What Is Tack Welding and How is it Used When Fabricating Projects?

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welding is significant and widely used for the joining of metal-based objects. It commonly uses to consolidate different metal parts in automobile sectors and construction activities. One of the welding technique is tack but do you know what is tack welding.

These deals require more accuracy for sustainable development. For completion of work, a few additional requirements also follow.

In short, some other welding process is to maintain point to point adjustment. Tack welding is also categorizing in secondary welding techniques.

Tack welding is defined as “temporary weld to hold the positions of welded objects.”

This bond is not considering a strong bond. It just acts to hold the angles and positions of objects for a strong weld. Read this article for clarification of; “What is tack welding.



Tack welding mechanism is the same as other arc welding processes. But it differs in nature of weld that is pointing over the surface. It is weaker weld as compared to other welds. Its function is to hold the objects to attain proper designing angles. A simple arc is applied over the desired location to make the weld. The quality of the rod is selected to fulfil the purpose of the light weld. Objects are placing at the wanted site, and the weld is applied by using a welding machine. Such a rod is selecting that cannot form light weld easily removed.

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Its use in positioning the infrastructural metal objects at specific angles.

Its also used to maintain shapes in automobile products.


Tack weld should be weaker than the original or final weld. It should not affect the quality of the final weld.

If tack weld does not perform by considering proper instructions, it may cause cracking and splitting of metal while completing the final weld.

The quality of tack weld should vary according to the nature of the object. Over the melting of items in case if tack welding can cause serious functionality issues of metal. Splitting and formation of invisible cracks are common issues face after tack welding.


Does this article inform you about; “what is tack welding” Some peoples have complexity, while differing tack welding and spot welding. To clear this confusion you should have an idea of what is spot welding. Spot welding is original and final weld to join sheets of metal while tack welding temporarily welds to hold the positions for the final weld. In spot welding, two electrodes were uses. This process proceeds by heating and compressing the metal plates. While In tack welding, the weld obtained by using arc. This weld is not strong enough to hold metal objects properly.

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