Hobart Handler 190 Reviews For Who Is It? [Expert Opinion On 2021]

Hobart 500554 Handler 190 MIG Welder 230V If you are searching to purchase the best Hobart welder, this post will benefit you. The Hobart Handler 190 is not only affordable But also a well-liked product in the marketplace.

In this post, we will discuss the Hobart Handler 190 Review. By reading this post, you will make a proper decision about purchasing the product.

The tool is suitable for different welding projects such as DIY and hobby-related projects, farm, household repairs, auto body repairs, etc.

Nowadays, the MIG welder is a vital machine in our life. Each welder is searching for an ideal MIG welder to meet the goal.

Hobart 500554001 Handler 190 with spool runner 100 come to make welder goal. The input power is 230v works with 60hz. It is beneficial for aluminum welding.

 The Hobart Handler 500554001 is a low-cost MIG welder. It is capable of welding both steel and aluminum. The tool gives a lot of versatility and packs plenty of power. It is sturdy and robust, and straightforward to make use of. In this post, we shall look at all the features of the tool. Find out what makes the device so well-liked and see if there are any drawbacks.

Hobart 500554001 Handler 190 with SpoolRunner 100

Hobart 500554001 Handler 190 with SpoolRunner 100 Hobart 500554001 Handler 190 welder gives you a low budget option to weld. The gun is already built-in, so no extra kits are needed. Users can weld stainless steel, aluminum, and steel by 190amps electric power.

It also has a spool runner. The tool assists in weld steels and aluminum, so only what the user wishes for. For your welding career, Hobart 500554001 handler makes the job simple.

The Hobart Handler has features that make it both powerful and surprisingly simple to use. It is a robust and sturdy unit.

The device provides any welder the scope to make use of a welder by using proprietary technology. And it delivers one of the cleanest welds in its class.

Among all the MIG offered by the Hobart 500554001, 190 wire welder is the best of them. The machine comes with some excellent features and makes it more flexible, reliable, and more powerful. The Hobart Handler offers two welding guns, and it will assist in handling the long industrial project. At this time, I will inform you about a few of the great features of Hobart 500554001 Handler 190 with SpoolRunner 100 because you can get explicit knowledge about it.


  • Weighs just 68 lbs.
  • 5-foot gas hose.
  • Two gauge regulator.
  • Door chart to help select settings.
  • 7-position voltage control.
  • Wire drive system made of industrial cast aluminum.
  • It sloped control panel.
  • 10 foot MIG gun.


  • Height: 12 – 3/8 in.
  • Process Type: Flux Core, MIG.
  • Brand name: Hobart.
  • Wire Feed Speed Range: 40-700 IPM.
  • Weld Thickness: 24 ga. – 5/16 in.
  • Length: 19 – 1/2 in.
  • Product weight: 68 lb.
  • Model: Handler 190.
  • Width: 10 – 5/8 in.
  • Welding Amperage Range: 25-190 A.
  • Input Voltage: 230 V.
  • Duty Cycle: 30% @ 130A.


  • High-quality ground clamp.
  • Output parameters make for a better arc performance.
  • The tool does Smooth, strong welds.
  • Robust for the average DIY'er.
  • It has an excellent spool gunner for welding aluminum.
  • Cost matches performance and features.


  • Efficient ground clamp. But it could be upgrade
  • Heavy
  • Not portable without a welding cart.

What includes in the box?

  • 8" spool adapter.
  • SpoolRunner 100 spool gun.
  • Manual
  • Spool of .030 flux-cored wire.
  • 10 ft. MIG gun.
  • 10 ft. power cord.
  • .030 contact tips.
  • Set up guide.

From the Manufacturer:

Hobart - 500553 Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder,Small Nowadays, Hobart is one of the famous names in the welding industry.

Hobart gives customers satisfying products and quality products.

The tool has innovative and detailed features. It is a beautiful product if you want to work in the welding sector.

Hobart simple to set and adapt for different wires, thicknesses, and materials.

Hobart provides five/three/one industrial warranty. Every unit is designed and produced in Troy, OH, United States of America.


  • You can find a clean weld each time.
  • It needs very low operator skills. A new user also can use it effortlessly.
  • The device is much more sturdy and risk-free because it has an overload security feature.
  • Very simple to transport and lightweight.
  • The machine can weld thick fabrics.


  • It is not suggested for heavy industrial tasks.
  • The tool can not run on average household power. It would help if you had a special outlet.
  • The machine is luxurious than other welders of a similar category.

Hobart Warranty

Hobart Handler 500554001 welder comes with Hobart's five/three/one industrial warranty with any other Hobart tool. It provides you a five, three, or one warranty for both the device and its parts. It depends on the type of equipment.

Frequently asked questions:

  • When should you use the Hobart Handler 190?

Hobart handler 190 needs more power such as exhaust systems, trailer frames and hitches, fences, lawn and garden equipment, mower decks, tool cart, trailer frames, and hitches, fences, and auto body panels.

  • What is the duty cycle?

The duty cycle is 20% at 90A. It means that the welding tool has been designed to rest about eight minutes after it works for two minutes. It permits the device to cool down.

  • Who Is It Suitable For?

Hobart Handler 190 is a fabulous selection for people in require of a sturdy and useful MIG welder. It is one of the best MIG welders for hobby and home use. The tool can handle and its heavy power output. The welder is appropriate for light industrial work, home DIY projects, construction, maintenance work, farm and ranch work, and automotive work.

Final Thoughts about Hobart Handler 190:

In this post, we have tried to discuss Hobart Handler 190 in detail. It is a beautiful product for personal and professional use. You also get an excellent warranty and client support that is second to none. We hope that at this time you can get capable of deciding on buying this product. Thank you very much. Happy shopping.

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