Top 5 Best Titanium Welder Reviews for the Money [Expert Picks 2021]

Tig Welder, HF TIG/Stick/Arc TIG Welder,200 Amp 110 & 220V Dual Voltage TIG Welding Machine A welder is a machine or device that is using in the welding of different metals. Different brands used for dissimilar welding metals. Here we are providing you with information about titanium welders.

Welding devices are mainly those explicitly designing for joining both metals together—the categories among the welder devices based on their working phenomenon. And two well-known types are TIG and MIG welding. Both the welding use quite similar high voltage and the flux core.

In TIG welding, the flux core isn’t melting itself but fuses the metal by melting it with high voltage. In contrast, the MIG welding process melts the core itself during the joining of metals.

Different types of titanium welders are us in titanium welding. These welders may be of GTA and GMA type. All the welders have their features.

Titanium is a reactive metal, and pure oxygen burns at 600°C and nitrogen at 800°C. At 400°C, oxygen and nitrogen fuses with the titanium and cause contamination.

Because of this reactivity of titanium, flux welding processes are not recommending. TIG and MIG are arc welding processes. During these welding processes, the welders have a gas supply from gas cylinders that shield the process.

For the shielded welding of titanium, titanium welders are using. Here we are providing information or reviews about some of the titanium welders.

Titanium Welder Reviews On 2021

We hope you find our reviews helpful in your journey to find the best titanium welder for your needs. We’ve reviewed several multi-purpose welders and more specialized models based on the features you want in your next welder and the kind of metal you will be welding.

  1. Titanium flux 125:

TITANIUM Welding Bundle - Easy-Flux 125 Amp Welder and Blue Flame Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Titanium flux 125 is a lightweight DC inverter technology. It has a cold wire field and a button next to it after pressing the wire.

Before feeding the wire, you need to take off the contact tip from the spool gun.

The quality of the arc is smooth in that particular titanium flux 125. Titanium flux 125 is highly recommending for beginners. It is an easy process.

A 120V AC is required to power it. To operate the welder, you will need a circuit of 20 amps at maximum output.

Its DC output is very smooth with a stable arc. Its production ranges from 30-125 amps. Its duty cycle is 30% at 90 amps. Its open-circuit voltage is 21.6V. The wire feed speed ranges from 60-200 inches per minute. The Titanium flux 125 runs over 0.03 and 0.035 flux core wire. It has a 4-inch wire spool. Its weight is 15 pounds.

The wire spools are laden from the top. It comes with 1 pound spool0.03 inch flux-core wire. A knob is tightening to provide resistance so that the spool isn’t unwinding.

Cold feed wire is an advanced thing in titanium flux 125. The only thing that makes it unfit is its lack of working on an industrial scale.


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  1. Titanium 200:

TITANIUM Unlimited 200 Welding Bundle -Professional Multiprocess 120/240 Volt Welder - Welding Helmet - Welding Cart This particular welder model has some best professional opinions. This easy-to-use light-weighted welder having multitasking processes. The so-called multi-purpose welder is that welder is capable of handling MIG and TIG welding processes.

In the package, you found a TIG gun along with a heavy-duty adapter. Its outlet source is 120V. You can do some house works with it. Its front side has to adjustments. It has a wire speed, voltage, and inductance adjustment button.

Having digital regulators is supports MIG-type welding. It has a gas inlet for shielding gas. You can use a gas cylinder for shielding gas. On this device, a chart of instructions is also printing.

The weight of this welder is 22 pounds. It is advantageous for flux-cored welding. It has a 240V adapter. Its duty cycle at 120V is 40% at 90amps, but at 57 amps, the duty cycle is 100% and 15% at 200 amps. This is a MIG welder.


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  1. Titanium 170:

MIG Welder Machine Flux Core Reboot MIG160 Digital Control Gas/Gasless Inverter MIG/Stick/Lift TIG Welder Supports 2LB/10LB Flux Core/Solid Wire MIG Lift Tig Welding Machine EASY OPERATION Titanium 170 is a wire field welder, and its controls are easy to use. It weighs 24 pounds. It has a high-duty drive system and has a spool gun ready.

It has a dual voltage, and due to this characteristic, you can weld it wherever you want.

Welders of that type are comprising of 170 compartments. It can run on a minimum of 110V or 220 to a maximum of 120 or 220V. It is an inverter technology.

Besides all these features, it has some disadvantages too. It is a little inconsistent during welding, and you have to buy a gas cylinder separately.


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  1. Titanium 140: Forney Easy Weld 140 MP, Multi-Process Welder

This model of a titanium MIG welder is also suitable for doing your jobs. It operates at higher voltages of 240V. The weight is a little higher than 24 pounds. Its categories at heavy-duty job handlers. There isn’t any adaptor is required for the spool gun.

We don’t seem reasonable because some of these things are cheap quality material of flux cord.


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  1. Titanium stick 225: Titanium Stick 225 Inverter Welder with Electrode Holder

Titanium 225 weighs about 16 pounds. Spinning off is an excellent characteristic of this welder. It works on 240 and 120 volts. It has an understandable chart having an amperage setting, rod set, and polarity setting.

It uses anywhere, and it has a cord of length 75 inches. In contrast, the drawback of that model its duty cycle which is short and can’t use at the industrial level. Its clumps and stringers are junk.


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I would recommend you titanium flux 125 because it is best for beginners. When you start your work, or you need some reliable welder, go for it. Welders with lightweight make the person feel very comfortable. You can buy these welders on online marketplaces as well, like Amazon. Once you find it, you will not regret having it. So, trash your old, junky welder and find a new and lightweight welder for your work.

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