What is MMA Welding - Manual Metal Arc (MMA) Welding


Goplus 250 AMP MMA Welder ARC Welding Machine 110V/ 220V Soldering Accessories Tools Being a student of welding, we study different types of it. The arc does this welding between coated flux and base metal.

Get a statement that welding defined by an arc that produces heat and causes the melting of both base metal and coated electrode to form a strong weld.

To reach an expert level in welding, we must have a grip on all branches.

As we know, stick or flux welding and electric arc welding are two significant branches of welding. Here, according to the title, our primary focus is at MMA welding.

We will cover some questions about MMA welding like; what is MMA welding? What is the working principle of MMA welding? MMA welding is the abbreviation of Manual Metal Arc Welding.

Working principle of MMA welding:

Arc Welder 110V 120Amp MMA Stick Welding Machine IGBT Inverter DC Welder LCD Display for Beginner with Electrode Holder Clamps MMA, traditionally known as manual metal arc welding, is a reliable and straightforward technique to adopt.

It doesn’t demand a high experience level for the application.

In this process, coated flux, filler, and base metal catch heat by an electric arc.

When both melts, the slighter struck of the rod to melted base metal forms a strong weld joint.

Here, if we see the nature of coated material over the electrode, it is composed by solidifying the inert gasses.

Electric arc applications raise the temperature of covered solidified gas material and produce an inert gas shield over the workplace. This coated material eliminates the need for an extra gas cylinder used to inhibit an additional atmospheric reaction to the workpiece.

To ensure the quality of the joint, the welder needs to adopt some measurements.

  • Accuracy of the required welding current:

Leepesx 100A Spot Welding Machine Control Board Adjustable Time Current Digital Display Welder Transformer Controller Board According to the nature of welding objects, we need proper current to produce a stable electric arc that may melt the base material properly.

If the acquired arc not obtained, it will decrease the quality of the weld.

  • Selection of relevant rod:

While welding, we need to select such a rod which have similar physical and chemical properties with the base metal. The availability of electric current also impacts on selection of welding rod.

Some rods need more heat in the result of an electric arc to melt.

Size of the welding rod also crucial in the selection of welding rod. The length of the rod should be according to the work area to avoid time consumption during rod changing.

  • Welding angle:

The position of welding angle also considered in properties of proper welding. The welder must have enough experience to maintain the edge of the Welding gun. Place your weapon at an appropriate point where the weld is needed.


This article is helpful to get the answer to “what is MMA welding?”The coat of solidified inert gases around the working electrode enhances its reliability and saves the expenses of an extra gas cylinder or gas shield. It saves up to 40 percent of costs than other types due to its simple and cheap parts. Under suitable environmental conditions, it provides a strong weld.

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