What Kind Of Welding Rod Do You Use On Cast Iron - Basic Procedures Tips

Nickel 99 Cast Iron Welding Electrode Although cast iron is a cheap metal, it is a void used in every wear from the kitchen towards shops. And if you are a well, then you know very well how it is difficult to weld a cast iron.

Primary, the presence of very much quantity of Carbon in cast iron makes it difficult to weld.

While cast iron is a hard material that can withstand heavy-duty jobs, if it breaks down, the welding couldn't resist it.

But the arising question is, what kind of welding rod do you use on cast iron?

Due to Carbon's presence (2%-4%), the cast iron, which is two times more than steel, and it behaves as graphite characteristics, and the properties of these type cast iron are prevalent as grey cast iron. The cast iron is difficult to weld because of rapid heat up and quick cool down before and after welding.

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There is a significant difference between room temperature and the welding temperature. When the cast iron material can experience a drastic increase in temperature from average room temperature to welding temperature, the molecule faced stressed and shrinking occurs, and cracks are appearing. Similarly, after welding sudden temperature cool down, the cast iron particles experienced the stress and cause are cracks.

The recommendations are to adopt pre and post temperature management techniques before welding a cast iron. Which means you have to increase the temperature of your target cast iron specimen at 650 degree Celsius. Experienced workers tell it has a significant effect on welding cast iron.

After the temperature maintaining the other important thing is what kind of electrode rod you can use for welding cast iron. Not everyone is many nouns about the reflection of the welding rod. Here you got the right types of welding rods touse.

Some best welding rods are, I mention here.

  • Normal steel rods AmazerBath Shower Curtain Rod, 304 Stainless Steel Adjustable Spring Tension Curtain Rod, Rust-Resistant Curtain Rod Bathroom Rod, 42-72 Inches

If you are doing simple repairing of cast iron and do not want to spend more money, standard steel rods like 7018or 6011 are the best option.

They are the cheapest and work well on repairing simple tracks.

Because it cannot meet up the cast iron temperature, show the significant breaking parts will not hold up firmly.


  • Coated rods

And if you are a professional worker and need a professional and regular solution of welding cast iron. Then the coated electrodes have different types and work satisfyingly on cast iron. Due to the porous property of the cast iron, it makes cracks very quickly. The main reason forthe difficulty for welding cast iron is the making of cracks in it. By using coated rods, these cracks don't appear.

  • Nickel 99%

Most professional welders use nickel rods, having 99% of the nickel, which haven't absorbed carbon from cast iron and give good results of welding. The Tech-Rod 99, Nickel 99, provides machine-able welds. The cost based on quality. If nickel purity decreases down, the price also.

  • Tech-rod 55

The second category of nickel rods is 55% of the nickel electrode. The nickel 55% can't recover the massive damage, but it provides good machine-able welds at mild conditions. Nickel 55%, as name mentions, have fewer nickel ions then tech-99 while the welds of tech-55 welding rod are more durable and more resistant than the tech-99. And less costly then tech-99.

  • 77 non-cracking welding rods

E7018 3/32" 1/8" 5/32" Premium Arc Welding Rods Carbon Steel Electrode 60 lb (10 lb x 6-pks) (5/32" 60 lbs) 77 is another premium class welding rod that can produce high strength welding performance on cast iron.

So you have not to worry about graphics because this premium cast iron is crack resistant and porous free.

These special welding rods can convert the impurities into slag compared to other welding rods, which can trap the contaminants and be trapped into welding.

These welding rods are softer than nickel rods and have premium properties of 300 times more welding strengthen then other rods.

77 cast iron welding rods have multiple vital features that are very useful for the professional welder. It can even provide the right match color with cast iron and work on all positions, although it's overheating.

  • Ni99 cast iron welding rod

NI 99 uniquely design for iron cost has more Carbon and gives graphite properties, which is called grey cast iron.


Welding isn't an easy task to do. Welders get proper practice as well as schooling to get a grip on welding. You can get schooling but need to know full information and how much does a welding school cost. At the same time, it's quite tricky to weld the cast iron. Due to the high level of Carbon as compares to other metals, the welding can’t withstand robustly. Drastic increases and sudden drop in temperature make cracks after welding. So, many of the welders put thinking of; what kind of welding rod do you use on cast iron? In the above article, different types of welding rods are mentions, and their working results are satisfying. For cast iron welding, some specific electrodes are manufactured. Through this article, you can get your desire welding rod.

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