents the entrance of unwanted particles into the welding machine.


Miller diversion 180 weights50 pounds, making it light-weight and portable to any remote sites of working. However, this welder's compact structure & light-weight feature do not affect the proficiency and performance because of its quality and inverter technology.


  • Portable and powerful because of its inverter-based technology.
  • They are introducing instant power input change.
  • The AC and DC unit's capability, which makes it applicable for both aluminum and steel welding.
  • Reliable arc start.
  • Durable and ergonomic torch.
  • Remote control feature.
  • The operation interface is straightforward to understand.
  • Perfect for beginners to use efficiently and flawlessly.
  • Eco-friendly in nature.
  • The Fan-on-demand feature saves energy, annihilates noise, and increases the life span of the welder.
  • No wastage of gas and the shield protection from electrodes and other unwanted particles because of its auto-postflow feature.


  • The price of miller diversion 180 is a bit high, which makes it unsuitable for the budget.
  • This welder's length of the power cord is short,making it not compatible with work in larger spaces.
  • It cannot use for industrial applications because of the heavy workload in industrial work.


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Miller diversion 180 is the perfect choice for a flawless and pleasurable welding experience because of its versatile nature. And perform well on steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. With both AC and DC voltage support in the welding field. The miller diversion 180 is compatible to work in remote areas because of its portability, dual voltage feature, and generator-compatibility.

However,  it is an expensive welding machine, but its performance, functionality, durability, and quality make it an excellent investment to complete smaller jobs. Another drawback of this TIG welder is that it is not suitable to perform heavy-duty tasks, making it incompatible for industrial use.

In final consensus, overall, if we say that the miller diversion 180 is an excellent welding machine and proves to be an excellent investment, then definitely it will not be any less than the truth. 

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