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Which technique of welding will you use if you are joining thin metal objects? As we know that welding is the best technique used rejoining of metal objects. And, one of the most popular technique is spot welding. But do you know what is spot welding?

The solder has different arc welding types, tungsten inert gas welding, metal inert gas welding, shield Arc metal welding, etc.

Now the question is which type of solder should be applied? Each type of welding adopts according to the need and nature of the material.

Is someone has to weld thin metal sheets, then spot welding or resistance spot welding will use. What is spot welding? Let's explain.

Mechanism of spot welding

Spot welding is a type used to join thin metal sheets by exerting pressure and heating the weld area through to the supply of electric current. In this process, copper-based electrodes use to exert influence, and they also transfer electrical current from supply to metal. These electrodes did not consume during this process. They act like pressure exerting hammer and conductor of flow necessary for the melting of metal.

The time duration of the world is about 0.60 seconds. Applying the pressure electric supply is disabled and the coolant elements and what I use to reduce its temperature. It makes a strong weld. Accuracy and quality of weld it depends upon the nature of metal, pressure, and electric supply. It is considered as best in welding the sheets having up to 3mm thickness. The physical properties of the metal also impact on weld quality.

Suppose we talk about aluminum plates, aluminum similar physical properties like copper, same melting point same conductivity. That's why the weld of aluminum will be secure. While zinc metal needs high temperatures for melting, which is hard to conduct, that's why it will be an inferior joint.

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Spot welding is one of the oldest techniques of welding. What used in the process of joining thin metals. It can be operated manually and also automatically.

Different industries have introduced robotic technologies to perform this welding process and

widely used in various sectors in the preparation of aircraft, the body of vehicles, and metal furniture formation.

It applies to the creation of different medical tools and the construction of buildings.

Impact on human

Dickies 16-Inch Durable Canvas Work Bag for Painters, Carpenters, and Builders, Heavy-Duty Zipper, Reinforced Handles, Exterior Pockets, Tan/Grey In some cases, spot welding is dangerous as we discussed that it was operated manually before the arrival of automatic techniques.

The electrons of copper contain high currents that can cause serious damage tour operator whenever it touches it by mistake.

When the electrolysis of copper exerts a force on the base metal, the metals start melting.

The fumes of melted metal can be dangerous to humans because they are very toxic.

If the operator does not follow safety measurements, then these fumes can cause respiratory issues. Choose a large process amount of heat energy releases and temperature rice at its operational area that may cause health hazards.

Modern technologies have invented different machines for spot welding that work automatically without an operator's close presence. If someone is operating this machine manually, we must follow all the safety measurements regarding spot welding.


This article contains a comprehensive discussion of "what is spot welding?" we discussed that resistance spot welding is the oldest technique in the history of welding. Its function and its mechanism are easily understandable. It is less costly than other methods. It is also time saver it says up to 60% time than the others. If you want to operate the spot welding plant, you do not need too much knowledge, but the operational skills are compulsory to corporate spot welding plant due to its hazardous nature. You should also get proper knowledge about how to become a welder. We recommended the safety equipment while performing this type of welding.

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