What gas is Used for TIG Welding - Shielding Gas for Stainless Steel

Rupse 46pcs Tig Kit Gas Lens for Wp-17 Wp-18 Wp-26 Wl20 Torch Accessories Spares Parts Lanthanated Tungsten Welding is known as a vast field and updated as per day. Today, one of the highly developed welding technique is TIG welding. Do you have any idea about what is TIG welding or what gas is used for TIG welding or why it's popular.

Why it is so, because of the using non-consumable electrodes instead of other old welding rods, the other noticeable features is the inert gas use.

So, not all gases are used for welding and particularly for TIG welding.

In that article, we go over; what gas is used for TIG welding? And which gas is mostly compatible with the TIG welding process.


HZXVOGEN MIG Welder 100V/220V 200Amp Pulse Weld Aluminum Wider LCD Display Smart Control IGBT Inverter MIG Stick TIG Mix Gases Gasless Flux Cored Wire Solid Core Wire Welding Machine (Model: HBM2280) TIG welding works in the presence of inert gases. The inert gas belongs to the working situation and the base metal, "on which the welding works proceeding."

Mostly the argon and helium gases are used because as per function, and inert gas protects the welding area against the environmental particles.


Inert gas is the only gases used for TIG welding. Why? The only reason for pick inert gas is that inert gases are non-reactive, and it's a barrier between the welding target portion and environmental particles.

By using noble gases, mostly Argon and Helium are stable and non-reactive to environmental gases and make protection to resist the involvement of oxygen and nitrogen gases from outside.

As mentioned above, not all the gases used but other gases like hydrogen (H2) and nitrogen (N2) are used on different base metals to assure the extra strength.


Several gases utilize for different welding processes, but in TIG welding, not every gas is consumed. The reason behind this is that the inert gas usage for the TIG welding process protects the actual welding portion. Most of the time, ARGON and HELIUM gases use for TIG welding. Also, to achieve the successful TIG welding you must know how TIG does welding work. That article gives the required knowledge of about; what gas is used for TIG welding? The reader is clearly understood by reading it. 

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