Lincoln Square Wave Tig 200 Review For Heavy Uses With Great Feature [Expert First Choice]

Introduction of Lincoln Square Wave Tig 200 Review: Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200 TIG Welder, K5126-1

Lincoln Electric brand has been serving its users since 1909 with more than 100 years of experience in this business. TIG weldings can produce excellent flux-core welds only if you do it precisely. A good quality weld can prevent things from breaking or corrosion. If you are looking for tig professional welder machines, then you’ll find the honest “Lincoln square wave tig 200 reviews" here.

As welding on aluminum is hard, everyone finds it difficult. If welding aluminum or non-ferrous metal welds are not supporting other welding processes, you need a multi-purpose welder that can eradicate the problem. It is a small portable product that is available at a reasonable price range. It is the best TIG welder that is available in the welding shop today.

Lincoln TIG 200 welder is easy to use, and it comes with everything needed to do precise welding. Lincoln electric welder is suitable for small shops, home-based welding, and also for the craftsperson. However, you can use it for a durable process, and it is a stick and TIG welder. The functionality of the Lincoln welder is easy to understand, and you can become an expert after practicing.

Let’s dive into its features and specifications;

Lincoln square wave tig 200 specifications:

Lincoln TIG Welder is easy to use and has a portable feature that can weld precisely to make high-quality welds. Moreover, it is light in weight and is best for aluminum welding to make welds easily. Here are some specifications of the multi-process welder that you must have a look at;

Simple set up of product design:

LINCOLN ELECTRIC CO K2697-1 Easy MIG 140 Wire Feed Welder, If we talk about the digital control panel design, we came to know that its interface is simple and easy to use. Unfortunately, many welding machines came with an interface that is hard to understand and operate. The adjustable control system of this welding machine is also a bit complicated for new users. However, you will face difficulty only for the first time.

Square wave 200 welder user interface has some basic controls that are as follows;

  • The main ON/OFF feature allows the switching of the welding machine.
  • In this straightforward interface, you can easily find the top right corner button to adjust some settings. It includes amperage controls, pulse frequency, AC frequency, and AC balance.
  • A big knob in the center of the panel is present with adjustable controls for the above important setting.
  • Besides the above-advanced settings, there is another option at the bottom to perform different welding tasks.

Power Supply of Lincoln 200 MP:

This welding machine is dual for power supply. You can use 120V, 230V, input voltage, or more power outlets. However, this model comes with two power cords to make it easy to handle dual input voltage. Each strap is present for each voltage supply.

The power output voltage differs depending on the input power.

Lincoln Electric AC/DC voltage welds:

At Amazon, Lincoln power welder comes with dual voltage input options to do precise welding; AC and DC. From these options, the AC welding process is used for aluminum welding, while DC for steel, stainless steel, and chrome-molly welds.

TIG and Stick welder machine:

This Multi-process welding machine has a feature of welding that depends on the material. Even you can switch the welding type according to the need. If you want high-quality welds on a wide range of materials, you can use the TIG welding process. Aluminum is best suitable for this process so that you can make a precise weld.

However, you can use a stick welding process for the thicker materials or use it for outdoor welds.

AC Frequency:

AC frequency is the number of times the current changes in one second. Moreover, lower AC frequency produces wider beads while higher AC frequency produces narrow beads.

AC Balance:

AC balance feature is a specific feature of Lincoln welding equipment for making accurate beads of welds. However, if you need wide bead welds, you can choose a lower value electron negative. However, you can select a high value for narrower beads.

Lincoln Power High-Frequency Start:

This powerful machine comes with a high-frequency start feature for better performance. It is an advanced feature to start an arch for welding. But you have to be careful while using it. You should keep it away from any electronics to weld safely.

Lincoln TIG 200 Welder Pulse Mode:

Instead of the constant current flow, the welder allows current in the form of a pulse. The pulse range for this welder is 1-20 pulses per second.

Lincoln PowerTig 200 Inverter design:

This model has an inverter-based design that allows it to store more power. It can stock approximately 200 amp power in a 46 pounds model.

PowerTig 200 digital display:

Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200 TIG Welder, K5126-1 The display screen provided by the "Lincoln square wave TIG 200" is straightforward and easily understandable by users. It displays all the variables which you have to adjust with regulators. The variables declared are (gas mix, thickness of metal, and wire thickness). This display is beneficial for setting the AMPs, voltages, and wire speed.

Key Features:

  • 120-volt or 240-volt power voltage welder
  • 230V and 120V Power cord
  • Hefty foot pedal
  • Harris regulator with a gas hose
  • 10’ ground clamp
  • Stick electrode holder
  • AC/ DC feature
  • Duty cycle is 25% @ 200 Amp and 20% @ 75 Amp with 120V
  • With 230V duty cycle is 25% @ 200 Amp and 20% @ 170 Amp
  • For 120V, TIG output is 125 Amp, and Stick output is 90 Amp
  • For 230V, TIG output is 200 Amp, and Stick output is 170 Amp
  • AC balance range is 60-90% electron negative
  • AC frequency range is 60-150 Hz
  • Pulse rate is 1-20 pulses per second
  • Weight is 46 lbs

Things we like:

  • Portable Product and easy to use
  • MULTI - PROCESS WELDER; MIG, Stick, FCAW, and TIG welding
  • AC and DC availability
  • Specified for Aluminum
  • User Interface is simple and easy to use
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Steady arc
  • 3-Year warranty period
  • Affordable purchase price
  • Adequate power & arc welder
  • Torch is 17 styles

Things we don’t like:

  • Ground clamp is short
  • Cannot change the time for pulses
  • Cannot change background amperage
  • It has a strong arc that is a bit harsh


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As you have experienced the Lincoln square wave TIG 200 review, you can choose a welder. With these features, it is worth the money even if the price is high. Lincoln Electric is a reputed brand and has the ability of a variety of welds with its products. If you find it useful for you, then choose it as your best TIG welder.

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