What does MIG stand for in welding? The Basics and advantages

ARCRAFT MIG Welding Torch Holder Suppose you are worried about sticking during welding. But also you desire reliable welding which can be durable at the same time.

If a welder isn't satisfied with the non-consumable welding process and he wants to stick-free welding.

Then the best option for the values is the MIG welding process.

Hot Glue Gun

MIG welding process stands for metal inert gas welding, which can use a metal wire in the presence of inert gas. MIG welding is also known as a hot glue gun at the worldwide standards.

For melting purposes, MIG welding uses the phenomenon of electric arc in the presence of inert gas. Determination of inert gas with the short circuit produced can able to melt the base metal. And continuous dropping welding wire, called filler, fails the broken part of the metal.

The following parts make successful and durable welding results. 

  1. Consumable wire WeldingCity 5 Rolls of ER5356 Aluminum MIG Welding Wire

The consumable metal wire is continuously releasing from the welding torch and fused into the base metal.

This consumable wire is made up of different metal according to the welder need.

The welding wire depends upon the base metal, which is going to be weld.


  1. Welding Torch

The welding torch contains only a push-button which trigger out welding wire and the inert gas at some time. The MIG welding process uses a DC circuit. It meant that the base metal is always harmful, and the hand welding torch is still positive. MIG welding by using a welding torch produces a constant current flow which provides a premium quality welding.

  1. Inert gas

During inert welding gas, makes a shielding cover around the welding point. The inert gas, which is helium or argon. Works as a resistance between the metal and the environmental gases Oxygen and vapors.

Inert gas is continuously excreting from releases embedded into welding torch. The inert gas is stored in high-pressure cylinders. And it can be adjusted by the regulator.

GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding)

Currently, the upgrade name of MIG welding is gas metal arc welding (GMAW). Because disturb is newly introduced, then most of the people are not known about this name.


In the welding industry, the MIG welding process got much importance because the special wire used as a welding Filler. The filler wire used to fill the metal's damaged area in the presence of shielding gas (inert gas). That inert gas makes a vacuum between the environmental gases and the welding point and makes the welding slag glass clean. The MIG welding is widely used in welding, and it’s highly recommended because by using the mid welding process, you can quickly treat aluminum copper iron and other metals. MIG welding is a very effective way to learn for beginners. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best professional welding processes.


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