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What if your welded workpiece breakdown many times. There is something we miss. Something goes wrong, and welding breaks. Nothing is perfect, and even everything has some problems or defects. Welding also has a weakness that undercut. Do you have any idea about what is undercut in welding?

Continue with us, and we will tell you about; what is undercut in welding? Moreover, you can understand the whole process of defect "undercuts" by reading this article and fixing it.

What Is Undercut In Welding

Mini Bridge CAM Gage Welding Fillet Throat Leg Size Bevel Angle Undercut Inspection Tool in Inch/mm Now, what is undercut in welding? It describes as thinning of the base metal during welding. Undercut in welding is the flaw of welding, which causes the miss-handling of the worker.

One of the significant causes of undercuts in welding is a high voltage current when welding is done by a high current supply or with a continuous long welding electrode.

The groove forms at the welding site, which cause undermines the welding strength.

Moreover, these grooves are also forms at the bottom line of the welding site.


Undercut in welding also affects excellent welder. No one is safe from these defects. The only way to save from undercuts is to reduce the electric current supply. Vey first, workers have the experience to do welding in proper terms. If a welder uses too long a welding electrode, then he also experiences undercut. To prevent these issues, follow the above guideline.


The primary defect of welding is undercutting that eats the base metal due to the high current supply. People in the welding profession must know about; what is undercut in welding? This article acknowledged about undercut in welding and brief the reader about the single-step solution. Also, learn more about what is TIG welding and other details about welding.

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