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Thermal Arc W1004201 Fabricator 211i 3-in-1 Welding System If you are looking for a multiprocessor, versatile, and well-performing welder, you should choose Tweco 211i. Besides, there are many multiprocessors in the market, but we will recommend you this welder due to its good performance and versatility.

This welder can do MIG and TIG welding as well as stick welding.

We are here describe Tweco 211i review by mentioning its features, advantages, and potential work. We will discuss why fabricators like this Tweco machine, as a beginner as well as professional.

For fabricators, the weight of the welding machine is most important due to its portability.

Besides, this welding machine is multiprocess. It is easily portable. The size of the welder is not too large to occupy more space. It will save the surface of your workshop and also have good versatility.

In this welder, MIG and TIG welding can produce thick welds. Tweco can also manage TIG welding. As you know, TIG welding is very sensitive, but it is easy with a Tweco welder. Due to this feature, Tweco can weld thin sheets easily. MIG and stick thick welds are worthy in developing base material. Instead, these three welding styles are different. You should focus on learning one technique at a time if you are a beginner.

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Features Of Tweco 211i:

Eastwood MIG 135 Welder 12011 110VAC 135A Output Tweco Style Gun Flux Core Weld Tweco welder consists of a wide range of amperage output. You can set the amperage output according to your work.

Now you do not worry about using different welders due to amperage output.

It can be as low as ten amps and as high as 210 amps. As you know, TIG welds are susceptible, so they require low amperage for work.

Thus, the varying amperage values are helpful features of this welder. This allows the welder to perform TIG, MIG, and Stick welds.

If you are thinking of a comprehensive featured product while you are purchasing, then you are right. This welder is helpful for home-based weldings as well as industrial weldings. This welder can help you in trimming beautiful welds when using TIG-style welding.

The fabricators are most concerned about the weight of the welder. They always want a welding machine with good performance and high versatility as well as lightweight. For all these features which a fabricator wants, the Tweco welder is best.

The weight of this welder is 55 pounds, and it is portable by using a cart. The weight of this welder is suitable as compared to its functionality of 3 in one. It can weld stainless steel, steel, and aluminium.

It comes with the feature of infinite voltage control in the case of MIG welds. You can adjust the voltage according to work. This welder depends on the thickness and stiffness of the material. It will help you in choosing parameters suitable for the material of welding.

Eastwood MIG 135 Welder 12011 110VAC 135A Output Tweco Style Gun Flux Core Weld This welder has an adjustable arc force control to perform efficient work. The arc's potential depends on the welding style, so it helps have an arc force control system.

You can manage the arc force according to the metal you are working on.

As for stick welding, it performs at a high electrical output, which can burn the material.

To avoid burning, you should use the Tweco 211i welder, which will feature an arc force control system. Due to this feature, you can weld with better performance.

Tweco welder has an exceptional feature of the lift system for TIG welding. This feature is beneficial for TIG welding because it is very delicate welding. TIG welding mainly carries out on lighter materials, so there is less chance of getting the wrong welding due to this feature. It has features according to the three different methods of welding. We will discuss one by one for better understanding;

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  • It has an adjustable burn back control system
  • It comes with an infinite voltage system for its effective performance
  • An inductance control system is present for the suitable use of arc
  • This welder has a feature of Durable metal feed plate and a single tension knob


  • An adjustable arc force control system is present in this welder for the good results
  • For stick welding style, this welder has a hot start to make arc starting easy


  • A lift tig start functionality is present, which start the tig arc without high-frequency power
  • It has a downslope feature which allows the welding completion without any crater

As it has many good features that a fabricator must like ut still there are some pros and cons. There is nothing in this world that comes without any fault. All the machines have some limitations as well. Here are some pros and cons of the Tweco 211i welder;


  • Tweco welder machines come with many features that will help you in many ways. Some qualities make it a better welding machine than others.
  • This welder comes with an adjustable arc force feature to adjust the suitable voltage or amperage output to the material. This feature will help you to get the best welds on the material of any thickness.
  • It has a critical lift tig start feature for the adjustment of precise TIG welding.
  • This welder manufactures high-quality accessories. Due to the quality, this welder will last for years.
  • It comes with MIG, TIG, and stick-style welding.
  • The weight of this welder is not so high. It is a lightweight welder and easily portable by using a cart.
  • It has a two-year warranty on the power source and a three-year warranty on the electrode holder, gun, and work lead. This warranty is the surety that your investment did not go to waste.
  • The amperage range is a beneficial feature because this welder can weld at low amperage and high amperage. This feature makes the multiprocessor more demanding.


 It has only one limitation, which is the quality of the clamp. It comes with a steel clamp, but it is replaceable. You can replace it with a copper clamp if needed.


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If you are looking for a lightweight, compact, and efficient welder capable of performing all welding techniques, we recommend Tweco 211i review. It will not surround more surfaces; instead, it will save the area of your shop.

It will cost you dollars, but this is worth the amount due to functionality and stability.  

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