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Smooth and most excellent results are the general requirement of every product, with no compromise on durability. And, this is the thing for what is TIG welding used for.

While in the field of welding, the same rule is to apply. And the central theme of any welder is to achieve excellent welding results.

Many welders tell the issue of the production of slag while welding.

Many beginners are in search of the multifunctional welding process.

A single solution is here; TIG stands for Tungsten Inert gas welding. It's also known as Heliarc. This welding process is beneficial in the field of professional welding. Some of the following key features make different from all other welding procedures.

  • Inert gas protection
  • non-consumable welding rod
  • clean and slag less welding
  • melts the same metal
  • the filler used on need bases
  • welding around all type of metals
  • sparkless welding


RX WELD 31PCS TIG Stubby Gas Lens Tungsten inert gas welding technique provided by AWS is the unique trick of welding.

The TIG welding technique works on a base metal by melting and fusion the broken part. A tungsten torch used for melting the base metal.

  • Why tungsten metal?

The chief reason for using tungsten is that the melting point of tungsten is very high and can't melt during welding. So, in other terms, tungsten is a non-consumable welding rod.

  • Usage of inert gas

Using Inert gas is the protected shield for the base metal. Specifically, inert gases used because of zero reaction rate. And it can able to use all inert gases, including helium and argon gases. Inert gas provides a cover shield during the melting of base metal, and it can’t allow the metal to react with environmental gases.

  • Filler Rod

By using the technique of TIG, a welder can able to weld around all the metals. It provides a wide range of welding material. A welder needs to take a filler rod and edit it during welding by the hand. Which means, a single, compatible filler rod used on need base for different metals.

Use a very close related filler rod to the base metal for the best results.

We are mentioning the simple procedure of the style of weld of the TIG welding process. The main reason for using this welding style is that it’s smooth and clean welding results. With the zero welding slag, it can provide the most excellent results.

Why TIG welding so popular?

YESWELDER True Color Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet TIG welding has several benefits that can make attention to it.

It has some high-quality, durable features which are very feasible for the welders.

Although, in some cases, it has quite a slow welding process, then the MIG. Still, many people gives mixed opinion when you talked about TIG vs MIG welding.

But this welding process can able to provide durable and stiff quality welding bonds.

Some of the following features are the reason for the popularity of TIG welding.

  • Multi-position welding

Instead of TIG welding, other welding processes have different types of rods according to their positions. It is not very satisfying for the welder to get different rods for different welding positions—this problem solved by the TIG welding process. It can able to provide multidimensional welding. It can efficiently work on roof and vertical while also functioning adequately on flat and horizontal positions.

  • Shielding gas

Providing shielding gas with TIG welding is Argon. And it is typically used in all welding applications. The welder has the ease of storing it in its shop and just carrying a single gas for their work.

  • Sparkless welding

Another noticeable feature for beginners and also professional welders is its sparkless welding. Yes! There is no spark during TIG welding process. So it can provide better focus and better filling.

  • Slag free welding

Due to the absence of flux, there is no slag production during welding. Any other welding processes, like stick welding, having the electrode treated with flux. That’s mean the more flux and the chances of slag production increases.


By trying, TIG welding, a welder can experience less and a sparkless welding style. It can help to produce the most excellent welding results. In the above article, you can get the reason for the usage of it. If any of the welders require superior quality finish, then he should go with TIG welding. Because with this welding procedure, the welding rod cannot consume, and cracks didn’t produce. And flux isn’t used, which means this welding procedure is slag less and providing durable welding.

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