Different Types of Welding Processes - Your Should Know

Display4top Portable No Gas MIG 130 PLUS Welder Flux Core Wire Automatic Feed Welding Machine,DIY Home Welder w/Free Mask - 110V The welding process is a system by which a welder can shape metals by using some pieces of machinery within some time. There are many types of welding process.   These processes help you as a welder you can weld those types weld you want to do.

Before starting the welding profession, you should know about all the processes nicely. Below we have list different kinds of welding processes.

There may be some more methods. But we describe here the most used methods. For the welding process, you need the best welder. To find the best 220v MIG welder follow the link.

The types of welding processes have evolved for new advanced technology. It is vital to realize the difference between all procedures. Because it can help you make the proper decision for the welding time, we know that nowadays, numerous works can do by the automated tools. But you need to do manual work for some projects. To know about all the popular types of welding process, read the post attentively.


What is welding?

Types of Welding Process Welding is such a type of process where makes the metal in a different shape. Through the welding, you can generate any design you expect.

If you want to be a welder, you have to know about the basics of the welding process. Besides, you also have to have a good idea of the welding types of machinery.

You may know there are almost 30 kinds of welding procedures. Some are pure only fuel and the other high technology laser beam welding process.

It is essential to understand all types of welding process. Because if you realize good about all the processes, you can select the ideal one for your projects.

Welding is a process where 2 pieces of metal can attach. The procedure of welding is not only metal joining but also repairing and other tasks. 

Some welding methods are gas metal welding, shielded metal arc, tungsten arc, plasma welding, fluxed core, atomic hydrogen, carbon arc welding, to name a few. Welding can even be functioned underwater.

Types of Welding Process

  1. Gas Metal Welding

Gas metal welding is also known as MIG welding. The procedure of the melting of metal by the make use of the electrode rod that is consumable is the MIG welding. The electrode is a wire. It is solid the fed in the welding pool. The solid wire is the various types. And the solid wire is chosen by the weld strength. It is fixed by the basic metal strength.

By the time of welding, gases are streamed to save the electrode, the weld pool, the base metal with the air.  To generate the expected weld such as temperatures preheating, wire feed speed, rate of electrode travel, arc current should be judged. Preheating the base metal is ok before the welding. The put into practice is to diminish shrinkage pressure & augment cracking battle in the welding zone.

Main points:

    • Easiest to gain knowledge of.
    • Gives high welding speeds.
    • Cleaner weld with fewer cleanups.
    • Offers better control on thinner metals.
    • The welder can also be used for flux-core welding.
  1. Tungsten Arc Welding

Tungsten inert welding is the best stainless steel division.  It is also the further light fabric such as aluminium, alloy, copper, magnesium, etc. The technique of weld lets the operator much manage. The welding generated is said to be very integrity and powerful. Its difficulty is that it is difficult and sluggish.

Main points:

    • You find the highest quality welds.
    • Capability to weld thinner metals.
    • Wonderful weld beads.
    • Solid weld.
  1. Shielded Metal Arc Welding

You know coating consists of minerals, powder, chemicals. The core diameter of the electrode produces many shapes. The electrode powder and the iron powder generate the weld.

The technique is easy and is ideal for cased such as outdoor works and structure erection. Because it is not influenced by the breezy atmosphere, alter the electrode following it consumed. And it is chipping off the slag.

Main points:

    • Works well in stormy and outdoor situations.
    • Forgiving when functioning on unclean and rusty fabrics.
    • Works well on thicker metals.
  1. Flux-Cored Arc WeldingWelding Machine

It makes use of a constant wire procedure that is helpful and better. The technique is very economical to evaluate to shield metal arc weld. It is a natural heavy-duty cycle. It is probable to gain an adequate deposition rate. The weld method qualities to be used on welding both the vertical uphill and downhill.

Main points:

    • Used on unclean or rusty materials.
    • Permits out-of-position weld.
    • Allows for deep penetration. Because sometimes you need to weld thicker metals.
    • A higher metal deposition rate.
  1. Plasma Arc Welding

It is the technique of heating metals with the plasma or constricted. By the heating, the welding gains the coalescence of the metals. The plasma arc is well known among the electrode and base metals. And these are not consumable.

The plasma arc generated heat like other kinds of welding.  An axillary shielding gas resource maybe makes use of to supplement the plasma gas. The axillary supply application will proffer a superior welding quality & rapidity.

  1. Energy Beam Welding

It makes use of the assist of an energy beam. It may be an electron beam or a laser. You know the energy beam is the latest welding procedure. The electron beam and laser beam are if remarkably more density. It also makes it possible for them to go through intensely in the fabric. The procedure is quick & also be automated. After that, it augments the production.

  1. Atomic Hydrogen Welding

This process is conducted in a protected hydrogen ambience. 2 tungsten hydrogen and electrodes gas make use of the procedure to create high warm. It smashes the hydrogen molecules. And then it will release immense power. The power generated is then make used for the welding procedure.

The existence of hydrogen avoids any contagion of the welding. Automatic hydrogen welding procedure is involved in welding tungsten fabric. Tungsten fabrics are very hard metal for welding.

  1. Submerged Arc Welding

When we use nickel-based or ferrous steel, then we utilize this automatic process. The process has minimal emission of arc and fumes. So we called it a secure welding procedure. It needs minimal training and gives high welding penetration and effective welding results.

The submerged arc welding is a procedure at what time weld is completed under a blanket. By the enhance of hotness, the flux is conductive, creating a current among the welding fabric and the electrode. The flux defends the metal from the ambience but also avoids any welding splash.

  1. Carbon Arc Welding

The carbon arc was developed by Stanislaw and Nikolay Benardos in 1881. It is the arc welding procedure that is used as a more effective and high risky procedure. The system welds metal by warming them with a non-consumable carbon electrode.

  1. Gas welding

Gas welding is developed in 1903 by Charles Picard and french engineer Edmond Fouche. It is also known as oxyacetylene or oxyfuel welding. In this method, increase welding torch flame temperature around degrees celcius by the combining fuel gasses and pure oxygen.

It is a very ancient welding procedure. Still, the process is used for industries such as tube and pipe welding. There are some kinds of metal-based performers using this gas welding nowadays.

  1. Resistance welding.

The method includes affecting force to adjoining surfaces and, after that, relating electric power. There are a lot of variations of this method, upset welding, flash welding, spot welding, projection welding, seam welding, butt welding, projection welding, etc.

Safety Types of Welding Process

A  welder should respect to his works and the tools being used. Below we give a list of security tools and prevention measures.

  • Be dressed in welding gloves.
  • Put on eye guard for the arc-type welding. A much darker lens is necessary than for gas welding.
  • Remain an appropriate Class ABC fire extinguisher.
  • Stay the welding area dirt free. And keep free of flammables & barriers.




Optimistically, you know the basics of different types of welding process now. Some welding is performed by appliance & need expensive tools. And the others can be done by hobbyists at your house without losing the high amount. If you are searching for the best welder, you should be confirmed about it. To discover the best MIG welder for home use follows the post.

Without a good welder, you can not get your desire production. You can follow our guide about the best welder for home use. Thank you very much. 

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