Welding Rod Selection - Different Types of Welding Rod [You Need to Know]

Simple Welding Rods The little confusing thing for the welders is a selection of welding rod. And if you are muddled in welding rod selection and couldn't recognize the best welding rod for the specific binding.

It's quite critical selection because not only can a single welding rod perform well on all the metals.

All the welding is not an easy task, but if you cannot select the correct electrode for your job, it becomes more critical.

There is a variety of welding rod available if you go for an online selection of welding rod. And if anyone is getting confused about the welding rod selection.

Suppose you are facing the same situation, so I am telling you here about some factors which are very important for the variety choice of the electrode.

Not only can a single electrode give you the best results. The number code embedded over the welding rod indicates specific features of the welding rod. So before discussing the particular factors, I like to share these codes indicating knowledge that is helpful for welding rod selection. Please read it carefully. It helps you in selecting your desire welding rod.

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HZXVOGEN 110/220V Welder Dual Volt Arc Stick Welding Machine Coding name of electrode

For the standard shielded metal arc welding process (SMAW) provided by the American welding state. 

That, shielded metal arc welding rods always named as 4 or 5 digit numbers. These digit numbers ever started with E. The question is, what is the meaning of that digit numbers?

For example, if we talked about the welding electrode name E6013.

The first capital stand for an electrode. The next two digits 60 shows the tensile strength of the wire as (60000 pounds). And if the third number is 1, it means that this electron is best for any position usage. 

And the last digit indicates that electrode arc. If you are going to weld a thin material, then I recommend electrode with 13 number ending. And if electrodes have the ending number of 15, 16, or 18, that means it has excellent toughness properties.

When you gather all the information related to an electric rod, the next step is to determine the composition of the metal, which is going to be weld. 

40 Pack of Aluminum Welding Rods Metal Composition

The next step is to be aware of the quality and the composition of welding metal.

The welding rod should be of similar structure with the metal composition of welding material.

If you didn't find the match, then try to find a nearly match electrode.

The magnetic property's brilliant if the base metal is magnetic, but if you didn't find any magnetic property in metal, you should go with a magnetic electric rod.

  • Spark producing technique

If you are still confused about the metal opposition, then use the spark indicator strategy. If you're not is more player in the spark, it means the more carbon content is present in the metal. The base metal has if more carbon. Then specialized welding processes should be adapted, i.e., TIG welding process.

  • Metal quality (thickness)

With all these above categories, one should check the metal quality. The metal quality is also very dependent on welding. If you have higher welding material, having thick, durable quality, then you should use 15, 16, or 18 end number electrodes—the thin material welding a recommended, i.e., E6013. 

12" Inch Zip Ties Tensile of electric rod

Try to select the minimum tensile strength of the electrode than the based metal. It doesn't mean if you took the more welding rod of more tensile, then you to form cracks in your welding.

Tensile strength relates to the base metal composition. The higher the metal composition, the higher electrode tensile strength required.

But on the same scale, you should try to select the minimum tensile strength of the electrode to the tensile strength of the base metal.

For example, if the tensile strength of metal, which is going too held, is 70000 pounds, you should try to select an electrode of less tensile strength than 70,000 psi, which performed the smooth and crackles welding.

Position of welding

For a different position, the varied welding rods manufactured. The universal positional electrode indicated by number '1'. For instance, if the welding rod is E6011, the third stated one means this electrode can weld in all positions, including roof, flat, horizontal, and vertical positions.

Some other electrodes with the coding of 2 are available in the market, which specified for flat or horizontal welding only.

If you talk about E7016, that means it can be work okay in all positions.

SUNKKO 709A Battery Spot Welder Welding current availability

The power current AC or DC is also so, and essential factor before you took welding arc.

American welding state classifies four-digit electrodes that are compatible in all conditions.

At the same time, the specific DC or AC electrodes are also available in the market.

Recognize, electric current situation, and it took the compatible DC or AC electrode.

Clean environment

For welding, you should have a rust-free material. It can help to provide smooth and durable welding results. You should remove the noticeable rust paint or any moisturizer. The removal of this debris provides suave results.

And if the removal of contamination is not possible, I recommend using E6010 and E6011 electrodes, which can provide the best results in even a contaminated environment.


The confusion of welding rod selection isn’t further with that article. With much search, we can share some crucial factors which can help you to choose the best electrode according to your need. The wire does not depend upon your choice; that directly related to the base metal you want to weld. Based on metal composition and their durability and thickness, which is left to go through with this article, provide you with the best range of electrodes.

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