What Is GMAW Welding - Gas Metal Arc Welding - An Overview


They are different welding processes in the welding field, while at the same time, we discuss here the metal arc welding. 

This welding process has a consumable filler, also so now known as the electrode. This electrode is consumable over the base metal during the welding process.

The name of gas mentions inert gas's involvement that functions as a shielded cloud around the workpiece.

Continue with us, and you will get: what is GMAW welding.


Welding Kit – 11 Gauge Steel Cube – Contains 6 Square Coupons – MIG, TIG, Arc, Stick, Gas – Practice Training DIY Beginner to Expert – Chapman & Adams (CNA Fabrication) (2" (2 Inch)) The whole welding process a cube with an inert gas cylinder, which supplies yes to the welding gun's adjust table pressure—the welding gun in the hand of welder functions as the joining of broken metal.

A single trigger of a welding gun allows the melting of a consumable electrode with shielded gas. 

While the shield gas protects the welding specimen from the involvement of environmental precipitation, at the same time, a particular consumable metal electrode embedded with flux is the meltdown.

Flux covers the recent welding line to make it cool down slowly and provide premium protection.

The whole process of gas metal arc welding; it depends upon the metal electrode consuming in the presence of inert gas is inert gases are mostly argon and helium. These are the two gases that are very popular in the field of welding. Due to the above description, that whole process is known as the gas arc welding process.


The GMAW process is the welding process of consumable wire electrode use over a base metal. And inert gas is highly involved to ensure protection. The metal electrode depends on the base metal, which is going welded, and the flux embedded with the metal electrode works as an active layer on the welding line. The above article is the briefing of our topic: what is GMAW welding.

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