What Is GTAW Welding -The Fundamentals of Gas Tungsten ARC Welding

INTRODUCTION Welding Fundamentals

This welding process is also known as TIG welding. A welder should know about this technique because it is the most modern welding technique, which uses a non-consumable electrode for producing a welding arc.

The only difference between MIG and TIG welding is of welding electrode. If you want to know details then you should learn more about MIG vs TIG welding.

The American welding society officially announces the TIG welding as gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW).

If you don't know about what is GTAW welding, then read out the description below.


ESAB Sentinel A50 Welding Helmet -0700000800 The basic phenomena of TIG welding are also similar to basic welding. Then why it is an advanced welding process.

It uses a non-consumable electrode, which allowed the base metal to melt it and fuse.

An inert gas also consumes during this process, which protects the whole working site.

Most usable inert gases are argon and helium, while sometimes for different base metal firming, hydrogen and nitrogen are also part of TIG welding.

This whole process is similar to a welding gun, gas cylinder, and gas regulators. Suppose there is a distance crack between the metals and the outer metal rod used as a filler. Simultaneously, the tungsten electrode inside the welding gun works as producing an electric arc to melt the base metal. The modern technique of welding is known as gas tungsten arc welding.


Tungsten arc welding is an advanced and more usable welding technique. Because the TIGwelding technique use or non consumable electrode which works on all type of metals. So a worker doesn't need to purchase different welding processing machines. A TIG welding handles all the machinery metal about welding. A person in a field of welding should know about what is GTAW building.

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